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Brand: The Only Future Ranking Factor - Malcolm Slade speaking at Brighton SEO


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Malcolm’s presentation, Brand: The Only Future Ranking Factor, revisits research he carried out back in 2012 to see if he was right about the importance of brand signals in SEO and the influence brand power has in affecting rankings.

Additionally, Malcolm also discussed what the state of play for SEO looks like in 2017, and the potential opportunities that will drive search success in the near future.

Published in: Marketing
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Brand: The Only Future Ranking Factor - Malcolm Slade speaking at Brighton SEO

  1. 1. Malcolm Slade EPIPHANY SEARCH Brand: The Only Future Ranking Factor @seomalc
  2. 2. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Malcolm Slade Head of Technical SEO EpiphanySearch Think Vis 2012
  3. 3. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO I helped steer Epiphany around Penguin.
  4. 4. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO I’m helping steer Epiphany / Jaywing towards what’s next.
  5. 5. @seomalc #brightonSEO How did I get here?
  6. 6. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Notes for reader: This deck works best in conjunction with Tom Capper’s deck: rankings-the-story-in-the-data-brightonseo- april-2017
  7. 7. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO 2012: The Rise of Brands in Search of-brands-in-search-11912606
  8. 8. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO 2016: Best Practice Is Not Enough practicing-start-doing-stephen-kenwright-at- searchleeds-2016
  9. 9. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO 2016: Surviving the Machine Revolution. revolution-how-to-become-the-digital-marketer-of- the-future/
  10. 10. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO 2017: Links & Rankings Tom just gave it.You literallyjust watched it!
  11. 11. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO The Elephant in the room! Mytalk is similar to Tom’s
  12. 12. @seomalc #brightonSEO A quick recap
  13. 13. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Brands seem to get a significant boost in SERPs.
  14. 14. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Best Practice gets you to page 2.
  15. 15. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Warehousing, deliveryand RRP all become standard.
  16. 16. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Google has more data than ever before! Android, ISP, Chrome, Free WiFi, GA, AdWords, Home…
  17. 17. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Google is becoming more Human! Panda, Penguin, Phantom, HTTPS, UX, Mobile First
  18. 18. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Old ranking signals seem less valuable! Keywords, H1 Tags, Anchor Text, Links
  19. 19. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO I also looked at Brand Search Volume. First page only.
  20. 20. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO I also found it didn’t correlate very well. I used Pearson Correlation
  21. 21. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO All data: 0.11
  22. 22. @seomalc #brightonSEO The End! Thanks for coming.
  23. 23. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO I then got creative (random / mental).
  24. 24. @seomalc #brightonSEO What if we segment?
  25. 25. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Information: -0.13 Products: -0.44 Head Terms: 0.48
  26. 26. @seomalc #brightonSEO What if we use humans?
  27. 27. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Generate SERP images.
  28. 28. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 #brightonSEO
  29. 29. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Poll Humans. Identifyrecognised brands.
  30. 30. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 #brightonSEO
  31. 31. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Look at Brand and Brand + Term.
  32. 32. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Car Insurance: 0.92
  33. 33. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Online Bingo: 0.84
  34. 34. @seomalc #brightonSEO
  35. 35. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO It doesn’t always go so well.
  36. 36. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Holidays -0.07
  37. 37. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO TSM Easyjet Teletext
  38. 38. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO 0.78 But the data is crap!
  39. 39. @seomalc #brightonSEO What have we learnt so far?
  40. 40. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO For head commercial terms brand traffic correlates pretty well.
  41. 41. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Brand is massively important.
  42. 42. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO I’m not the onlyone / I have a new friend.
  43. 43. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO We have much more data to look at.
  44. 44. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO The bigger picture.
  45. 45. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Brand search volume is not a ranking factor.
  46. 46. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Brand may represent the entity type Google is looking for.
  47. 47. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO There may be no “ranking factors” any more.
  48. 48. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Do you fit the traits of a brand entity?
  49. 49. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO There will be many traits.
  50. 50. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO This can’t be reverse engineered or gamed.
  51. 51. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Brands are onlygoing to get more dominant!
  52. 52. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO All prices are the same.
  53. 53. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Personal assistants make our decisions.
  54. 54. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Whychoose you?
  55. 55. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Recognised / preferred brand.
  56. 56. @seomalc #brightonSEO What are our goals?
  57. 57. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Get more people thinking about us!
  58. 58. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Get more people talking about you!
  59. 59. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Get more people searching for you!
  60. 60. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Get more people searching for you and what you do!
  61. 61. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Get more people clicking your SERP listings.
  62. 62. @seomalc #brightonSEO What can we do?
  63. 63. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Be memorable.
  64. 64. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Online advertising. PPC, Display, Video, Content…
  65. 65. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Offline advertising. TV, billboards, buses, whatever else is appropriate.
  66. 66. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Drive people to your site!
  67. 67. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Use PR to drive people to your online content.
  68. 68. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Use TV to get people searching for you.
  69. 69. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Craft good SERP listings.
  70. 70. @seomalc #brightonSEO SEO is not dead!
  71. 71. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO A good website is more important than ever.
  72. 72. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Technicallysound, audience appropriate.
  73. 73. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Many brands don’t rank due to this.
  74. 74. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO This will change.
  75. 75. @seomalc #brightonSEO Does it work?
  76. 76. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Case 1: Doing it all
  77. 77. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Verycompetitive niche. All on and offline techniques. Brand built over time.
  78. 78. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO
  79. 79. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Massivelysuccessful.
  80. 80. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Case 2: Just Online
  81. 81. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Competitive niche. Online techniques only(PPC, Display, SEO). No focus on brand.
  82. 82. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO
  83. 83. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Used to dominate the niche. No investment in brand building. Bigger brands are nowovertaking.
  84. 84. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Case 3: LegacyBrand
  85. 85. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Verycompetitive niche. Minimal to no current activity. MASSIVE legacybrand.
  86. 86. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO
  87. 87. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Massive legacybrand equity. Head terms are starting to slowlyslip.
  88. 88. @seomalc #brightonSEO What if I can’t do this?
  89. 89. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO At the moment, information and product is less impacted.
  90. 90. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO This will not always be the case.
  91. 91. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO You will start having to do this.
  92. 92. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO Google doesn’t care if you can’t.
  93. 93. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO An AI powered algorithm cares even less.
  94. 94. COPYRIGHTJAYWINGPLC2017 @seomalc #brightonSEO There is always PPC.
  95. 95. @seomalc #brightonSEO The real end!