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Media research methods


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Media research methods

  1. 1. Research methods used in my media coursework
  2. 2. • I used primary and secondary research methods in the research stages of my products.Primary sources include - survey, interview, analyses of existing textsSecondary sources include – internet research (Wikipedia, Google, previous A-Level media studies blogs)
  3. 3. Surveys• I conducted surveys via Survey Monkey, which were then distributed via Facebook, researching the topics needed in the research stages of my courseworks.
  4. 4. Pros and Cons of this method Pros - Cheap Easy to distribute and collect data Not time consuming Cons - Hard to find significant number of participants to gather enough (primarily quantitative) data.
  5. 5. Interview• To collect qualitative data, I conducted interviews with my target audience and posted this information in relevant posts on my blog. For example, my survey showed that the majority of my participants do not purchase music magazines regularly, so I then interviewed my TA to find out why.
  6. 6. Pros and Cons of this method Pros - Effective way of collecting, analysing and sharing qualitative data Cons - Hard to find participants as is time consuming Hard to organise
  7. 7. Analysis of existing texts • I studies existing texts, analysing conventions of real texts, and also comparing my products with existing texts.
  8. 8. Pros and Cons of this method Pros - Reliable method as it is me conducting the research Qualitative and quantitative data Cons - Time consuming
  9. 9. Internet research I conducted internet research involving websites such as Wikipedia, and other sites that I found using the search engine Google. I also took time to study previous A-Level Media coursework blogs to find what other students have done, interesting ideas and concepts that they may have, or even information that they managed to find out that I couldnt.
  10. 10. Pros and Cons of this method Pros - Easily accessible Cons - Time consuming Unreliable as a secondary source