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MozCon 2013: How To Be A One-Person Link Building Army


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Link building is hard work, especially on limited resources. Mike will go over how to use tools, automation, and relationships to build links with minimal resources.

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MozCon 2013: How To Be A One-Person Link Building Army

  1. 1. #MozCon Mike Arnesen SEO Team Manager, SwellPath How To Be A One-Person Link Building Army
  2. 2. @mike_arnesen …but link building is haaard!
  3. 3. @mike_arnesen It’s not fair!
  4. 4. @mike_arnesen
  5. 5. @mike_arnesen Warning: Getting links is habit-forming
  6. 6. @mike_arnesen Link building is a fading tactic anyway.
  7. 7. @mike_arnesen Time to stop whining It’s time to start building links
  8. 8. @mike_arnesen Against impossible odds, you can still build links like a champion
  9. 9. @mike_arnesen It CAN be done!
  10. 10. @mike_arnesen Do whatever you can, whenever you can. Leverage tools, processes, & relationships.
  11. 11. @mike_arnesen What it takes Efficiency Agility Linkability Serendipity
  12. 12. @mike_arnesen Efficiency 1.  Grab a URL 2.  Drop into 3.  Have IFTTT email you when new results are added to the RSS Great for blogs, author pages, Just Discovered Links.
  13. 13. @mike_arnesen Efficiency Track brand mentions, competitors, snippets of text.
  14. 14. @mike_arnesen Efficiency Fresh Web Explorer is great, too! Needs some automation.
  15. 15. @mike_arnesen Efficiency Save time with dynamic text snippets
  16. 16. @mike_arnesen Efficiency More effective outreach with handwritten notes!
  17. 17. @mike_arnesen Efficiency Branch out into related topics.
  18. 18. @mike_arnesen Agility Be nimble and opportunistic. Your mobile device is a competitive advantage!
  19. 19. @mike_arnesen Agility Interact faster, reach out sooner, get links quicker.
  20. 20. @mike_arnesen Agility Prospecting tools run in the background and save you time.
  21. 21. @mike_arnesen Linkability Technical tricks and enhancements can make content notable.
  22. 22. @mike_arnesen Linkability Implement attention-grabbing new technology
  23. 23. @mike_arnesen Linkability What is your reason? - Simon Sinek “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”
  24. 24. @mike_arnesen Linkability #RES (Real Expert Sh*t) Be a real expert. Don’t be afraid to specialize.
  25. 25. @mike_arnesen Linkability “Give up this Renaissance man, dilettante b***sh** of doing a lot of different things (and none of them very well by real standards). Get to the guts of one thing” - Mark Twight Be a real expert. Don’t be afraid to specialize.
  26. 26. @mike_arnesen Serendipity Source: It works for link building, too!
  27. 27. @mike_arnesen Serendipity How about an AMA on or Reddit?
  28. 28. @mike_arnesen Serendipity ID advocates using tools and analytics. Make them your BFFs!
  29. 29. @mike_arnesen Serendipity Don’t just build links; earn links.
  30. 30. @mike_arnesen You are efficient, agile, linkable, serendipitous.
  31. 31. #MozCon Link Bundle of Tools & Resources: