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Whither Twitter?


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Slides that supported my closing keynote at Webvisions Portland, May 17, 2012. I've made some slight tweaks for credit, clarity & additional resources.

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Whither Twitter?

  1. Things to Knowin 3 Easy PartsLaura “@Pistachio” Fitton 5-17-12
  2. Laura @Pistachio Fitton“Excited & geeky aboutwhere all this leads!" Twitter for Dummies Inbound Marketing Evangelist 94,000 Twitter @pistachio Founder Readers (acq. By HubSpot)
  3. Laura Fitton, May 2007Homebound mom.Two kids under two. Where do I upgrade my browser? What’s Web 2.0? Twitter is Dumb! NO business network in Boston
  4. “Laura Fitton… hasthousands of peoplefollowing her on Twitter. …byconsistently touching a tribeof people with generosityand insight, she’s earnedthe right to lead”-Seth Godin, Tribes
  5. Founder/CEO  
  6. (Don’t Believe the) Hype
  7. 10 Things to Know in 3 Easy Parts I WHAT? II HOW? 4 III WHAT NEXT?
  8. Twitter-PoweredSoftware willChange theWorld
  9. Twitter-PoweredSoftware HASChanged the World
  10. We’veOnly JustBegun…
  11. 10 Things to Know in 3 Easy Parts I WHAT? •  An EKG for Attention •  Sensing & signaling network •  The Message is the Influencer •  Any to Many •  5 BILLION publishers II HOW? •  Be Useful •  Tame the Fox •  Maintain loose tiesIII WHAT NEXT? •  Vulnerabilities •  Explore the humble #
  12. 10 Things to Know in 3 Easy Parts•  An EKG for Attention•  Sensing & signaling network•  The Message is the Influencer•  Any to Many•  5 BILLION publishers I WHAT?
  13. “Facebook” search on May 17, 2012 “it’s like an EKG for attention” -Joel Lunenfeld @JoelL
  14. Global Sensing and Signaling Network
  15. The Message is the Influencer. by @JKrums
  16. “ Any to Many
  17. The balance of power shifted mere mortal
  18. 10 Things to Know in 3 Easy Parts •  Be Useful •  Tame the Fox •  Maintain loose ties II HOW?
  19. Image:
  20. Twi$er    Marke+ng  in  2  Words…  
  21. “BEU UL SEF !!!!
  22. Influence (was)Attract attention to yourself
  23. Influence (is)Provide attention & value to others
  24. Image Credit: Fotographia Guerilla“Make the customerthe hero of yourstory.ANN HANDLEYCHIEF CONTENT OFFICERMARKETINGPROFS TWEET EBOOK! QUOTE
  25. Twi$er    Marke+ng  in  4  Words…  
  26. “ Listen. Learn. Care. Serve.
  27. “How Can IGet MoreFollowers?
  28. You don’t just want a following. 38
  29. You wantscreaming,raving fans
  30. “Either write something worth reading ordo something worth writing about.BENJAMIN FRANKLIN Image Credit:" lhalstead"
  31. “How Can IGet MoreFollowers?
  32. If  you  want  to  build  your  following…  Take    Good    AMAZING  Care  of  The  Followers  You  Already  Have  
  33. 10 Things to Know in 3 Easy Parts •  Explore the humble # •  Vulnerabilities III WHAT NEXT?
  34. #
  35. Source: Twitter
  36. Vulnerabili+es  
  37. Vulnerabilities •  SPAM •  Poverty of consume-only experiencesPhoto credit:
  38. Grade  Yourself!
  39. INSPIRED? Start working on your successstory. Sign up for a HubSpotfree trial and see how theintegration of content creation,engagement and analytics leadsto awesome marketing results. Learn more today! Thank you! Laura Fitton @pistachio
  40. URLs mentioned in the talk•  Ian Schafer’s (@ischafer) OMMA talk: minutes-my-omma-social-internet-week-presentation/•  SocDir (fka oneforty)•  Marketing Grader•  Twylah•  Social Flow•  DataMinr