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Social Media Starters Webinar


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5 Things Every Agent

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Social Media Starters Webinar

  1. 1. Social Media Starters: 5 Things You Need to Get StartedJovan HackleyContent Marketing Manager & Agent Educator
  2. 2. AGENDA5 Things you need to get started on any social media site:• Purpose• Picture• Resume• Disclaimers• Content
  3. 3. What is Social Media?Random House Dictionary: - © Random House, Inc. 2011.
  4. 4. What is Social Media? Social Media is people connecting to share & network
  5. 5. Social Media Today Internet Users U.S. Internet Users Worlwide Social Networkers Reached by Blogs/Social Networks Non-Social Networkers Not Reached by Blogs/Social Networks -Source: Neilsen “The State of Social Media Report: Q3 2011”
  6. 6. Social Media Today •Nearly 4 in 5active Internet users visit social networks and blogs today. •60 percent of people who use 3+ digital means of research for product purchases -Source: Neilsen “The State of Social Media Report: Q3 2011”
  7. 7. Social Media Starter: PurposeWhy are you online?
  8. 8. Social Media Purpose: Think before you leap• What do I want toplan? this effort look like? does success for• What’s my game accomplish?“Time isMeasurement:Sample Goals: Money”•• Viewson the calendar Put it / shares Lead Generation•• Research Apps EducationResults Use Mobile•• New Connections Networking Make the tough decisions Mission Measurement Management
  9. 9. Social Media Starter: PictureWhat do you want people to think of you?
  10. 10. Photo Tip: Keep It CurrentWhen to update:• Weight Loss• New Hair Style• 3+ Years OldRemember: The goal is to connect, not deceive
  11. 11. Photo Tip: Show Some CharacterPhotos that connect:• Close ups• Show your style• Show a smileYou get one shot at a first impressions
  12. 12. Social Media Starter: ResumeWhat’s so great about working with you?
  13. 13. Resume that PromotesQuestions:• Why work with you?• Who else has worked with you?• What do you know?• Where is your business headed?
  14. 14. Resume that PromotesYour Answers:• Accomplishments• Experience• Education• Special interest• Recommendations
  15. 15. Build Your Online Resume: Free on TruliaFree• Real Estate Resume• Blog• Easy Recommendations
  16. 16. Social Media Starter: DisclaimersWhere do you find out what’s required?
  17. 17. Online Disclaimers For AgentsFor Starters• Talk to your broker• Check with your associations• Read before you join
  18. 18. Online Disclaimers For AgentsWays to protect yourself• Paraphrase&always cite the source• Be ware of image rights• Ask / Google when in doubt
  19. 19. Social Media Starter: ContentWhat do you have to say/share?
  20. 20. Content Facts Activity = Exposure
  21. 21. Content: How to get noticedShare what you know:• Neighborhood facts• Business Events• Current Events• How’s the market?• Your Interest
  22. 22. Content: How to Get noticed RESPOND Engagement is a 2-Way Street
  23. 23. Great Sources for Content • Google: “News” + “Your Area” • Twitter Lists • Trulia’s Pro Blog • Trulia Q & A
  24. 24. Great Sources for Content • Google: “News” + “Your Area” • Twitter Lists • Trulia’s Pro Blog • Trulia Q & A
  25. 25. Great Sources for Content • Google: “News” + “Your Area” • Twitter Lists • Trulia’s Pro Blog • Trulia Q & A Free Downloads
  26. 26. Great Sources for Content • Google: “News” + “Your Area” • Twitter Lists • Trulia’s Pro Blog • Trulia Q & A
  27. 27. Thank You! QUESTIONS? uliaPro @TruliaPro