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  • Stirling Social Media Presentation 12-14-12

    1. 1. FSC Interactive • Online and Interactive Marketing Agency located in New Orleans, La • Girl Power! • Specialize in Social Media Strategy, Paid Search Campaigns and SEO • McKenzie Coco, Founder • Andy Kutcher, Director of Social Media • Susan Whelan, Account Executive
    2. 2. • 45-54 year olds are the fastest growing demographic across social sites• Between 2010 and 2012, people following brands on Social Media increased 106%• Facebook leads sharing, followed by email and Twitter• Women out-number Men on most social sites• Real Estate Agents use Social Media for Marketing – 79% use Facebook, 48% use Twitter and 29% use LinkedIn• Social media sites and blogs reach 80% of all U.S. internet users
    3. 3. • 50% of users login every day• 5 billion pieces of content shared every week• 20 million people daily become Fans of Pages• 96% of Generation Y uses social media – this will be your audience in a few short years• Facebook drives 26% of Referral Traffic to Business Websites• 36% of users post brand related content to their personal walls
    4. 4. • More than 170 million tweets are sent every day• 26-45 year olds make up 20.4% of Twitter users• The average Twitter user has 208 followers• 75% of Website Traffic comes from a third-party application, not• People use Twitter for its immediacy and searchability
    5. 5. • Over 150 million users• 38.2% of LinkedIn users spend between 3-6 hours every week• Groups are the top LinkedIn feature with 79.6% of people using them• 76.9% of users research people and companies on LinkedIn• LinkedIn is 4x better for B2B compared to other social sites• More than 80% of LinkedIn users are the decision makers
    6. 6. • 37% of the INC 500 (fastest growing companies) have a corporate blog• 22% of Fortune 500 have a corporate blog• According to a Hubspot survey, 31% of businesses believe Blogging is Critical to Success• 89% of companies think the importance of blog will increase in the next four years• Blogs are the single most important inbound marketing tool• B2B companies with blogs generate 67% more leads per month on average than non- blogging firms
    7. 7. How is Stirling Using Social Media?
    8. 8. • What are your Goals• Who is your Audience• What are your Options• What are the Tactics• How will you measure Success?
    9. 9. Goals• Increase Stirling Properties brand awareness online and in the social sphere• Cultivate a loyal fan base on Facebook and Twitter• Provide more personality to the Stirling brand and share more community information• Position Stirling as the industry lead in the Greater New Orleans area Audience• Potential Clients, Small Business Owners and Industry Colleagues• Community members
    10. 10. Options• In-house marketing team developing strategy and executing across all marketing platforms, including Social Media Tactics• Facebook• Twitter• Blog• Newsletter• LinkedIn
    11. 11. Success Growth, Reach Engagement.• Facebook Fans – New Likes vs. Unlikes• Facebook Interactions – Post Likes, Comments and Shares• Facebook Reach – page views, content impressions• Twitter Followers – New Followers vs. Unfollows• Twitter Interactions – Retweets, Replies, Favorites, Mentions, Lists• Twitter Reach – impressions/potential new followers• Increase in Organic traffic to Website• Increase in Referral traffic to Website• Increase in mentions of Stirling Properties across the web
    12. 12. ContentCommunityConsistencyCustomization
    13. 13. The Four C’s – StirlingContent – Content is king. Always has been, always will be. The digital worldrequires more content, but it can be repurposed content. Stirling’s contentconsists of Industry Articles, New Property Info, Case Studies, etc.Consistency – In Social Media, it is better to be consistent than to have raremoments of greatness. Stirling is posting to Twitter and Facebook daily.Customization – Setting yourself apart is key to standing out. Stirling has avery customized look on both Facebook and Twitter – you know who theyare and what they do.Community – The most important part of Social Media. It is not enough toget fans and followers, you must provide value for them.
    14. 14. Stirling Properties – Facebook & Twitter
    15. 15. How can YOU use Social Media?
    16. 16. What is Blogging?• A blog is a discussion or informational site consisting of discrete entries known as posts• Many bloggers post daily, if not weekly• Blogs serve three main purposes: commentary on a particular subject; personal online diaries; online brand advertising of a particular individual or company
    17. 17. Why is Blogging (Regularly) Important? • Foundation for Social Media activity • Build your brand as an expert • Build trust amongst your audience • Increase your Organic Search • Opportunity for internal-links and outbound links Consistency is Key
    18. 18. Blog Topics (and why YOU Should be Writing)• Tips or issues regarding proper marketing of properties for sale and/or lease• Property Management issues• Recent developments in the law regarding real estate agents and/or brokers• Assignments of leases and subleases• Collection issues for tenant who fail to pay rent when due• Recent developments regarding title insurance• Pressing issues facing companies tasked with managing buildings and/or shopping centers
    19. 19. Blogging 101• Stick to the Subject• There is beauty in brevity• Use keywords. Keywords, keywords, keywords.• Stay consistent in timing and subject matter• Diversify your content• Proof. Proof again. And again.• Establish a company voice• Divide and conquer• Develop a strategy and a content calendar
    20. 20. facebook
    21. 21. What is Facebook?• A social networking site intended to connect friends, family, and business associates.• The largest social networking site in the world• Allows for open dialogue between a Brand (be it Stirling or you as a broker) and Consumer• Allows for Brand PDA – public display of association
    22. 22. Why Facebook is an Important Marketing Tool• Largest network available and it’s everywhere (computer, mobile, tablets)• Highly customizable – Forms, Vanity URL, Images, etc.• Your audience is THERE
    23. 23. Create a Page
    24. 24. Create an Ad
    25. 25. Facebook Profile • Limited communication • Have to be friends to see your information, posts, etc. • Limited customization • No analytical reporting • Blurs the lines between personal and professional
    26. 26. Four Keys to Facebook Success• Use Facebook to connect with current and potential clients• Maintain a consistent flow of communication• Integrate all of your Facebook efforts into your existing marketing efforts• Create and maintain a professional image
    27. 27. What is Twitter?• A micro-blogging social networking site that allows users to share information in 140- characters or less• An easy way to reach a broad, national (or international) audience0• The fastest, simplest way to stay close to everything you care about.
    28. 28. Why do People Use Twitter?1. Immediacy and Instant Gratification2. You can easily listen to what people are saying about you (and respond!)3. Broader reach and wider community
    29. 29. Even More Reasons People Use Twitter• Communicate and engage 22% (Relational Motivation)• ReTweet links (Content) 18% (Informational Motivation)• Send Out Links To Sites where content is thought as valuable 16% (Informational Motivation)• Drive Traffic 13% (Promotional Motivation)• Create Friendships 10% (Relational Motivation)• Generate More Followers 8% (Promotional Motivation)• Develop Leads 5% (Promotional Motivation)
    30. 30. Twitter and CRE • Awareness • Recognition • Influence • Klout "Im followed by a lot of different retailers that I dont have business with," he says. "Maybe the next time I call them, they may take my call."
    31. 31. Twitter is a Cocktail Party!• Don’t JUST talk about yourself• Find people who interest you• Try to add value to the conversation• Follow up with new friends
    32. 32. Speaking the languageRT @fscnola hosting a #socialmedia101 training session this morning!
    33. 33. Twitter Translator
    34. 34. Twitter Names @______ = your Twitter nameI am @andyknolaWe are @fscnolaYou are @StirlingProp
    35. 35. Replies@ denotes a tweet sent to another Twitter user@TiffanyStarnes see you inthe park tonight!@fscnola thanks for sharingthe great Social media tipsthis morning!
    36. 36. When Would you Reply?• When someone mentions you, poses a question you can answer or says something you want to respond to. Just like in real life.
    37. 37. RetweetRetweets are similar toforwarding a message ine-mail. They help growcommunities and makespeople feel good.RT @andyknola: Helpraise money forHurricane Sandy Relief:
    38. 38. When Would you Retweet?• When someone posts something you really like and you want to share it, too. Just like a funny email or interesting news read.
    39. 39. Other “Versions” of Retweet• RT = Retweet – RT @StirlingProp Unemployment drops in Mississippis coastal counties - Hancock 7.8%, Harrison 7.8%, Jackson 8.4%• MT = Modified Tweet – Wow! MT @StirlingProp Unemployment drops in Mississippis coastal counties --• V/ or Via// = Via – Unemployment drops in Mississippis coastal counties - Hancock 7.8%, Harrison 7.8%, Jackson 8.4% v/ @StirlingProp
    40. 40. Direct MessageDM is a private message that you can only sendto those who follow you.D Adeletiblier Here’smy e-mail
    41. 41. Hashtag# makes a term into a keyword that issearchable, also used to imply sarcasm or humor@tiffanystarnes is speaking intongues at #socialsummit@melodicbabble Did you hearJustin Bieber is playing inNOLA? #bieberfever
    42. 42. Why Would you Hashtag?• Trending Keywords (#saints #whodat #nola)• Industry Chat (#CRE #RealEstate)• Event Aggregation (#NAIOP)
    43. 43. FavoriteA Favorite is when someone Favorites your tweet.These are searchable by Google andother search engines andshow up in the other person’s stream.
    44. 44. What Favorites Look Like
    45. 45. Twitter can be used for RESEARCH• Research competitors or companies you respect• Research market trends – what are people saying about CRE on Twitter?• Who are the influencers talking about CRE – how can you reach them?
    46. 46. Twitter ListsTwitter lists, like any list, organizes everythingyou need in one central place. The lists can bepublic or private and you can add people youfollow or don’t follow.It’s up to you.
    47. 47. How YOU can use Twitter Lists• Organize your competitors on a private list• Organize your clients, potential clients or dream clients on a private list• Curate industry resources
    48. 48. Some Twitter Etiquette Tips• Short and Sweet – Twitter is 140 characters but ideally you want your tweet to be between 100-120 so people can RETWEET you• Retweet often. Remember give engagement to get engagement• Hashtag whatever is relevant, but don’t go overboard and don’t spam• Favorite YOUR favorite tweets (even if they’re yours!) it helps with Search
    49. 49. What is LinkedIn• Online Professional Networking• Who Do YOU know? Who do THEY know?• Allows for endorsements and recommendations for good work• Great for recruitment and becoming an “influencer”• Offers advertising, great for B2B
    50. 50. Why LinkedIn is an Important Marketing Tool• It’s YOUR Professional Network – who do you know, who do they know and who do you want to know?• You can join groups, respond to discussions, become an expert• You can endorse and recommend your co-workers• You can customize – add apps for Blogs, Twitter and more• More than any other social channel, YOUR audience is on LinkedIn
    51. 51. Let’s Build Out Your Profile! 8 Easy Steps!
    52. 52. 1. Fill Out Your Profile Fill out your name – how people in your professional network will find you Your Professional Headline – Choose your Job Title or Experience Your Location/Industry
    53. 53. Choose a Professional Photo
    54. 54. 2. Add a Summary Add a summary for your professional experience, career goals, etc. Add specialties like event planning, membership services, etc.
    55. 55. 3. Add Applications
    56. 56. 4. Add Experiences Add new positions or Edit positions you already have listed
    57. 57. 5. Add Honors or Awards
    58. 58. 6. Add Skills/Expertise
    59. 59. 7. Education
    60. 60. 8. Get Recommendations and Endorsements
    61. 61. 9. Join Groups and Add Value
    62. 62. Add Connections• Who do YOU know?• Who do THEY know?• Who do you WANT to know?
    63. 63. Click “Add Connections”
    64. 64. Your Network• 1st = people you have an immediate connection with (coworker, classmate)• 2nd = people in you are likely to have a connection with (People in your industry, city)• 3rd = people you have connections in common with
    65. 65. Why You Should Get (and give)Endorsements & Recommendations• Always nice to reciprocate – endorse or recommend those who do it for you• Credibility – the more people who say you’re good at what you do, the more likely I am to believe it• Shows you’re tech and social media savvy• Search – everything on LinkedIn is Search friendly, more endorsements/recommendations = better search
    66. 66. Questions? Twitter: E-mail: Get More Slides: Facebook: