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Small Business... Social Business, starting with Twitter


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A simple, 5 part framework for getting into social media for your social business, and doing it right!

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Small Business... Social Business, starting with Twitter

  1. Small Business,Social with Twi-er 1. Why? 2. How? 3. What NOT to do. Laura “@Pistachio” Fitton 4. Find the right tools. CEO/Founder – oneforty 5. Keep it all together. Co-author – Twitter for Dummies
  2. “by consistently touchinga tribe of people withgenerosity and insight,she’s earned the right tolead”-Seth Godin, Tribes
  3. Small Business, Social Business. star%ng with Twi-er 1. WHY?
  4. Why Consumers Follow Brands • Updates on future • Fun/entertainment products (#1: 38%) • Exclusive content • Stay informed about • Learn more about the company activities company • Discounts and • Show others my support promotions for the company • Updates on upcoming • Share ideas/provide sales feedback (#10: 20%) • Samples/couponsCoTweet ExactTarget 2010
  5. “Just for PR & MarkeAng, right?”• MarkeAng • Brand Monitoring• AdverAsing • SEO & Traffic• PR/word of mouth • Promote events• Social CRM • Create & share• Sales content• Contests & offers • Build community• News & trends • Earn social capital• Customer Service • Networking
  6. “Everything email touches…”• Events backchannel • Decentralized teams• Research • Employee support• CollaboraAon • Mentoring• InnovaAon • Problem‐solving• RecruiAng • Purely social• Best pracAces • Knowledge• Project status management • Sourcing soluAons
  7. Small Business, Social Business. star%ng with Twi-er 2. HOW?
  8. Listen.Learn.Care.Serve.
  9. Listen.
  10. SMM Survey
  11. SMM Survey
  12. Learn.• Act on what you’re hearing• Shine a light on others’ ideas• Innovate• Measure and noAce what’s working• Apologize when you screw up• Encourage your team to explore and take risks• Try new stuff. Repeat. 14
  13. Care.Your Mother Taught You How To Tweet1. Dress nicely – Background & avatar2. Introduce yourself – Complete profile, link on your site3. Be a good conversaAonalist – Listen. Respond. Be relevant. Be useful.
  14. Care.Manage Customer Rela%onships• Get involved where customers already are• Build relaAonships and keep in touch throughout the Customer Lifecycle     ‐‐ save searches, track deals, manage contacts & projects• TIP: Try a Social CRM tool with many different integraAons 16
  15. Serve.Create great content• Twiaer streams, Facebook pages, blogs, ebooks, white papers & webinars• Cover things your prospecAve customer cares about and needs to know.• Tool Ap: Try Disqus for blog comments: – encourage social sharing – engage prospects – organize email addresses 17
  16. Serve.Curate great content• Be a one‐stop‐shop for everything customers need• “Do what you do best and link to the rest!” ‐@jeearvis• Resist “NIH” (not invented here) don’t try to generate all the content yourself
  17. Small Business, Social Business. star%ng with Twi-er 3. What NOT to do.
  18. We Need More Followers! Clickthrus? Fans? Friends? Traffic? Klout? InfluenAals? SOMETHINGS? Right? Don’t we? Hello?
  19. You Need Business Objec6ves.Then, measure what you’re actually trying to do.
  20. We Need Social Campaigns! not so much. Invest in Social literacy.
  21. The ROI is Unproven! +
  22. The ROI is THERE• Track conversions from social media• Build and track relaAonships and leads• Track conversAons with in‐ page analyAcs• Retain customers and create fans• Save costs ‐ customer support, lead generaAon
  23. Small Business, Social Business. star%ng with Twi-er 4. Find the right tools
  24. Learn More…
  25. Learn More…
  26. Toolkits…
  27. Small Business, Social Business. star%ng with Twi-er 5. Keep it all together
  29. SocialBase.Everything in one place.Any tool. Any workflow.BENEFITS• Brings order and expertise immediately• Customizable and programmable• Expert training wheels for social projects• Brings scale and collaboration from one desktop