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Magnetic Content: Customer Attraction, 2014 version


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Content marketing can help you achieve what advertising cannot: winning the trust of your prospects and customers. Learn the essential strategies for creating the content that transforms your website into a customer attraction force field in this presentation's simple 7-part formula. Bonus: 99 content marketing ideas.

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Magnetic Content: Customer Attraction, 2014 version

  1. Magnetic ! Content Strategies to transform your website into a customer attraction force field.
  2. Content marketing is...! ! " The process of creating and ! delivering valuable content to ! your target customers.
  3. !
  4. What’s the point?! The point is to get traffic, leads & sales. The plan is to achieve what advertising! usually does not... ! Get people to KNOW, LIKE &! trust you.!
  5. Trust. ! You have to earn it. What if you were to...! ü Be found when people are searching? ü Give people the information they need to make smart decisions? ü Position your company as a generous advisor and friend? ü Teach (instead of pitch)?
  6. Be the media.
  7. Become the AUTHORITY.
  8. STOP interrupting people with stuff they don’t want. "
  9. ☒ Advertising ☒ Jargon ☒ Being dull ☒ Stealing content ☒ Sounding like a corporate stuffed shirt ! !
  10. " START being the expert prospects rely on.
  11. ☑ Help, advice, answers ☑ Relevant stories ☑ Personalized, customized content ☑ Fun, provocative ☑ Easy to find ☑ Easy to share !
  12. create a customer attraction force field.!
  13. First Determine what action ! you want customers to take.! You might call this: “define objectives.”
  14. Second Determine what potential ! buyers need to know.! " Shush up and listen.
  15. Third Create a content plan.! " Thou shall create stuff people want, deliver it where they consume media, based on where they are in the " process of buying. *Even if they don’t have their wallet with ‘em.
  16. Fourth Put a content creation team together.! " Put your money where your media is. Scrimping ain’t smart.
  17. Fifth Get your digital ! ducks in a row.! " Digital outlets. Digital platforms. This is the information age. You got that memo, right?
  18. Sixth Promote what you publish.! " Social media school starts tomorrow. " Enroll today.
  19. Seventh Measure.! " If you really want to make this work, you need to know what is and isn’t working." You can handle the truth.
  20. It’s time to get agnetic...
  21. Target. ¤ Know your customer ¤ Establish! personas! ¤ Be relevant Don’t publish this.
  22. ontent forattractingcustomers.! how to’s • tips • shortcuts • secrets • tutorials • recipes • stories case studies • comparisons • demonstrations • pros n’ cons • dangers myths • pitfalls • mistakes • lies • interviews • roundups • Q&As product applications • real world examples exceptions • screenshots highlights research • test results • best-of’s • ironies • rules • bloopers milestones • events • re-caps • records • reviews • reasons • jokes parodies • quotes interviews • opinions • opposing • views • glossaries best practices • profiles • news • glossaries • trends • lists
  23. Connect ! the dots. " Use a mix of media for more touchpoints! " Stay on topic ! " Integrate! " Link everything ! to your site/blog !
  24. create a customer atntreavcert ipounb lfisohr ctheis fi.eld.! [unless flies are your target market]
  25. Content Marketing Recipe for Success
  26. " ON the power of ! NOW YOU KNOW HOW TO TURN content marketing.!!
  27.! goodluck