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Arizona Alliance of Nonprofits


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Arizona Alliance of Nonprofits

  1. Be Networked, Use Measurement, and Learn Beth Kanter, Master Trainer, Author, and Blogger Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits Annual Meeting October 1, 2015
  2. Beth Kanter: Master Trainer, Author, and Blogger @kanter
  3. Beth 356,371 Conan 236,251
  4. 3 Digital Revolutions Broadband Mobile Social Networks RCB Flickr Photo
  5. Institutions Need To Change From the Inside Out
  6. Embrace Organizational and Individual Networks
  7. If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”
  8. CRAWL WALK RUN FLY Where is your organization? Linking Social with Results and Networks Pilot: Focus one program or channel with measurement Incremental Capacity Leader and employees use social but no strategy Ladder of Engagement Content Strategy Informal Champions Strategy, Socially Engaged Leaders Best Practices Measurement and learning in all above Communications Strategy Development Networked Mindset and Map Culture Change Brand on Social, Not Leader or Employees, no champions online Network Building – both organization and professional Formal Champions – internal/external Strategy Multi-Channel Engagement, Content, and Measurement Reflection and Continuous Improvement
  9. Share Pair: Where’s Your Organization Now? • Is your organization at crawl, walk, run, or fly? • What do you need to do to improve to get more impact?
  10. A Networked Mindset: A Leadership Style • Leadership through active social participation and engagement • Listening and cultivating organizational and professional networks to achieve the impact • Sharing control of decision-making • Communicating through a network model, rather than a broadcast model • Openness, transparency, decentralized decision- making, and collective action. • Being Data Informed, learning from failure
  11. The Social CEO: In Service of Strategy
  12. Target Different Audiences Audience: Supporters, Donors, Advocates
  13. Audience: Influencers, Journalists, Policy Makers, World Leaders
  14. Given all the benefits, what is holding leaders back? Why run from leading on social?
  15. Personal Professional Private Public Personal Professional Private Public Worlds Collide: Identity and Boundaries Before Social Media
  16. Turtle • Profile locked down (or not present) • Share content with family and personal friends • Little benefit to your organization/professional Jelly Fish • Profile open to all • Share content & engage frequently with little censoring • Potential decrease in respect Chameleon • Profile open, curated connections • Engagement Strategy: Purpose, Audience, Persona, Tone • Increased thought leadership for you and your organization Based on “When World’s Collide” Nancy Rothbard, Justin Berg, Arianne Ollier-Malaterre (2013) What Kind of Social Animal Are You?
  17. Purpose Audience Persona Tone Leader Profile Be A Chameleon on Social!
  18. Audience: Org Donors and Visitors Professional Colleagues PURPOSE Donor Engagement Peer Discussions and Networking Thought Leadership Persona: Professional Tone: Visual, Funny, Informative Language: Insider,Savvy Thomas P. Campbell: Metropolitan Museum of Art
  19. Shares the World Through His iPhone in Service of the Art
  20. Professional Colleagues at Industry Conference
  21. Talks About All Aspects of Leading Museum
  22. Uses Humor
  23. Is Human!
  24. I have work to do! Can finally tweet about our programs from my personal account! SOCIAL MEDIA IS PART OF EVERYONE’S JOB!
  25. Increase Reach and Capacity
  26. Social Media Policy – All Staff Participate
  27. Use Measurement and Learn
  28. Data-Informed Culture: It starts from the top! Do
  29. Tear down those silos and walls around data … More time think about that the data, then collect it
  30. Video
  31. Creators Critics Collectors Joiners Spectators Adopt Pet Donate to Shelter Volunteer at Shelter Take photos at Shelter and share online Download App Promote Campaign Engagement with a Purpose!
  32. Nonprofit Social Media Measurement Practice
  33. Go Beyond Just Counting
  34. Outcome KPI Benchmark Cost Tool Insight Measurement Discipline: But Start Small
  35. Pick The Right Data Point(s) To Track
  36. Designing the Dashboard on the Wall
  37. Learn from Tracking Data
  38. Cultivate Self-Awareness: The Failure Bow 1. Raise hands in the air and bow 2. Grin like a submissive dog 3. Say Thank You I’ve Failed 4. Move on and learn
  39. Momsrising: Joyful Funerals…. Cultivate Organizational Awareness: Momsrising: Joyful Funerals
  40. Summary • Success happens by taking the right incremental step to get to the next level, but keep moving forward • Use social media as a leadership strategy • Scale your organization’s social culture with a living social media policy • Allow staff to leverage their personal passion in service of your strategy • Get some measurement discipline, but start with small steps • Go beyond counting your data, learn from it
  41. Thank you! @kanter on Twitter