Impactful Social Media and Fundraising - The Power of the Network Weaver


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How can you harness social networks and social media to develop your personal network to effectively help your organization and translate your leadership vision online. Become a key part of your organization's social media strategy by helping them reach a much greater audience, and learn about the fundamentals of online fundraising and gain some valuable ideas and strategies to bring back to your communities. 

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  • Photo Credit: Interactive ME
  • Photo Credit: Interactive ME
  • Deboarh Fishman: Communications Director, Avi Chai FoundationWeaving the Jewish network:
  • Photo Credit: Interactive ME
  • Talk about how we branded ourselvesTalk about Miriam Brousseau and how she brands herselfWhat to do and what not to do online
  • “who knows what not to tweet??”
  • Photo Credit: Interactive ME
  • Old resources are drying up and dying out
  • Photo Credit: Interactive ME
  • Impactful Social Media and Fundraising - The Power of the Network Weaver

    1. 1. #JFNAIMPACT Scott adds image Impactful Social Media andImage Credit: Nellie’sBlog Fundraising in the Digital Space
    2. 2. About the Presenters Photo here Debra Askanase, MBA Scott Remington @askdebra @ScottRemingtonOnline engagement strategist, Online fundraising guru, former nonprofit executive #GivingTuesday Ambassador. director. Thinks about Creative non-profit problemmeasurement. Research geek. solver. Techguy turned suit! #501TechBOS organizer. (A proud Cashew) (Never refuses ice cream) 2
    3. 3. Today’s Discussion• Redefining Leadership (hint: it’s related to networks)• Developing Your Own Brand• Online Fundraising and You!• Two Case Studies: Weaving and Giving
    4. 4. Scott adds imageImage Credit: Nellie’sBlog Redefining Leadership
    5. 5. Who’s in the room?
    6. 6. Followers
    7. 7. Underneath the hood of every successful nonprofit organization…
    8. 8. …is a network weaverRabbi Yonah Bookstein Deborah Fishman Avi Chai Foundation @rabbiyonah @deborahfishman
    9. 9. “A Network Weaver is aware of the networks around them and explicitly works to make them healthier, more inclusive, bridging divides.” – June Holley The Network Weaver Builds Communities 10
    10. 10. Transparent Collaborative Generative Conversational Builds and shares networks Fluency onlineCritical Success Qualities 11
    11. 11. Your footer here 12
    12. 12. 14
    13. 13. Network weaving and influence 16
    14. 14. Discussion: Who’s a network weaver and why?Are you anetworkweaver?
    15. 15. 10 Commandments of Relevance1. Content matters.2. Know where your networks live.3. Understand the culture of the social media channel.4. There is no divide between you/you.5. Sharing is everything. Share 110% of the time.6. It’s not about you, it’s about your network.7. Listen. Not just once but constantly.8. Participate.9. Read what your network is publishing (blogs, newsletters, Pins).10. Practice abundance thinking: include others.
    16. 16. Scott adds imageImage Credit: Nellie’sBlog Developing Your Own Brand
    17. 17. TWEET
    18. 18. Share pair exercise: Mapping you and your network1. Who is in your informalnetwork?2. What type of peopleare in your organization’snetwork?3. What’s your brand?
    19. 19. Scott adds imageImage Credit: Nellie’sBlog Online Fundraising and YOU
    20. 20. 5 Pillars of Online Fundraising1. The network weaver has the necessary tools to fundraise online2. Those who are the most connected are the most successful3. Email and website are still the most effective tools4. One strategy does not fit all5. Online fundraising should be a part of your overall strategy
    21. 21. Times are Changing!Photo Credit: Science Daily
    22. 22. Online Giving by the Numbers
    23. 23. Online Giving by the Numbers Blackbaud Charitable Giving Report 2012
    24. 24. Online Giving by the Numbers Blackbaud Charitable Giving Report 2011
    25. 25. Direct Social Media Fundraising
    26. 26. Who’s The Best –Obama Campaign
    27. 27. Who’s The Best - ASPCA
    28. 28. Success Tips for Peer to Peer Fundraising• Educate others on your organization• Don’t be afraid to ask • The donations are going to your organization not to you • “Help us help others”• Be transparent!• Use tools available too you • Personal Giving Pages
    29. 29. Success Tips for the Organization• Invest now or be left behind• Show impact• Less clicks less pain• Have recurring giving and pledge options• Brand your giving page• Multi-channel asking – multi success
    30. 30. …can improve your onlinefundraising!!!
    31. 31. Case Study: #Giving Tuesday
    32. 32. The Inspiration
    33. 33. It Started with a TweetWhich probably led too…..
    34. 34. Haha good one Scott….But really led too…..
    35. 35. Results of “That Tweet”
    36. 36. Case Study:Carter Gibson and the American Red Cross
    37. 37. The Inspiration
    38. 38. It Started with a G+ UpdateWhich definitely led too…..
    39. 39. What have I gotten myself into..?But really led too…..
    40. 40. For Carter, it is always about engagement
    41. 41. +786 circles, +450 shares, 100s of comments
    42. 42. Even at the finish, Carter is still engaging his network
    43. 43. Takeaways:• There are no more barriers of communication• Pick 1-2 channels and “go deep”• Being connected makes a difference!!• REAL engagement is what matters• The most successful network weavers never forget:
    44. 44. What are yourburning questions?
    45. 45. Jumping InWhat is your next step? Photo Credit | Flickr: Hamad-Al-Mohanna
    46. 46. Scott adds imageImage Credit: Nellie’sBlog Resources
    47. 47. Further reading and resourcesFine 100 : Smart Communities Through Network Weaving: with Carter Gibson: Tuesday and Social Media fundraising stats from Blackbaud: “fiercely loyal communities” Networked Nonprofit: Best Practices and Research topic: Best Practices and Research topic:
    48. 48. Debra Askanase, Engagement Strategistdebra@communityorganizer20.comTwitter: @askdebra Telephone: (617) 682-2977Linkedin: 682-2977Scott Remington, Executive Director Fundraising 2.0sremington@remingtongroup1.comTwitter:@ScottremingtonLinkedin: (248) 723-9570