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Online PR and Reputation Management 2015

  1. Online PR and Reputation Management Eoin Kennedy @eoink Feb 2015
  2. Media & PR Evolution Evolution Changing Media Online Media Presence Online Press Release Skills Strategy Platform Snapshot  Facebook to Wikipedia Listening Tools Gauging Impact Agenda  Where are we? Campaigns Pointers Productivity Blogger Relations Influencer Marketing Crisis Management
  3. Eoin Kennedy •18 years communications experience. •Current chair IIA SMWG. •Freelance consultant • & •PRII, MII, UCD, H Dip. •
  4. Social Media is not
  5. Nor
  6. Closer to
  7. In reality its
  8. Storytelling The Boyhood of Raleigh. Sir John Everett Millais
  9. Listening Image:
  10. The Battle Ground PublicRelations •Well optimised Hybrid sites. •UK Consultancies. •Articles. •Courses. •Social Media Experts. •SEO Companies. •Some PR Agencies. •Suppliers – Distribution companies.
  11. Media and PR evolution
  12. Evolving PR vs Online
  13. Traditional Media Consumption in Ireland is in decline. Source: JNRS/Landsdowne Market Research, AGB Nielsen, Radio - 88% (1991): 85% (2010): 84% (2013). . Daily Newspaper Readership 65% (1993): 48% (2010): 46% 2013 •TV: RTE (2002): 54.5 minutes (2008) 50.4 minutes
  14. Second Screen Impacting TV. •Panasonic Ireland 4/10: 16% comment. •Eircom: 75%/33% Social Media & TV •Nielsen: Channel hopping. •Twitter: 40% of tweets about TV •Tweet when market is watching
  15. But social sharing still growing. • MH17 • 50%
  16. Nic Newman, Reuters Institute of Journalism Two Key Trends Journalist practice is changing • New Tools • Accelerating the moves to real time news • New jobs emerging Changing journalist landscape •Journalists no longer monopolise the news •Consumers and audience are more in control
  17. Traditional News Cycle Journalist The Story Proactive •Sources •Research •Interviews Reactive •PR news releases •Events •Agenda •Other news media Your Audience News is •Controlled •Follows a procedure •Limited Audience response
  18. Current News Cycle Journalist The Story Proactive •Sources •Research •Interviews Reactive •PR news releases •Events •Agenda •Other news media Your Audience Blogs Twitter SMS Video SM News is : •Immediate •Conversational •Less controlled •Wide Sources •Engaged •Personalised Search Tools Google (Web)/ Technotrati /Icerocket (blogs)/RSS feeds Social Networks
  19. Twitter • 33 + •385 K Tweets 152% • 302 K Followers 560% • 30 K Following 167% • 4.2 K Listed 40% •55 K Tweets •Av 11K T, 9K F, 900 Blogs • 17+ blogs • Fashion to Technology • Low interaction Pod Casts
  20. Irish Times iTunes/AudioBoo Social Buttons 43.6m PI 5.4m UV 40% Mobile 163K app downloads
  21. Irish Times Live Blogging. Commentary.
  22. Irish Times -Video
  23. Irish Times 215K Nov ‘14. 4K Nov ‘11K Not just a newspaper... •Multiple channels. •Journalists establishing separate profiles •New content forms. •Open contact. •Engagement. •Monitoring. “Viewspaper, not Newspaper” Lessons • Sponsored Content.
  24. They are not alone
  25. New kids on the block
  26. Twitter Story Telling
  27. Impact Media now use Twitter for •Looking for leads and spokespeople. •Pushing and discussing the story. •Radio taking Twitter comments on air. •Use as basis for breaking stories. •Personal insight. •Getting guests on shows. •Direct commentary. •Need to follow, monitor and engage.
  28. Tips •Relationship first then pitch. •Read, Comment & share articles •RT Like and Pin. •Start conversations. •Sign up for podcasts & pitch ideas. •Be selective about pitching on twitter @journalistname esp cold pitches & personal. •Take care with share requests. •Use social to personalise email pitch. •Encourage media to follow you. •Curate content & post analysis. •Create a reference site with full details. •Email still best for pitching. •Show Gratitude. •Think real world – public. •Avoid basic errors. •Don’t mass tweet & follow up.
  29. Trends • Companies employing journalists. • Article popularlity to increase in importance. • Crowd funded investigative journalism. • Instagram challenging Twitter as News •Video use to jump. • Increase promoted articles •Expect digital acquisitions. •Paid for content visibility. •Increased use of user generated content. •New ways of story telling. •Instagram Challenging Twitter •Challenge of the press release.
  30. Issues National Newspapers of Ireland (NNI) • Charge for web links • Sliding scale •1-2 €300 • 6-10 €500 • 11-15 €700 •15-25 €950 •26-50 €1,350 • 50+ negotiable. •Ongoing. •Ask permission.
  31. Help a Journalist • HARO • •Register •3 Emails media queries daily •Respond directly
  32. The Press Release 2.0’d • Who, What, When, Why, How. • Newsworthy. • Facts. • Short. • Avoid Jargon. • Indirect. • Headline. • Date. • Body. • Boiler Plate. • Contact info • Quotes Add Value. • Optimise. • Keyword density 5-7%.
  33. The Press Release 2.0’d • • • •PRNewsWire •BusinessWire •MarketWire Distribution SEO PR
  34. The Press Release 2.0’d • • •
  35. Giving new life to the press release.
  36. More photo options.
  37. More video options. •6 Sec video •Simple operation •No hosting •Social seeding •15 Sec video •Cover frame
  38. Curating Stories. • •Curate the story. •Leverage additional commentary. •Collate press clippings. •Track and promote related topics.
  39. Bringing it back home.
  40. Amplifying Earned Media Content. •Surfacing content. •Other stories from the web. •Publishers. •Ricochet New York Times. •Ad Stitched to content link.
  41. Newsjacking? •Deployed through Twitter •Blog Analysis. •Real-Time Media Alert. •Physical podium.Livestream. •Commentary. •Newsjack at breaking. •Tying news to current events. •Use good judgement
  42. Native Advertising. Branded Content •5 day made for media hoax. •Media partnership with TheJournal. •#unwrapgold •Video & story based. •User stories. •460k video views. •8,000 comments.
  43. Where is it all going?
  44. Building a Strategy Internal •Overall business objectives. •Social and Online PR objectives. •Describe success. •What you need to succeed. •How to mitigate the risks. •Timings and budgets. •Credibility •Brand perception •New products •Generate sales •Negative commentary •Measureable, results, timely •Link back to business objectives • •Behaviours • Demographics • Psychographics • Goals and messages per different audience •Length • Term
  45. What’s next! Plan Communication •Listen/Engage/Monitor •Content Streams •Timing Channels, Assets, Tactics •Review tools/Tactics •Social Currency •Conversationalists •Asset creation •Integrate Mapping •Competitors •Keywords/Key phrases •ID commentators •Key SM •Reporting Teams and Collateral •Multi agency •Multi Department •Crisis Plans •SM Guidelines •Content •Capability Evaluate •Metrics •Agile •Map and share
  46. Exercise. Build your Reputation Plan 1) What you what to achieve. Why you are there. 2) Research. What will you use. Where will you look. 3) Monitor. Where, what and action. 4) Content calendar. 5) Currency. 6) What platforms. 7) Tactic – stand out ideas. 8) Reporting – Measurement. Post it pad. Pair up. Present to each other.
  47. ORM Startegy Anticipate Claim Monitor Respond
  48. 1. Create Guidelines You’re doing away with the media middleman. Therefore, you need rules & guidelines to ensure you stay on the right tracks. • Tone of Voice • How to handle interaction • How to deal with criticism • 46% Don’t have
  49. Social media needs to be someone’s responsibility. Not the IT guy. Not an intern. It should be someone with front of house or marketing experience. • Who’s going to be responsible for your social media campaign? • Who will create content? • Who will interact with customers? • How much time are you going to devote to social media? 2. Responsibility
  50. 3. Internal engagement Going social means that your company needs to embrace “social” inside and out. Every single employee of yours represents your company. Whether it’s actively or passively. Inform them about your social media strategy. They can be advocates, active recruiters, brand ambassadors, etc.
  51. 4. External Advocates Your employees aren’t your best supporters - your customers are. Engage & incentivise them to become advocates, write reviews, get involved... Not a Brand economy – It’s a Fan economy
  52. 5. Content is King Your business has interesting and valuable information. Use it IMAGINATIVELY to create content around issues that your customers will respond to & pass on to their peers.
  53. 6. Patience Social media takes: • Time • Commitment to your strategy • Honesty & Fidelity to your customers • & more time
  54. 7. Standout
  55. 8. Plan your day. Ongoing Activity for a typical engagement campaign: Monitoring 2 or 3 times per day across all your online properties. Responding to any pressing comments as they arise/as you notice them. Twitter is an ongoing conversation React in real time if you can. Posting on blog according to your schedule. Eg. Once per day/twice per week. Analysing Data once per week. Looking for trends in how people find, use and interact with your site & social media properties. Analysing Content once per week to see how ads, content, etc. are performing
  56. Facebook • 3% rise Q1 • 62% • Average user spends 4 hours 10 mins per month on Facebook. • T & Cs.
  57. Facebook Analytics Great ability to track users User trends; time of visit Demographics Weekly update of user activity on page
  58. Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm • 7% reached •Alogorithm • Promoted post • Negative Feedback
  59. Twitter * Ipsos MRBI Ref: Eight Twenty Irish Independent •160 tweets •Wednesday •Politics & Sport •30%
  60. Blogs Your own online presence Free software & hosting makes it easy to set up and manage • Wordpress • Blogger • Tumblr
  61. LinkedIn • 700K + Irish LinkedIn Profiles • 26% • Linked in growing x3 faster than FB • Average user is 35 to 44 living in Dublin AB social class • Use to grow Twitter
  62. Google+
  63. Flickr & •Photosharing sites •Great for broadening •your digital footprint •Don’t tell. Show. •Great for user generated content which can be reintegrated into your website. Eg. Guinness Storehouse
  64. YouTube Second biggest search engine 1.3 Million Irish users in 2010 400 million views per month Think how you can make sticky video content, eg. Bacardi Ireland
  65. •400k. •Threads & Forums. •Talk to. •Non Commercial. •Transparent.
  66. Suggestions Reviews/Opinions
  67. Facebook, Foursquare & Location •1% Foursquare •Great scope for promotions •Reward regular customers •Users recommend according to location •Comments & photos
  68. SlideShare • PowerPoint Presentations. • Add key components of release. • Add video, music and photos. • Tell the story. • Share. • Embed on SEO PR Sites • Blog to presentation
  69. Recommendations TripAdvisor & Yelp & Louder Voice Use your fans to tell their friends about how great you are. All about incentivising
  70. Wikipedia • 6th most visited. • 365 million readers • 22 million articles • 100,000 editors • WikiProject Ireland • Search Ranking = Key
  71. Wikipedia
  72. Wikipedia •Avoid Editing. •Talk Page. •Following protocol •& instruction •Transparent. •Neutral •In Good Faith •Verifiable ance.pdf
  73. Why Monitor? • Find online stakeholders & influencers • Identify where online conversations about you occur • Find existing/emerging trends relevant to your brand • Identify competitors • Identify themes, stories, content for proactive PR and social media strategy • Start to take part in the conversation & represent yourself to interested parties. • Represent yourself to people giving out about you.
  74. Where to monitor? Social networks themselves • Look for people & terms on Facebook • Use Twitter clients to monitor who’s DM & RTing you.
  75. Paid Services Radian 6 Blog & Social media monitoring service Offers multiple data displays Row feeder One term for free, exports reports in Excel Olytico Analytics Bespoke online monitoring & IRISH
  76. Row Feeder
  77. 10 great monitoring tools 1. Google Analytics 2. Google Keyword Tool 3. Klout ( 4. Social Mention (
  78. Top 10 Free online tools 5. Topsy ( 6. Boardreader ( 7. Postling ( 8. HyperAlerts ( 10 great monitoring tools 9. Bottlenose (
  79. Top 10 Free online tools 10. Spundge ( 10 great monitoring tools • Content Curation • Discover •Curate •Create
  80. Top 10 Free online tools& a secret weapon
  81. Top 10 Free online tools • Comment on media sites. •Comments on facebook posts. •Likes and dislikes. •RTs & Facebook Profile Chatter. •Newswhip. •Early detection system. •Change tactics early Gauging Online PR Impact
  82. Top 10 Free online toolsGauging Online PR Impact
  83. Being Productive
  84. Being Productive
  85. Blogger Relations Cs of Blogger Relations •Concept •Context •Consumption •Credibility •Community •Conversation Also remember: •Real people •Individual •Vocal •Connected •Busy •Voluntary •Enduring •Exclusive •Time consuming •Test influence •Cross platform 4000 Ref: Brian Solis
  86. Influence Testing – Domain Authority. • •Guest blogging. •Look for higher rank. •Link tells a lot.
  87. Influence Sharing.
  88. Influencer Marketing
  89. Influencer Marketing • Palms Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas • Klout Klub • Additional amenities •Tweet rewards
  90. Reputations Matter •Content Sourcing •Reach/Impressions •Engagement •Influence & Relevance •Opinion & advocacy •Impact & Value
  91. Influence Snap Shot.
  92. Finding Influencers. • •Finding influencers •Insight figures •Twitter Analysis
  93. Monitising/WOM Social Networks.
  94. Crisis Management Not so good •Still page one. •News site focused. •Lack of department title tags. •Lack of initial response page •Need to build future articles. “recall”
  95. Crisis Management Good •Fast open response. FAQs •Technical experts. •Utilised community. •Post event speaking. •Established.
  96. Scheduled Tweets
  97. Competitions
  98. Competitions
  99. Monitor and respond. If people get in touch with you via social media you must respond. If you are faced with complaints, deal with them honestly. But remember you are doing so publicly. So BE NICE. Whether responding to positive or negative comments, try to give the customer what they want.
  100. Dangers of photoshop. BP Deepwater Horizon. Support photography. Location shot & Command Centre. Don’t airbrush.
  101. Madison Night Club
  102. Madison Night Club
  103. Madison Night Club
  104. Madison Night Club
  105. Crisis Comms: Not for everyone…
  106. Misdirection, hoaxes…
  107. Who tweets? •HMV store closures •Staff continued to tweet •Official account •Know who manages accounts especially admins on Facebook
  108. Hashtag Hijacking - Bashtag “Your interests and the public are not the same”
  109. Hashtag Hijacking Cost. $1,000,000 .
  110. Cultural Sensitivities
  111. Sometimes humour is all you can do
  112. Sometimes humour is all you can do
  113. Sometimes humour is all you can do
  114. Anger does not help
  115. Anger does not help
  116. Anger does not help
  117. Petrol on a fire.
  118. Petrol on a fire. Deleting Defensive
  119. Petrol on a fire. Proper Apology Plan B
  120. You might just be unlucky.
  121. Google Auto Populate.
  122. Google Auto Populate. • Dominance of news sites •Impacted by volume of searches.
  123. Or not very nice.
  124. History repeats itself.
  125. Other crisis. • Negative SEO
  126. Trends. • Lightning Speed. • Hyper-transparency. • Dialogue. • Search. • Same tools. • Traditional media amplification. • Civility. Ref:Ogilvy 360°Digital Influence.
  127. Crisis Comms:Before you get there. Integrate. Escalation procedures. Scenario development Protocols, response flow charts. Roles, Responsibilities, Action. Resources. Legal team. Ensure senior management engaged. Know what is a crisis. Recording Data. Crisis Management Plans
  128. Crisis Comms:Before you get there. •Be part of the community. •Establish SEO flow. •Staff communications. •Ongoing education. •Personal and work accounts. •Early warning monitoring. •Google Analytics Search Terms.
  129. Social Media Policy.
  130. What can you do •Gather intelligence. •Be honest. •Acknowledge. •Be candid. •Declare interest. •Be brief. •No third response. •Know when to stop. •Avoid emotional, heavy handed, impolite. •Contact Author. •Learn your lesson. People Focus
  131. What can you do •Collaborate with credible sources. •Integrate traditional PR. •Create FAQ. •Create response page. •Pressure Release valve. •Leverage advocates. •Hide content from SEO •Complain to Google. •Utilise staff and links •Aggressive SEO/keywords. •Use same platform/language. •Test influence. •Build positive stories pipeline. Technical
  132. Dealing with Negative Review •Get the basics right. •Claim listing •Populate •Paid for listings/encourage more reviews •Offline cards •Cross check review scores. Av 4.01 •Popularity index
  133. Dealing with Negative Review •Grasp the nettle. •Stay Positive. •Cooler head prevails. Professional. •Rapid response, 24 hour. Steal Thunder. •Flip the script. Apologise/Point to positive. •Taken seriously. •Address problem. •Remedial action. •Show gratitude. •Personalise.
  134. Dealing with Negative Review •No Jargon/CAPS. •Protect privacy. •Show gratitude. •Avoid stock answers. •Analyse. •Need for policy. •Play the game. Think RT. •Possible offline channel. •Be consistent.
  135. Dealing with Negative Review - Brave •Backfiring complaint •Cannot delete. •Virality •Complete retelling of the story
  136. m/wp- content/uploads/2012/01/Soci al-Media-Crisis-Response- Plan.jpg
  138. Heat Index Quiz.
  139. Value of responding #fail. • 46 % of consumers were pleased. • 22 % posted a positive comment about the organisation. •79 % poor customer experience online had their complaints ignored.
  140. Things to watch - Trends. 1) Freedom 2) Customize Everything 3) Scrutinize Everything 4) Integrity & Openness 5) Entertainment & Play 6) Collaboration 7) Innovation 8) Speed Don Tapscott: Grown Up Digital Norms of The Net Generation:
  141. Thanks for your time. Eoin Kennedy, + 353 86 8339540 Skype:
  142. Resources. PodCasts SEO PR General Reading LinkedIn Groups Bloggers Policies US Military, BBC, Guardian, Intel Books Grouped by Paul Adam The New Rules of Marketing & PR by David Meerman Scott

Editor's Notes

  1. Irish bar analogy Check profile of clients Not should from the door Listen, respond back – find out what you have in common & of interest
  2. If you are an expert Have you got advice to give people
  3. Engagement Monitoring Not about using a megaphone
  4. PR companies rank low for online PR Ad industry strong on creative messages and bought media to achieve some behavioural change PR strong on message development, community engagement Seo – content marketing – plans for creating, distributing and promoting content
  5. Kevin Warrick – university of reading 2045 singularity moment Le web and monitors iPhone app checking heart rate through camera - Azumio
  6. Radio 84% - 2013; 54% JNRS 2013 – 46% 19-24 50k tweets during first 15 min of apprentice – 46% on phone
  7. 20% PC/Lap Top 30% Tweet/Facebook 50k tweets during first 15 min of apprentice – 46% on phone 40% of tweets in the UK during peak-time television hours are about television Dan Biddle Twitter 2nd screen social TV Gracenote – listens and serves ads ¾ use social media while watching TV Eircom Household Sentiment Survey (EHSS) Axonista – showpal – digital watermark – polls, inside scoup
  8. BBC live downing of flight MH17 over Ukraine Twitter different content rules due to lack of Algorhythm: Shawn Mendes – 150k tweets for new song – almost no facebook 50 percent more posts have been embedded since the launch of FB Newswire – format, space, length of post, number of photos all impacting
  9. 11000 tweets Following 9000 Off the Ball joining Irish Times for podcast
  11. Newstalk TV
  12. Montague, audio and share
  13. Worry trend of net gens “if news is important enough it will make its way to me”
  14. Just because you can does not mean you should. Not just twitter – find other sites they are on Create good content, on email signatures, tweet ideas Basic error – ask to dm when you are not following, don’t use for things you could get elsewhere
  15. Worry trend of net gens “if news is important enough it will make its way to me”
  16. Planning how to create the content, how to distribute and how to promote it.
  17. Own media: Earned media: Bought media. Facebook ads. Symbiotic brands co promotion.
  18. David meerman the new rules of marketing & pr
  19. Story broken by the journal
  20. Samsung es9000 Facial recognition
  21. Freedom of choice – products to work arrangements Personalising their world and interactions New scrutinizers In companies they buy from and work for In work, entertainment and social life Relationship and cross border Trying out new ways of doing things – faster than established businesses Not just video games
  22. Anticipate: Bump bad news, anticipate good news: Get out their first: build your brand: things you control: profiles keyword rich: save positive comments: leverage offline content Claim: set up accounts, then promote positive news, Monitor: lots of tools Respond: reviews to local discussions, be part of the community, pre-empt response, burst the blister,
  23. OPTA stats: good use of their stats
  24. Consistency and data analysis = key Match with platform optimum performance
  26. Comments, shares likes, who posted, interaction, type post, complaints
  27. Eight Twenty Irish Independent Trend with 160 tweets Wednesday 800K Ipsos MRBI
  28. Groups Updating – postings amplication Use LinkedIn to grow twitter
  29. 16% up lift in SEO
  30. Trolling. Micks Garage – Breaking Pad – predict the end of the video and scale electric competition. Featured on 77% of Irish YouTube users access YouTube at least weekly
  31. Foursquarre and American Express
  32. Social mention – power social search – gives nice impact figures
  33. Topsy – simple search bar – live searches Boardreader – simple search bar – main forums Posting – inbox for social media activity Hyperalerts – mainly facebook esp for competing facebook pages
  34. Socialbro, sproutsocial,
  35. Tweetdeck – desktop download, multiple columns, runs live, distracting Hootsuite – login, remote access, multiple columns Outlook Social Connector – connects email and social media accounts – can check your recent activity – do not always need to be connected.
  36. Whats the compelling plan Why is it relevant to them Easy to use package Become the expert Join and participate without expectation Not mkt. Responsive, articulate
  37. Klout – hiring, hotel check in
  38. Klout – hiring, hotel check in Gender, age, location, vertical, audience size, influence
  39. Klout – hiring, hotel check in
  40. Kevin Smith: 1.6 million twitter followers Kicked off south west air flight… They dealt with it very well. Turned 1.6 millon angry folk into 1.6 million people thinking they were doing a good job.
  41. Bp made a hames of their online and offline press. This is a fake photoshoped shot they released showing how they were dealing with the crisis. It was torn apart online.
  42. Make sure you get your twitter handle
  43. Threats to bloggers Traditional media amplified Fake press release Lets go ads – captions on animals – legal action if liked an ad
  44. Keyphrase Categorising Topics Trending Topic Positive PR Promoted Tweets #McDStories #MeetTheFarmers Engaging People
  45. American Apparel, Urban Outfitters Cash and clothing donations Kmart sandy hook shooting tragedy and toy giveaway
  46. Search included the logo entry. Providing Shit to Scum for over 70 years.
  47. You never know what else it uncovers Market through it Flip the conversation. Twitter links newstories to it and news stories embed the tweet
  48. Opinion or promotion. Homophohic references – names indicated on Saturday night live
  49. Opinion or promotion. Defensive, shouting down,calling facists, #godslot
  50. Be direct Apologise properly ,
  51. Be direct Apologise properly ,
  52. Be direct Apologise properly ,
  53. Be direct Apologise properly ,
  54. response to Imgur, Reddit, and Facebook,then twitter then traditional media contrasted with her comments when she accepted the “Communicator of the Year” Delete accounts
  55. YouTube direct to follow on stories Huffington Post etc ,
  56. Social to mainstream to sharing to editorial. Millions of forensic experts. CSR = genuine Search social and universal search. Links from authorative sites Detractors are resourceful
  57. Who has to approve, How do you get information Who has social media credentials Crisis = something u don’t know, change from norm, scope, scale & impact
  58. Fix the problem.
  59. Recent/postitive/negative/volume
  60. Apologise: Taken Seriously: Address: Personalise”:
  61. Apologise: Taken Seriously: Address: Personalise”:
  62. US Air force Guardian and BBC good also
  63. Online criticism hurts, enduring and anger is entertaining, people like to see others fail.
  64. Judgement call. Right or wrong depends on the culture of the organisation.
  65. Freedom of choice – products to work arrangements Personalising their world and interactions New scrutinizers In companies they buy from and work for In work, entertainment and social life Relationship and cross border Trying out new ways of doing things – faster than established businesses Not just video games