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CALPACT New Media Webinar: Telling stories with Images and Video


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When it comes to communication, telling stories with images and video has a power few other mediums have. These engaging and increasingly shareable visual mediums can articulate your organization’s vision, promote your programs and initiatives, and move people to action.

In this webinar, the fifth session in the latest 21st Century New Media Series from CALPACT and CHL at UC Berkeley's School of Public Health, join Mike Lawson from Diabetes Hands Foundation, and Dana Howard from Covered California, as they share their best practices for using images and video to strategically advance diverse advocacy, health promotion, and health education goals.

Enjoy these slides from the training!

Listen to the webinar here:

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CALPACT New Media Webinar: Telling stories with Images and Video

  1. 1. Welcome to the Webinar New Media Best Practices: Telling Stories with Images and Video With Covered California and Diabetes Hands Foundation We will begin shortly… Image:
  2. 2. Today you’ll be hearing from… Lisa  Peterson   New  Media  Educa3on  Specialist   CHL/CALPACT   Dana  Howard   Deputy  Director  of  Communica3ons   Covered  California   Mike  Lawson   Head  of  Experience   Diabetes  Hands  Founda3on  
  3. 3. Agenda •  Review of session objectives •  Housekeeping •  Dana Howard ~ Covered California •  Mike Lawson~ Diabetes Hands Foundation •  Wrap-up
  4. 4. Objectives •  Understand  how  images  and  video  can  be   used  to  show  program  impact   •  Examples  of  how  they’re  used  as  crea;ve   and  affordable  health  promo;on  tools     •  Learn  the  value  of  selec;ng  different  types   of  each  to  achieve  organiza;onal  goals        
  5. 5. How to Participate • Please mute your phone by entering *6 • Enter questions or comments in the chat box and we’ll address them during Q & A after each speaker • Stay tuned for links to the slides, recording and resources - shared with all participants after the event
  6. 6. Tweet the event! Use  #calpactNM14    
  7. 7. Covered California Dana  Howard   Deputy  Director  of  Communica3ons   Covered  California  
  8. 8. Covered California New Media
  9. 9. •  Consumer friendly •  33,855,039 visits from Oct. 1, 2013 - May 31, 2014 •  358 million page views •  Info available in 13 languages •  Application online •  Robust FAQ’s CoveredCA website
  10. 10. CoveredCA Spanish website •  Spanish language content mirrors English website •  809,000 visits from Oct. 1, 2013 - May 31, 2014 •  Application online •  Spanish Shop & Compare Tool
  11. 11. CoveredCA on Facebook •  Posts appeal to wide demographic •  Pertinent info on health plans, enrollment, and Essential Health Benefits •  Help finding in-person assistance •  Updates on enrollment deadlines
  12. 12. View Video: I’m In OF XX12
  13. 13. CoveredCA on Facebook •  Helpful information on where to enroll & what to bring •  CoveredCA reps respond to individual questions •  186K likes
  14. 14. CoveredCA on Spanish Facebook •  Posts address issues or concerns specific to the Latino community •  CoveredCA rep responds in Spanish to individual questions •  41,109 likes
  15. 15. PLAY VIDEO: Tengo un plan OF XX15
  16. 16. CoveredCA on Twitter •  Tweets include breaking news, links to latest news releases, enrollment info •  Live tweeting during board meetings •  37.5 K following •  CoveredCA rep answers individual tweets
  17. 17. CoveredCA on Spanish Twitter •  Tweets include CoveredCA community events, where to find help, and how to use coverage •  5,587 followers •  CoveredCA rep responds to individual questions
  18. 18. CoveredCA on Google+ •  Google+ posts mirror CoveredCA Facebook posts to maximize reach across all social channels •  Best platform to build SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  19. 19. CoveredCA on YouTube •  52 videos on CoveredCA channel •  More than 3 million views •  Videos in English and Spanish •  1,167 subscribers •  Videos include help enrolling and success stories
  20. 20. Play Video: Philip’s Story OF XX20 HVLgkd8QKGE4b_5
  21. 21. CoveredCA on Instagram •  Appeals to millennials •  Photos offer health and lifestyle tips •  Instagram is growing more rapidly than Facebook and Twitter •  Advantage: All posts appear in feeds of every follower
  22. 22. Q & A for Dana • Send  a  ques3on  or  comment  using  the  chat   box  func3on   • Click  “raise  hand”  buLon  to  be  taken  off   mute  and  ask  a  ques3on  verbally         Dana  Howard   Deputy  Director  of  Communica3ons   Covered  California  
  23. 23. Diabetes Hands Foundation Mike  Lawson   Head  of  Experience   Diabetes  Hands  Founda3on  
  24. 24. 2012  Big  Blue  Test  Campaign  Video   hLp://  
  25. 25. Play  Video:  World  Diabetes  Day
  26. 26. hLp://  
  27. 27. Q & A for Mike • Send  a  ques3on  or  comment  using  the  chat   box  func3on   • Click  “raise  hand”  buLon  to  be  taken  off   mute  and  ask  a  ques3on  verbally       Mike  Lawson   Head  of  Experience   Diabetes  Hands  Founda3on  
  28. 28. Speaker Contact Information         Dana  Howard   Mike  Lawson  
  29. 29. What action step will you take after the webinar? •  What do you think you can do in the next month to further your goals with using images and video? •  Let us know ~ we’d love to check back with you and hear how it’s going! •  We appreciate your feedback!    
  30. 30. Questions? Contact us at