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Graduating from Social Media to Running a Social Business


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The slides that supported my keynote at Inman Connect SF July 16, 2014

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Graduating from Social Media to Running a Social Business

  1. Graduating from Social Media to Running a Social Business When Social Media is no longer a shiny object how does it actually MATTER for your business? Laura “@Pistachio” Fitton
  2. Social’s Not Just for Marketing… Use it to Generate Real Business Impact: 1. Attract a targeted, engaged following 2. Build engaged community with actual business impact 3. Source Leads and nurture valuable relationships 4. Develop relationships With media and influencers
  3. 1. Attract a targeted, engaged following
  4. Influence (was) ATTRACT attention to yourself
  5. Influence (is) PROVIDE attention and value to others
  6. Be Useful
  7. Mission: [Social Accountt] is where _(who)__ can find _(what value offered)_. Bio: “follow us for…”
  8. Image:
  9. SOLVE FOR THE HUMANS Not just their happiness, but also their success.
  10. 2. Build Engaged Community   with  actual  business   impact
  11. How Can I Get More Followers?
  12. You don’t just want a following. 29
  13. You want screaming, raving fans
  14. Know Your Personas, Cold •  Write down everything you know •  What are their challenges? •  How are they measured? •  What do they read? •  What (and where) do they share on social media?
  15. •  Content types that fit with everything you know about their lives •  Solutions to their challenges •  Tools to help them crush their numbers •  Must-read articles and digests •  Shareable items that will make them look good Share This
  16. No, Really, Pistachio. How Can I Get More Followers?
  17. 35 Be generous. • the more you give, the more you get • build trust, credibility, & goodwill • increase # of pages & inbound links
  18. 37 Be helpful. Helpful Relevant Remarkable Frequent ask yourself how you can be of service to your current and potential customers. What problems can you solve? What questions can you answer? What knowledge can you share? Read more: tabid/6307/bid/10291/Helpful-is-the-New- Viral.aspx#ixzz1GsSghdGN Helpful is the new viral.
  19. 39 Remarkable is the new ‘business as usual.’
  20. 3. Source Leads and nurture valuable relationships
  21. Social Business in 4 Words:
  22. Listen. Learn. Care. Serve.
  23. Integrate Social With Your Marketing Database
  24. Keep in Touch Supportively
  25. Keep in Touch Supportively
  26. Keep in Touch Supportively
  27. Keep in Touch Supportively
  28. Keep in Touch Supportively
  29. Keep in Touch Supportively
  30. Keep in Touch Supportively
  31. Keep in Touch Supportively
  32. 4. Develop Relationships   with  media  and   influencers
  33. The Message is the Influencer. by @JKrums
  34. build relationships
  35. THANK THE @REPORTER for heaven’s sake, when you get mentioned, @mention the reporter who wrote it.
  36. PAY COMPLIMENTS: RT right! 1.  copy/paste 2.  cleanup 3.  edit 4.  append
  37. 4 FREE Tools for You… Your marketing grade & how to improve it Library Academy FREE Trial