Conquer Your Inbox: Tips & Tricks for Managing Email


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Overwhelmed by too many emails and looking for a way to simplify your inbox? This presentation covers different ways to reduce your inbox and increase productivity by taking advantage of the more advanced functions such as setting up rules, creating signatures, and more.

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Conquer Your Inbox: Tips & Tricks for Managing Email

  1. 1. Conquer Your Inbox
  2. 2. Npower Northwest• Vision: a thriving community with high performing nonprofits• Mission: to strengthen the nonprofit sector by catalyzing innovation and driving adoption of technology solutions
  3. 3. IntroductionsElissa ThomasHandsOn Tech Corps AmeriCorps VISTAServing at NPower
  4. 4. Road Map• Email Issues• Strategies• Tools & Tips• Q&A
  5. 5. Communication flood 2011 statistics: 3.1 billion email accounts worldwide. 112 emails sent and received each day by the average corporate user. 71% of worldwide email traffic was spam.
  6. 6. Time management Constant interruptions saps productivity
  7. 7. Email organization How do you find specific messages?
  8. 8. Email Bankruptcy Communication overload from flood of unanswered messages can lead to temptation to delete entire inbox.
  9. 9. 4 D’s Delete it Do it Delegate it Defer it
  10. 10. “Zero Inbox” Strategy to keep your inbox at bay. “How to reclaim your email, your attention, and your life.”
  11. 11. The email-less organization Some companies are now banning email or seeking to limit internal emails. • Atos will phase out email by 2014.• Volkswagen will no longer email after hours.
  12. 12. Determine when to NOT use email Can you use other tools for the following? 1. Coordinating schedules 2. Document collaboration 3. Managing projects 4. Group decision-making
  13. 13. Productive routines Set specific times to go into your email
  14. 14. Rules/Filters• Outlook Rules and color-coded categories• Gmail Priority Inbox and address filters• Mac Mail 5 Rules• Auto-filter!
  15. 15. Gmail additional filters• Gmail users get many address variations.• Delivered to same inbox.•• Makes it easy to add a filter or label for messages sent to those variations.
  16. 16. Searching• How to search like a pro in Gmail• Search tips for Outlook
  17. 17. Spam• Most email providers like Gmail and Outlook have effective spam filters.• If you host your own email server, you need to look into spam filter services.• When you get spam, report it!
  18. 18. Auto-response “Vacation rule”Let people know you can’t respond right away
  19. 19. “Canned” responses• Gmail Labs services include canned emails. (Settings -> Labs -> Canned Responses)• Outlook “Quick Parts”: text segments you can easily insert into an email.• Business services like MailTank automate sending email messages.
  20. 20. Managing multiple accounts• You can add other accounts to your main Gmail account without having to log out and log back in repeatedly.• Outlook can be configured to receive emails from other accounts, including Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, etc.
  21. 21. Scheduling emailsCreate when you have time… …Goes out at the right time
  22. 22. Twitter with your email• TwinBox plugin for Outlook adds a Twitter toolbar.• You can automatically sort incoming messages based on specific hash tags.• Includes URL shortening.• Allows managing multiple accounts.
  23. 23. Keyboard shortcutsAdds seconds back to your life. The seconds add up.
  24. 24. Best invention ever In Gmail, there is an “undo send” option.
  25. 25. Resources• NPower Northwest Knowledge Center• Microsoft at Work blog• Zero Inbox tips• Become a Gmail Ninja• How to Unclutter Your Outlook Inbox webinar
  26. 26. Thank You Elissa Thomas HandsOn Tech AmeriCorps VISTA HandsOn Tech Corps Seattle NPower Northwest
  27. 27. Q&A