social and preventive medicine spm spm presentations surgery community medicine medicine etiology of lymphadenopathy.ppt lymphatic drainage of major organs.ppt obstetrics anatomy of lymphnode.ppt sensory symptoms in thalamus and cortex lesions.pp sensory symptoms in brain stem lesions.ppt sensory symptoms in spinal cord lesions.ppt functions of kidney.ppt urine analysis.ppt kidney anatomy.ppt renal anatomy.ppt polyuria.ppt clinical approach to a patient with polyuria.ppt investigations sensory symptoms in peripheral nerve and root less paraplegia.ppt localisation of lession in parapleg clinical examination paraplegia.ppt investigations and management of paraplegia.ppt history takingin lower gastrointestinal bleeding p mechanism of cough clinical approach to cough history etiology of cough clinical approach clinical examination of speech speech centers speech disorders complication of malaria plasmodium parasitology pathogenesis of malaria drug resistance in malaria treatment of malaria investigations in malaria malaria csom ent clinical features of edema.ppt causes of edema.ppt mechanism of edema.ppt history taking and examination in a case of edema. primary head ache ppt head ache history & examination ppt head ache ppt secondary head ache ppt classification & pathophysiology of head ache ppt investigations in lower gastrointestinal bleeding gastrointestinal bleeding ppt etiology of lower gastrointestinal bleeding ppt hemiplegia etiology of chest pain management of chest pain causes of abdominal pain investigation clinical approach to a patient with abdominal pain chronic suppurative otitis media gynecology global polio eradication.ppt acute diarrhoea ppt head ache.ppt head ache history and examination.pp management of upper gastrointestinal bleeding ppt history in a case of upper gastrointestinal bleed etiology of gastrointestinal bleeding ppt anatomy of gastrointestinal tract ppt clinical examination palpitation ppt causes of palpitation ppt palpitation ppt jaundice dyspepsia treatment intestinal obstruction complaints of a patient with intestinal obstructio intussusception volvulus adhesion internal hernia inevitable abortion incomplete abortion complete abortion threatened abortion induced abortion septic abortion bishops score contraindication for induction methods of induction drugs used for induction of labour induction of labour complications pathology of rheumatic fever clinical findings in valvular heart disease diagnosis and treatment of as rheumatic fever ms ar diagnosis and treatment of rheumatic fever cardiology embryology of female genital tract growth anomalies of uterus embryology management of growth anomalies of the female genit congenital talipes equino varus types congenital talipes equino varus treatment soft tissue chages in congenital talipes equino va radiology in ctev orthopedics ctev congenital talipes equino varus in ctev right occipito posterior left occipito anterior relation between fetus & pelvis lower segment caesarean section lscs complication of lower segment caesarean advantages of lower segment caesarean complications of lscs post operative care in lower segment caesarean compartment syndrome diagnosis compartment syndrome treatment anatomy in compartment syndrome compartment syndrome surgical treatment grading of varicocele varicocele surgery anatomy of varicocele varicocele treatment spermatocoele etiology spermatocoele treatment spermatocoele surgery pathology of neurofibroma neurofibroma types clinical types of neurofibroma treatment of neurofibroma surgeries for hydrocele complications of hydrocele hydrocele clinical examination treatment of hydrocele fibroadenoma treatment management of fibroadenoma clinical features of fibro adenoma clinical features of dermoid cyst classification of dermoid cyst dermoid cyst management treatment of dermoid cyst dermoid cyst lipoma treatment of lipoma complication of lipoma classification of lipoma breast carcinoma fibrocystic disease of breast normal developmental involution of breast andi limb ischemia acute limb ischemia lower limb ischemia upper limb ischemia social security synthetic pyrethroids pyrethrum health noise effects of noise on health pathogenesis and reason for drug resistance in mal management of csom treatment of complicated chronic suppurative otiti csom management csom treatment csom types csom-ttd tubo tympanic disease atticoantral disease aad complications of suppurative otitis media pharmacology inflammatory bowel disease ibd twin pregnancy multiple pregnancy hepatitis b virus prophylaxis hepatitis b lead imnci neonatal and childhood illness global warming insects of public health importance entamology small pox small pox eradication mortality measurements mortality health problems of agricultural workers occupational disease to agricultural workers agricultural workers prevention of alcoholism alcoholism attributable risk and population attributable risk cancer control cancer control program adolescens adolescent health likelihood ratio predictive value predictive value and likelihood ratio anaemia prophylaxis programme anaemia focus group discussion national rural health mission nrhm.ppt pulse polio polio vaccination intensive pulse polio immunisation infection control measures.ppt bhore committee bhore committee.ppt survieillance communicable disease surveillance programme multi drug resistant tuberculosis mdr-tb tubercerculosisulosis idsp integrated disease surveilance project vas deferens vasectomy nsv.ppt non scalpel vasectomy indian red cross society red cross society delinquency juvenile delinquency polio eradication.ppt polio.ppt drinking water quality.ppt drinking water disability disability limitation.ppt unicef.ppt anatomy of lymph node.ppt sensory symptoms in peripheral nerve and root lesi diarrhoea.ppt chronic diarrhoea.ppt diarrhoea ppt chronic diarrhoea ppt pathophysiology of jaundice investigations in jaundice clinical approach to patient with dyspepsia management investigations in a case of dementia treatment of dementia managment dementia etiology of hemiplegia clinical features of hemiplegia localization of lesion in hemiplegia level of lession in hemiplegia management of hemiplegia motor division of nervous system motor division delirium clinical features etiology
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