The content paradigm


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YRBizSeries presentation at Winning in an Online World, Sept. 26, 2013.

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The content paradigm

  1. 1. The Content Understanding the science for online success. paradigm Tweet it! : #YRBizSeries
  2. 2. the content paradigm Amongst the chaos, noise and confusion online is a simple, misunderstood truth. What is the formula for success online? Tweet it! : #YRBizSeries
  3. 3. Tweet it! : #YRBizSeries Using the Internet to generate business is not about “web stuff”: websites, graphics, blogs, ads, SEO, Facebook, or other social media tools. the content paradigm
  4. 4. Tweet it! : #YRBizSeries It’s about people. • Understanding • Reaching • Connecting & • Moving the content paradigm
  5. 5. Tweet it! : #YRBizSeries The Content Paradigm is a new reality being driven by our need to intersect with potential customers. Timing and location are everything. the content paradigm
  6. 6. Tweet it! : #YRBizSeries To understand the Content Paradigm we need to look at how the rules of seo have changed. the content paradigm
  7. 7. Tweet it! : #YRBizSeries Optimization 101 a brief overview the content paradigm
  8. 8. Tweet it! : #YRBizSeries the content paradigm keywords recency social
  9. 9. Search Social Keywords ONLINE CONTENT the content paradigm Tweet it! : #YRBizSeries
  10. 10. Tweet it! : #YRBizSeries the content paradigm 1. Content freshness 2. User-metrics 3. Authority 4. Popularity 5. Authorship 6. Errors & penalties Newer signals 1. On-page keywords 2. Meta titles 3. Site structure & code 4. Quality links! Tried & true
  11. 11. • Does your site look good on a mobile phone? Did you know that Google care about how you go mobile? “We recommend using responsive web design” – Google Tweet it! : #YRBizSeries the content paradigm Are you keeping up?
  12. 12. A responsive website design is like a chameleon that changes its look to suit the environment. With the chameleon that’s a rock.With a website that’s a mobile phone, tablet, desktop or some other screen or device. Tweet it! : #YRBizSeries the content paradigm What is a responsive site?
  13. 13. Tweet it! : #YRBizSeries the content paradigm Responsive design
  14. 14. Tweet it! : #YRBizSeries the content paradigm If you are not happy with your search rankings or want guidance to help you make smart content marketing decisions, consider doing an audit. An audit will help you identify and fix both opportunity and risk. Not sure where you stand?
  15. 15. Tweet it! : #YRBizSeries wwwx the content paradigm website web presence amplify
  16. 16. Tweet it! : #YRBizSeries the content paradigm
  17. 17. Tweet it! : #YRBizSeries the content paradigm
  18. 18. Tweet it! : #YRBizSeries the content paradigm
  19. 19. Tweet it! : #YRBizSeries the content paradigm campaign continuum We now need to create an ongoing stream of content – and online interactions connected to our content – online.
  20. 20. Tweet it! : #YRBizSeries Overwhelmed? the content paradigm
  21. 21. Values are the new constant that businesses can use to generate an online conversation, content stream and engagement. How can you create that much content? Tweet it! : #YRBizSeries the content paradigm
  22. 22. Understand your VP Tweet it! : #YRBizSeries For your core content, a strongly defined value proposition makes the job of knowing what to say and how to say it easy. the content paradigm
  23. 23. 20 questions Tweet it! : #YRBizSeries Ask yourself this: can you think of 10 questions customers regularly ask? Can you think of more? 20? 50? 100? You now have 6 months to 1 year of content. the content paradigm
  24. 24. Understand your essence Tweet it! : #YRBizSeries For ongoing sharing and engagement, know what you stand for. 1. Where are your caring points? 2. How are you helping people? 3. What stories do you have to tell? 4. Who are your champions? the content paradigm
  25. 25. • SEO dictates our approach. • Social helps us engage. • Neuroscience helps us understand. • Simplicity helps us succeed. Tweet it! : #YRBizSeries the content paradigm It’s really quite simple:
  26. 26. Delivered by Julie King Biz-Zone Internet Group Inc. Sept. 26, 2013 The Content Understanding the science for online success. paradigm Tweet it! : #YRBizSeries Thank you!