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Twitter 101


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Twitter 101

  1. 1. Twitter 101 Brown Bag: February 1, 2012
  2. 2. Welcome@mandimoshay / @npowernw @abbynafMandi is the Community Engagement Manager at Abby is an AmeriCorps VISTA serving at NPowerNPower Northwest. Shes responsible for Northwest. Shes a recent transplant to Seattle andcommunications, social media, event has a background in libraries. Abby brings with hercoordination, and management of the volunteer a strong interest in helping individuals andprogram. organizations learn how to best use technology to improve their lives.
  3. 3. NPower Northwest• Vision – A thriving community with high performing nonprofits.• Mission – To strengthen the nonprofit sector by catalyzing innovation and driving adoption of technology solutions.
  4. 4. Agenda• Intro to Twitter• Twitter statistics• Nonprofits using Twitter• Our top five Twitter tips• Discussion
  5. 5. Intro to TwitterThink of Facebook as a mall• A destination• A space for conversation Photo Credit
  6. 6. Intro to TwitterTwitter is more of a cocktail party• Stream of information• Real-time response• Networking Photo Credit
  7. 7. Twitter Growth Source: Twitter Blog
  8. 8. Twitter Demographics Source: Pew Research Center
  9. 9. Twitter Demographics: Age Source: 2011 Social Network Analysis Report
  10. 10. Twitter Demographics: Gender Source: 2011 Social Network Analysis Report
  11. 11. Twitter Demographics: Income Source: 2011 Social Network Analysis Report
  12. 12. Nonprofits and Twitter: Numbers Source: NTEN Nonprofit Social Networking Benchmark Report
  13. 13. Nonprofits and Twitter: Use• United Way of King County – Responds to feedback both positive and negative• SeattleWorks – Live tweets events to increase awareness• American Podiatric – Uses Twitter search to find and engage new audiences
  14. 14. Nonprofits: Respond to Feedback
  15. 15. Nonprofits: Live Tweeting
  16. 16. Nonprofits: Using Twitter Search
  17. 17. Social Media Goals
  18. 18. Social Media GoalsAnalytics and management tools• Some tools (HootSuite & TweetDeck)• Schedule posts• Analytics tools• Following vs. followers
  19. 19. Questions? Photo Credit
  20. 20. Top Five Twitter Tips5) Fully brand your presence• Avatar• Customized background• Bio with links
  21. 21. Brand Your Presence
  22. 22. Brand Your Presence
  23. 23. Top Five Twitter Tips4) Be human• Unique tone• Transparent about who is doing your tweeting (when you are sharing relevant content do it in your own voice)• Be willing to appear imperfect• Use young Twitter friendly volunteers for tutorials, but not necessarily have them take over your stream (Consistent voice is important for branding)
  24. 24. Be Human
  25. 25. Top Five Twitter Tips3) Build relationships, but don’t be spammy• Lists, mention vs. reply, the value of RTing and thanking, being responsive• Share links back to website/blog to encourage further engagement
  26. 26. Build Relationships
  27. 27. Build Relationships
  28. 28. Top Five Twitter Tips2) Be re-tweet able• Select a short relevant handle• Content curation - find interesting things and link to them• Use searchable keywords
  29. 29. Be Re-Tweetable
  30. 30. Top Five Twitter Tips1) Listen and Engage• Connect with your nonprofit peers and not just your constituents• Use nonprofit hashtags• Search for relevant keywords to your organization and respond to good and bad• Connect with the right people & tweet with them
  31. 31. Listen and Engage
  32. 32. Resources• 7 Tips to Optimize Your Twitter Page• 5 Nonprofits Using Twitter Right• 30 Useful Nonprofit Hashtags• Twitter’s Official Blog• Social Media Examiner• Hope140
  33. 33. Thank You Abby Nafziger Mandi Moshay AmeriCorps VISTA Community Manager @abbynaf @mandimoshay NPower Northwest Website: Facebook: Twitter: @npowernw