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Google for nonprofits


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Google for nonprofits

  1. Presents
  2. IntroductionsAlex Green, Aimy Enriquez, and Jessica FraserHandsOn Tech AmeriCorp VISTAServing at
  3. Overview• Introduction• Google Apps basics o Google Drive and Docs• Google Analytics Google for Nonprofits Exclusive o Google Grants (AdWords) o YouTube for Nonprofits o Google Earth Outreach• Eligibility
  4. Overview of Google Products
  5. Google Apps: DocsOpen the document "Questions" on your Google DriveWrite down any topics youwould like us to cover and anyquestions you may haveduring the presentation.
  6. Google Apps: FormsWhy use forms? 1.Sign Ups 2.Information 3.FeedbackHow do I create a form? 1.Go to 2.Create a new Form
  7. Google Apps for Nonprofits
  8. Benefits of Google Apps•Custom email allows for professional look oex:•Organize info and documents on a shared drive•Real time editing for documents. spreadsheets, and presentations
  9. Google AnalyticsGo to --------Password: -----
  10. Google AnalyticsLets try to learn some information through Analytics!Change the date range from January 2012 - June 2012 1.Which 3 states visited the site the most? 2.What is the second most viewed page? 3.What percent of visitors were new visitors from May 1 - May 10?
  11. Benefits of Google Analytics•Anyone with administrative or user access can view site statistics•Improve efficiency of site for audience usage• Can answer "real-life" questions about what your website is doing for your organization
  12. Google Grants (AdWords)
  13. Google Grants (AdWords)What is the daily campaign budget for NPower?What is the difference between a campaign, ad group,and an individual ad?How many active ads are under the Donate/VolunteerAd Group?How much time do you get to create an effective ad onceyour organization is approved?
  14. Google Grants (AdWords)•Budget for free advertisement on $329 dollars a day = $10,000 per month•The more time you spend on it, the better you can fine-tune and get better results•At the very least, set it up! Its easy!
  15. YouTube for Nonprofits
  16. Google Earth Outreach
  17. Eligibility for Google for Nonprofits Organizations must: • Hold current 501(c)(3) status, as determined by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service • Acknowledge and agree to the applications required certifications regarding nondiscrimination and donation receipt and use. These organizations are NOT eligible: • Governmental entities and organizations • Hospitals and health care organizations • Schools, childcare centers, academic institutions, and universities (philanthropic arms of educational organizations are eligible). To learn more about Googles programs for educational institutions, visit Google in Education. Description of the Application ProcessFine text: Google reserves the right to grant or deny an organizations application or participation at any time, for any reason, andto supplement or amend these eligibility guidelines at any time. Selections are made at Googles sole discretion, and are notsubject to external review.
  18. We can help you further! For info on: •Future workshops on technological applications, social media methods, and other topics •Participating in a free tech assessment of your nonprofit Email us:
  19. Any questions? Is that it?! photo by
  20. Resources• Google for Nonprofits o how to apply, application process o exclusive Google products for nonprofits• YouTube for Good - Step by step guide specific to nonprofits• NTENs Reports• NPower Northwests Knowledge Center