Become a Social Business: How Intuit is leveraging Social Media


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  • AMBER1) How many of you have heard of Intuit2) How many of you have thought of this pictureHow to become a Social Business: Best Practices & Insights how Intuit leverages Social Media . In this session, you'll get to grips the current social media landscape and mindset. You will learn about how Intuit made it into the top 10 of Fortunes and Huffingtons Post "Top 10 most social companies 2012" . The financial management innovator will also give you best practices and insights of campaigns that worked at Intuit and some adaptable action items you can use from day one on:·         Analyse the current B2B social media landscape and the shift in key decision makers mind about investing in social media. Why Social matters for CEOs now and how to bring everybody in the company on board.·       Why and how your employers are the crucial and most valuable resource in your daily and long term social media strategy, how you foster internal and external engagement and increase brand awareness in the social channels.·         Learn from the tools and experience the accounting company made on its way to become Uks number 1 employer and Social Media driver. The Intuit decks will also dive in into topics as Lean Social Experimentation, InProduct Social Sharing, Infographic best practices and give some tips for your Facebook and social media work.  Intuit, Amber Hayward, Social Media Manager UKIntuit, Bjoern Uehss, Social Media Manager Europe
  • By a show of hands, Who knows Intuit in this room?
  • And for those who didn’t know Intuit, how many of you thought of this image?2. House of brands instead of branded house
  • It s not about the products, it’s the people who are most important – Because it’s the people who make your Social Media Strategy work or fail.We were honored this yearto be named top of the Great Place to Work Institute's list of the UK's Best Small Workplaces 2012.
  • What s different from Social Media today compared to some years ago? To sum it up I would say Social Media reached the C-level suite with its CEOs and top level decision makers. It not only reached them but it convinced them so much that more and more of them make social to a top priority for their company.
  • 1. Social is a top priority at Intuit. It s a top priority set by our founder and by the CEO. It s not a marketing decision - it s a strategic long term business decision including all business units – not just marketing. It is important to understand that Social Media is NOT Marketing. It is an overall function reaching from Marketing to HR to CRM, Support and Innovation. 2. Because we made Social to a top priority has in our company we don t rank too bad in the different social media comparisons out there.There are different rankings about the most social companys in the US and also here in the UK. This is one from flowtown is from 2010 show some of the top 50 US companies ranked as “Social”In this ranking Intuit was voted number 7 between the US biggest corporations. In another report some slides later we rank as number 2.3. What I want to highlight with this slide is not our positionbut that Rankings like this show one interesting fact and change: Social plays an important role now. Companies start to be recognised for it.--------- 1. We are ranked Social company. Got good positions in different rankings. Here we are nr 7, in the slide I show you later we are number 2 2. social plays an important role now and it matters and companies start to be recognised for it.3. There are different statistics and rankings about Social companies. But what does it take to become a Social Business, Enterprise 2.0 and have social engaged employees.Let me share what social media means for us at intuit, how we got to the positions, recognition and awards. But first let s look why we talk about social2010:
  • 1. Why Social Media? Because it pays off.2. Measurable, scalable metrics, success stories and examples like this one from Starbucks prove that SoMe DOES BENEFITS TO THE BOTTOM LINE3. This is the reason why businessesgetinvolved more and more.They see the value of it and are willing to invest because they now it will pay off. And they invest a lot of money. Just have a look at some of the headlines of the last couple of weeks and months at the next slide.-------Pinterest: New Networks and therefore opportunities appear and gain traction over months and offer great opportunity to get on the Social Media Radar and position as innovative company seeing, understanding and adapting new trends and chances quickly.
  • traditional big technology players now start buying in social media newcomers for millions and billions in order to prepare themselves for a new era.-------We see global leading technology firms buying the newcomers who focus on leveraging social media.
  • 1.Have a look at the acquisitions that took place for these companies. In yellow you see which acquisition can be identified as social companies And you see us too preparing us for the change in how business works and customers are acquired.2. You see a lot of disruptive dynamics and technologies moving up the innovation ladder very quickly and then get acquired by one of the older market players with enough cash flow buying talents and technologies. they acquired to complete the porfolio6:60
  • SoMe is taken seriuosly now throughout more company levels than ever. For you as social media manager this means that you have more impact than ever. We remember. Not only in Marketing but overall.This is two graphics from the latest IBM CEO Studies. I highly recommend reading this since IBM puts a lot of efforts, ressources and understanding in this studies. Social media is increasing while tradiional media is decreasing over the next years. Social becomes an normal expectation of customers and they wants to see it integrated throughout the different touchpoints and also in the culture of his new employer.3.
  • 8.00 THE main take away from the IBM study is this.It shows that we are in the middle of something that becomes even more important over the next couples of years. Social Media is now much more than just a toolset. It s a mindset. And it reached the top.
  • But how do we become a Social Business, an E2.01.So these are the 5 questions you need to ask if you want to become or want to understand where you are on the journey to become a social business.------- 10.30 minIf you have a look at which companies using Social Media you find all kinds of sectors in the top 25. Top Sector is Technology, the last positions are taken by Multimedia & Graphic design which is surprising (even Management Consulting, Weight & Health Management rank higher).“Most social employees” give your employers a chance to be socialSignals looked at: social presence," meaning "the number of employees with social media profiles across Twitter, Linkedin, or Facebook using a company email address," and "social connectedness," or "the number of connections across social networks.”- I have never worked for a company where so many colleagues want to at me to facebook.Giv
  • It s about cultural, internal & external. It s about innovation. Think about all touchpoints you have . 2. broad list of tools and experiments and some channels3. 13.00DESIGNBjornSo how do we do social media?PREZI Try to engage internal stakeholders as we try to engage external
  • 6 examples of how you could get started
  • Facebook becauseIf it would be a country it would be one of the biggest in the world. >800 Mio.- enourmoustargetting. Lot s of options. - worldwide-In Product turbotax. Tt makes it easy to . In product social. Moment of delight. -> get
  • 14 min –People ask about the ROI of Social MediaLet me show you some personal experienceTotal cost: 2.35 EUR. Less than 2 pounds. I bet this 2 pounds and double it for everybody who shows me a better ROI- Test, dare, experiment- identify influencers
  • 16minHow many of you do 3 year plans18 min1. not everything has to be perfect and ready before you test it. In the 1 ½ half you go to market with the big finished product. 2. test a/b, build your decsion on facsts 3.Lean Startups release new code to production multiple times a day
  • If you’re looking for ways to scale your WOM efforts, you’ll be interested in this section.On a regular basis, I reach out to Accountants to understand whether they are recommending us to their clients. Accountants are the NUMBER 1 reason SMBs buy accounting softwareWe use the NPS scoring model.
  • Make it easy (for you and your advocates) by offering a scalable platformWe included suggested features that they may want to include Find out what will get them to share: Advocates were much more likely to write a review than to share the content we created.
  • Prompt users to shareAmazon is a critical channel for us, so we point them there.We also include other sharing options: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Email.
  • Sales campaigns can and do work, but use them sparingly.Facebook ads work – use them to drive awarenessLeverage your partners to spread the word: we developed relationships with Amazon etc. to cross promote this 1 DAY SALE.Like gate your page – having this like gate, resulted in 5% growth in fans.
  • Infographics have performed very well for us. In fact, the one on the right performed over 2,700 times better. Why?Longer shelf lifeHad proprietary data (a lot of it!), presented in a visually appealing way.The most successful infographics are: The ones that have proprietary data (Intuit is the first to release it and it's data no one else has)Infographic on right was a great way to encourage sharing around our financial fitness campaign, which helped:Build thought leadership – we became known as a company that helps to support small businesses. The infographic helped to reinforce and spread this message. Thought leadership extended to all channels, including our sponsorship of StartUP Britain: commited to training 1K SMBs on the finance.
  • Build a sustainable thought leadership platform and reinforce that message in all touchpoints (StartUp Britain)...can pay dividends and result in Win/Win!I highly recommend that instead of spreading yourself across many smaller projects, focus on building an extendable, integrated thought leadership platform.
  • 5 examples of how you could get startedHow knows Intuit in this room? And what we are doing? We don t yet have a name as in the US where Intuit is a well known brand and top emploer.
  • Become a Social Business: How Intuit is leveraging Social Media

    1. 1. Become a Social Business:Best Practices & InsightsHow Intuit leverages Social MediaBjoern Uehss, Amber Hayward@ B2B Social Media Marketing Summit London, 25/26.06.12 people
    2. 2. What is Intuit?2
    3. 3. This is what Intuit is NOT3
    4. 4. Intuit helps >4 million small businesses in the UK, Singapore,Canada, USA and beyond realize their entrepreneurial dreamsby keeping their finances on track Grow Your Get and keep Business customers Financial Manage Management finances Make and Payment accept Solutions payments Employee Hire, pay andManagement retain employees4
    5. 5. “People first”5
    6. 6. The changing landscape and mindset in Social Media. It finally reached the C-level suite.6
    7. 7. Make Social a Top Priority7
    8. 8. Why Social Media? Because it pays off. “ Starbucks fans are 38% more likely to visit a store after seeing a branded message on Facebook.“8
    9. 9. Some Social acquisition headlinesfrom the last months “ Facebook To Buy Instagram for $1 Billion “ “ Microsoft Buys Yammer For $1.2 Billion ” “ Oracle buys social marketing startup Virtrue for $300 Million ” “ LinkedIn Buys SlideShare for $119 Millions “ “ Salesforce Acquires Buddy Media for $689 Million “ “ Facebook is Worth More Than McDonald’s and 5 Other Giant Brands “9
    10. 10. It’s (Social) Shopping time.Social is Serious Business. / 2012 $1.0 B / 2012 $ 40 M / 2011 / 2011 / 2012 / 2012 / 2012 / 2010 / 2011 / 2012 / 2011 / 2012 $50 M / 09 $10.3 B / 2004 $7.4 B / 2009 $1.4 B / 2012 $1.1 B / 2011 $1.5 B / 2011 $300 M / 2012 $1.0 B / 2010 $3.3 B / 2007 / 201210
    11. 11.
    12. 12. In 5 years time CEOs will be chosen by its online reputation and Social Network Influence Personal Summary of the IBM Global CEO Study 201212
    13. 13. Are you a Social Business?• 1. How social is your CEO? Top down: Lead by example. Make social a priority.• 2. Is your culture ready? Bottom up: Identify potential change drivers, digital natives & supporters, group groups and train specifically.• 3. Who are SoMe supporters? Self-driven: Give Early adopters space to experiment. Communicate results. Benchmark (competitors & pioneers).• 4. Where are your customers? Customer-focus: Be where they are.• 5. What data can you use? Inside out: Leverage data to benefit your customers and you. 13
    14. 14. Social Media at Intuit = Culture + Tools Culture Integrate at all touch points Change mindsets Prepare innovation Blogs Facebook Twitter Community LinkedIn • Internal & • Engagement • Listening & • Feedback & YouTube external • Awareness Learning Co-creation • Content • Acquisition • Conversation • Self-help Mobile generation • Lean Analysis • Brand experiments • Influencer ambassadors Yammer • Trends/Topics • Community of interest Radian6 • Word of Mouth Pinterest Idea sharing14
    15. 15. Six Things We Learned15
    16. 16. 1. Maximize the use of Facebook• User & Fan acquisition• Increase sales• In-Product Social Sharing• Social Games• Awareness• Infographics• Recruiting• Lean experimentation16
    17. 17. Dare to Experiment 17
    18. 18. 2. Do LEAN experimentation Nobody wants your product. Prove the opposite. • Based on Lean Manufacturing principles Definition • Result oriented, data-driven decision tool • Increasing frequency of contact with customer in order to avoid incorrect market assumptions as early as possible • Reduce waste, inefficiency and timeActions • Build & prove your hypothesis before taking decisions • Don’t do surveys - test real behaviour: • Don’t guess, test (everything A/B/C) • Keep Small StartUp teams Learnings within your global corporation • Leverage Facebook to pre-test demand, messaging, feedback before launching product/campaign • Foster innovation & learning 18
    19. 19. 3. Advocacy MarketingStep 1: Identify Your Advocates19
    20. 20. Step 2: Make It Easy To Be An Advocateand find out what drives them to share Insight: 3 x more wrote a review than shared content created by Intuit.20
    21. 21. Advocacy MarketingStep 3: Prompt Advocates To Share21
    22. 22. 4. Sales Campaign via Facebook do workFacebook Ads Facebook Fan GateSocial Posts from Retailers Countdown Page Facebook Reveal PageTips:• Paid ads have a place in social• Like gate your page: campaign resulted in 5% increase in base.• Build strong partnerships• Time-limited offers - Don’t overdo.
    23. 23. 5. Create Infographics:WOM on Steroids• Create and share infographics regularly to drive traffic, improve SEO, increase sharing etc.• 2,760% increase in sharing vs. blog posts 23
    24. 24. 6. Build sustainable thought-leadership platforms and strong relationships"It was great to meet the staff and see thefantastic work that Intuit is doing to supportsmall businesses. I want to thank Intuitvery much for hosting me, and thankeveryone for coming and asking such goodquestions and making such good pointstoday." Prime Minister David Cameron The PM thanks Intuit for hosting event
    25. 25. What’s next? Read!25
    26. 26. B2B Social Media Books – in one phrase 14 case studies show why CEOs must take Social Media seriously Over • Measure everything (ROI) Social deliver & • Show the impactTechnologies delight transformed your • Adapt Net Promoter Score business. costumer • Start Lean experimtationAdapt or lose. 26
    27. 27. What’s your learning from this presentation? Tweet @IntuitUK and connect with us – we’re hiring Connect via Hachi at @QuickBooksWorld @faiM @IntuitUK @PolkGulchHaiku27
    28. 28. 28