Social Media Networking for Wine Marketing - 2013 Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association


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A 1 hour presentation I gave at the 2013 Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association on the relevance/ROI of social media, specifically targeted towards wineries and wine brands. Contact me for more info: Kris Chislett:

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  • Sure, there’s a social networking aspect to it, but Google Plus is really Google’s version of Google. It’s the groundwork for a level of search quality difficult to fathom based on what we know today. The point is, once Google Plus has every blogger, every small business, lots of gamers, lots of YouTubers, etc., actively using the product, they will continue to use all that new data to make even more of their products more awesome.As soon as Google + launched I knew it was going to be huge. I can’t say I’m right all the time…and I still haven’t been proven 100% right on this one. People called me crazy. They still do.It’s undeniable, if someone if using a search engine, there’s a very good chance that it’s Google. It’s the most popular search engine in the world. They own the majority of search results on the web, and also have a huge influence on the way businesses are displayed. Google essentially has the power to make or break a business sheerly based on how they rank in search.Google + connects the dots (or at least has the potential to) for the search giant. If they can make it work, there are limitless opportunities for businesses which are opened up. I’m not too sure if it will grow to the same size as Facebook as a social network alone, but I think it will end up attracting a more mature audience.Of course Facebook isn’t going down without a fight! They are going to do everything they can to stop you from transitioning all of your photos and friends from its platform over onto Google +. As just one sign that Facebook fears the mighty Google, they quickly blocked contact uploads from Gmail, so that you can’t search your email contacts to discover which of your friends are on Facebook. A petty move I thought, but maybe it’s just one sign that Zuckerberg is fearing the inevitable…So, going back to G+ in this image…Google is starting to have the last laugh.
  • Social Media Networking for Wine Marketing - 2013 Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association

    1. 1. Social Media MarketingKris Chislett
    2. 2. Kris Chislett• Owner at• Owner at• Online Strategy• Mobile Website Design•• Cell: 904-472-1727
    3. 3. What is Social Media• Social Media is just the Internet.• One-on-One marketing.• Social media is just “word of mouth”….ON STEROIDS!• Something you don’t have a choice in!
    4. 4. Why Social Media?• You don’t have a choice!• Products / services coming to find consumers.• Social Media is a requirement for brand growth.• The #1 website in the world is Facebook.• In 2008, Social media overtook porn as the #1 activity on the Web.• Good reviews and points alone no longer sell wine.
    5. 5. 92% of consumers around the world say they trust recommendations from friends and family. 47% of consumers around the world say they trust TV, magazines and newspaper ads.The advertising landscape has changed.
    6. 6. What’s the ROI of Social Media?
    7. 7. Some people will like you…some won’t.
    8. 8. Your “Voice” Online “It has been found that the less anadvertisement looks like an advertisement, and the more it looks like an editorial, the more readers stop, look and read.” David Ogilvy "The Father of Advertising"
    9. 9. So many networks…not enough time!
    10. 10. Hierarchy of Social Media Needs• 1st Google +• 2nd Facebook• 3rd Social Search• 4th Pinterest• 5th Blogging• 6th Twitter• 7th Everything Else!
    11. 11. Define Your Goals• What are you hoping to achieve?• Are your goals realistic?• What is your timeframe?• Can you use other businesses as benchmarks?• Does it have a budget?• Will you need to outsource / hire?
    12. 12. So many networks…not enough time!
    13. 13. “EdgeRank” Explained
    14. 14. You are what you post. a Sell Message1 in 10 Messages Should be
    15. 15. Social Search••• Immediately see who is talking about your wines / wine brand online.• Directly engage with your new and existing customers through the Social Connect Platform.• Starts at free, then jumps to $35 for more features.
    16. 16. What if nobody is talking about you?
    17. 17. • You don’t have a choice about it!• Pinterest drives sales directly from its website.• 21% of people have purchased an item from Pinterest.• Pinterest is driving more ecommerce than Facebook and Twitter combined.Pinterest
    18. 18.
    19. 19. Pinterest works for YOU!
    20. 20. Blogging• Not something to be taken lightly!• Abandoning a blog is BAD!• Posts ideally every other day, a minimum of once a week.• Built in to your existing website.• Keep posts short, sweet and full of images.• Google likes blogs!
    21. 21. Blogging• Google wants to see new content.• Increases your website visibility online.• Testing out new products and/or offer advice to your online readers• Define you as an expert in your industry• Pinterest and social network sharing
    22. 22. Twitter• Businesses don’t understand Twitter.• Small businesses should use it more as a listening device.• Use Tweetdeck -• Categorizes conversations according to context.
    23. 23. The ROI of Twitter 7:18pm 7:19pm 7:21pm 7:23pm 7:24pm
    24. 24. What Should You Post?• Engaging content.• Original content• Ask questions• 1 in every 10 messages should be a sell message.• Good points last a vintage.• Your story lasts a lot longer.
    25. 25. Outsourcing Your Social Media.• NEVER outsource ALL your social media efforts.• Should outsourcing remain anonymous?• PR Companies?• Consultants?• Teenagers?
    26. 26. Conclusion• The companies who survive will think digitally.• If you dont innovate, youre going to die.• You have a limited control of your brand online.• Your story wins over points.• There is no cookie cutter approach.• Resistance is futile• Don’t give up!• Invest in the future.
    27. 27. Thanks for listening! Any Questions?Owner at BlogYourWine.comOwner at MobileWineryWebsites.comOnline StrategyMobile Website Designkrischislett@gmail.comCell: 904-472-1727