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Digital Space Consulting presentation for LHH - Dallas, Texas. Digital marketing approach including social media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SEO, content marketing, content strategy, market intelligence, social amplification, social listening, online media budget, and social strategy.

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  • So what is the ROI of doing alll this stuff
  • So what is the ROI of doing alll this stuff
  • LHH Social Media Presentation

    1. 1. Opening slide • http://pennystocks.la/internet-in-real-time/ 1
    2. 2. Digital Space Consulting THE “HOW TO BUILD YOUR (BUSINESS)” SOCIAL STRATEGY Tips | Tricks | Platforms | Tactics “Nobody ever got a client sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring.” - Me
    3. 3. Who We Are • Digital agency with over 10 years experience in content, creative, communications, and analytics • Passionate about the tools, platforms, and technology used to connect and engage consumers • Focused on empowering brands and customers by enabling them to research, relate and engage with each other • Entrenched in execution and creating a blueprint from here to there 3
    5. 5. Do you know? 6 Do you know these people? What about these people?
    6. 6. Agenda 7 A little background What’s this social media thing and why should I care – I’m not 22 What tools, platforms, and services should I care about What is my short and long term strategy How do I create the “social media me” and build my brand authority What are the five things I can do today to impact my digital footprint, engage with my customers, and manage my time
    7. 7. Let’s start with some videos 8 Social Media 2013 Marketing Fundamentals Don’t Change
    8. 8. What happens every 60 seconds on the internet 9 • 695,000 FACEBOOK STATUS UPDATES • 1,500 BLOG POSTS • 100+ NEW LINKEDIN ACCOUNTS • 694,455 GOOGLE SEARCHES • 98,000 TWEETS • 13,000 IPHONE APPS DOWNLOADED
    9. 9. Why social media should be a part of 12 your strategy 1. Gain visibility Unlimited access to professionals, organizations, prospects, and customers in your target market 2. Provide transparency Being open and honest allows you to connect with others on common ground 3. Helps you ‘get to give’ Ask for help only after offering help to others the majority of the time 4. Allow ‘nobodies’ to become ‘somebodies’ Create and cultivate your personal brand
    10. 10. Why social matters 13 1. Build relationships • Support network • Lead generation 2. Raise visibility • Increased awareness of you and your services 3. Demonstrate expertise • Opportunities to show thought leadership 4. Go public • Come out from behind the curtain • Find your voice/niche/point of view Share links Amplify others Give tips Be a resource Show expertise Blog Blog comments Social Networking LinkedIn
    11. 11. The “How To” Social Media for Business Hello World… 14
    12. 12. What do I need to do first? • Become a student of each platform • Engage and start conversations • Make sure that your profile is updated / keyword focused • Share content (articles, videos, webinars, events, etc.) • Center profiles on who you are, what you’re about, and how you help • Create a home online (social home) • Get a business card (Vistaprint / Moo Cards) • Keep the personal personal and business strictly business Go ahead, ask the question - What’s the ROI of social media??? Create profiles – engage 15 42% havegeneratedcustomers throughFacebook 48% havegeneratedcustomersthroughTwitter 57% ofbusinesseshavegeneratedcustomers throughLinkedIn CUSTOMER ACQUISITION
    13. 13. Can you show me a couple of examples? • Be findable – What happens when someone Google’s your name? • Offer help and answer questions • Share useful content (Articles, Blogs) • Become a student of each platform 16
    14. 14. Profile: Scott Monty, Ford 17
    15. 15. But, Where Do I Get Started People are using the Internet to talk about your brand, products, competitors, customers, and clients – are you listening? Want to know what people are saying about you on Twitter? Facebook? Blogs? Forums? No problem. WHERE TO LISTEN • Google Alerts • LinkedIn • Alltops.com (www.LinkedIn.alltop.com) • Search.Twitter.com • FollowerWonk.com • HelpAReporter.com (HARO) • MuckRack.com • Socialmention.com • Topsy.com WHERE TO SHARE • Blogs • Forums • Twitter – hashtags / twitter talks • Facebook – status comments / groups • Linkedin – QA / Groups • Quora • Review sites – Amazon / YouTube / Yelp • Yahoo Answers 18
    16. 16. 3 easy ways you can leverage social media LinkedIn is a great place to learn what businesses are talking about; Twitter is a great place to learn what businesses are bitching about. – Paul Gilllin And get started - Market intelligence - Understand your customers and competitors - Track keyword mentions for your products services1- Identify opportunity - Listen for keywords - Identify influencers - Find prospects who are trying to find you 2- Build thought leadership - Become an expert in your niche - Grow your tribe / create authority3 19
    17. 17. So how do you make the most of your 20 social media marketing efforts? ADD VALUE Share content that your audience will find helpful, informative, or entertaining
    18. 18. Curate | Build | Manage | Measure Get content • Elance.com • WriterAccess.com • Contently.com • Google Alerts • LinkedIn Build a team • ELance.com • Crowdspring.com • WriterAccess.com • Contently.com Manage your message • Hootsuite.com • TwitterFeed.com • WiredPRNews.com • PitchEngine.com Measure • Who are you writing for? • What is the purpose? • What is the call to action? • What are you measuring? The key is to make yourself visible on the Internet – through your website, by blogging, and via value based use of social media. 21
    19. 19. Example – Create a blog post (LinkedIn) 22 • Research your idea • Identify your niche (target audience) • Add notes to Evernote / write in notebook • Save articles that support your blog to Pocket • Create a draft outline of blog post (500-800 words) Curate Write Promote Post • Open LinkedIn and click on ‘share an update” • Click on the pencil icon (create a post) • Add your title, header image, and body content and double check links to open in new window) • Promote post directly to LinkedIn and share on Facebook and Twitter • Invest in promoted posts when applicable • Create a tracking spreadsheet to monitor which posts/messages are gaining traction • Re-share blog posts by taking snippets of post and using them as tweet/updates with same URL to read full blog • Research potential copywriters from eLance.com • Provide writer with outline and essentials of blog post (tone, audience, style, etc.) • Finalize blog post in MS Word with links, attributions, about the author, etc. • Purchase stock photo for ‘header image’ from shutterstock (medium/large size file) + Have 3-5 posts completed before posting your first blog + Subscribe to Copyblogger to learn more about content marketing
    20. 20. • What you will be able to do • Schedule tweets/Facebook/LinkedIn posts automatically • Manage multiple social profiles • http://hootsuite.com/help Manage your social media presence 23
    21. 21. Two Last Things + My Warning 24
    22. 22. Create Profiles - About.me - LinkedIn - Facebook - Twitter 1 2 Find Out What People Are Searching For - Find your top 3-5 terms - People search (LinkedIn) - Google Insights 3 Optimize profiles - Add keywords to headlines, titles, descriptions, summary, skills, links to websites, bios, etc. 4 Find Stuff To Say / Organize Content - Google Alerts - Feedly - LinkedIn News/ - Twitter List/ Listorious - SocialMention.com 5 Say Something - Hootsuite - LinkedIn - Twitter - Facebook 6 Measure - # Followers - # Connections - # LinkedIn Views - # LinkedIn Searches
    23. 23. Starter Matrix – What You Need Business Cards Profiles Domain/Hosting / Design Marketing Tools Simple One Pager What Else You Need MooCards.com LinkedIn GoDaddy.com Hootsuite.com About.me Gmail account VistaPrint.com Twitter BlueHost.com TwitterFeed.com Magnt.com Zoho / FreshBooks Office Depot Facebook HostMonster.com dissolve.com Tumblr.com Highrise Staples Pinterest Odesk.com Piktochart.com Basecamp Instagram Elance.com Mention.com HootSuite.com Quora Dropbox Google+ MailChimp.com Uberconference.com 26
    24. 24. Starter Matrix – What You Need Collaboration Tools Content/ Creative Tools Google Tools (Chrome Extension) Who I Read Getting Paid Trello.com Contently.com Rapportive Copyblogger Fresh Books HipChat.com WriterAccess.com Boomerang Seth Godin Zoho Invoice Basecamp eLance.com Streak Chris Brogan Quickbooks Highrise Crowdspring.com Gary Vaynerchuck Harvest 99designs.com Social Media Examiner Hubspot 27
    25. 25. Create social profiles Optimize your profiles to let customers, partners, and vendors find you Become a student of social platforms Establish a social home Engage and start answering questions Include keywords that are relevant to your type of business Write profiles about who you are, what you do, and how you can help Follow your metrics • Who are you writing for? • What is the purpose? • What is the call to action? • What are you measuring? Have a game plan 28 Stay connected to the conversation Don’t be upset with the results you didn’t get from the work you didn’t do
    26. 26. Here is where you start 29 • Research your idea • Talk to your network • Identify your niche • Build an audience before you build a product • Create a mock prototype • Create a presentation (investors/customers) Concept Business Internal Marketing • Build a team (designers, writers, creative, advisors) • Create internal process (marketing, CRM, accounting) • Create branding • Create a digital home • Set-up your social profiles • Audience persona • Social media tactical plan • Content strategy • Off-line strategy • On-line strategy • Legal incorporation (LLC, S-Corp, etc.) • Buy your domain • Set-up hosting • Set-up email • Get a separate bank account and credit card • Build out estimated financial projections
    27. 27. Digital Space Consulting Create. Connect. Engage. Thank You.
    28. 28. How to Contact Us DigitalSpaceConsulting.com James@digitalspaceconsulting.com Linkedin.com/in/Jloomstein Twitter.com/jloomstein Slideshare.net/jloomstein/presentations 34