Social media 101


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Social media 101

  1. 1. PresentsSocial Media 101
  2. 2. IntroductionsAlex Green, Aimy Enriquez, and Jessica FraserServing at 501
  3. 3. Overview• What is Social Media?• Functions of Common Tools: o Blogging o Facebook o Twitter o YouTube• How can these tools advance our goals?• Next Steps: How Can I get started?
  4. 4. What is Social Media?• Content Sharing• Community Engagement• A Marketing Opportunity
  5. 5. Imagine that you magicallyknow everything about socialmedia, and can maximize itspotential as you see fit. Presents What would you What benefits do for your Social Media 101 would your organization? organization see in the long term?
  6. 6. Bloggingwhere should it be locatedhow to integrate it onto other formats
  7. 7. Facebookintegrate events/programs into facebook - how to best use this
  8. 8. Twitter
  9. 9. YouTube
  10. 10. Q: How can these tools advance our nonprofit goals? Presents Social Media 101
  11. 11. Share Your Organizations StoryCreate content that is compelling in a creative way to elicit anemotional connection to get people to respond and talkFacebook •Allows use of text, imagery, and videoYouTube •Videos that house PSAs, case studies, etc.Blogging • Post unique content and discuss issues related to your organization
  12. 12. Recruit VolunteersEngage participants in meaningful dialogue with the communityFacebook •Readers interact with content through "share" and recommended postTwitter •Bring your target demographics in discussion with one anotherBlogging •Use to expand support from your readers
  13. 13. FundraisingEngage your potential donorsFacebook •Create an "Event" to drive attendance •Timeline feature allows for users to "pin" important post to the top of their fan page (useful for promoting events)YouTube •Live streaming •Donate buttonTwitter •Promote fundraising events •Provide direct links to your donate page
  14. 14. How can I get started?Turning Knowledge Into Action-Establish a reasonable goal-Find the right social media tool Presents-Create accountability Social Media 101-Make social media a habit
  15. 15. Figure Out Your Organizations Social Media Goals-What is it about your organization that you would like toshare the most with the community?-What new opportunities could this potentially open foryour organization?-How might social media benefit existing operation inyour opportunity?
  16. 16. Choose the Tool that will Work Best for Your OrganizationIdentify which Social Media Tools can be used to establish thisgoal.Start with one of these tools and make a commitment to signingup for it as an organization.• Keep your commitment simple so that you will be able to stick with it and build on it later.Find out what similar organizations in your community aredoing with this tool.• Finding a role model organization or page that you can look at to get ideas is a great way to establish a social media methodology that works.
  17. 17. Determine Who will Update Your ContentFind someone at your organization that can be heldaccountable for following through with your goal.• Creating accountability will greatly increase the chance of this new initiative sticking.Make a commitment to spending 1 hour a week for gettingacquainted with the service.• 1 hour a week is a goal that is achievable. It is important to start with a goal that is sustainable and can be built upon later. This is best split up into 3x20 minute sessions.Find a time during the week that you will be able to fit thisactivity in with the smallest chance of interruption.• Creating habits are the best way to keeping committed to an action or goal. Finding a routine which social media practice can fit into is the best way establish a habit.
  18. 18. Take the 30 Day Challenge!-Commit to 30 days-Start Simple-Make it at the same time(like after lunch)-Get an associate to support you.-Visualize your goal and why this is importantfor your organization.
  19. 19. We can help you furtherFor info on:• Future workshops on technological applications, social media methods, and other topics• Participating in a free tech assessment of your nonprofitEmail us:
  20. 20. Any questions? Is that it?! photo by
  21. 21. Resources• YouTube for Good - Step by step guide specific to nonprofits• NTENs Reports on mobile and social media• 501 Commons Knowledge Center for past tech Brown Bag presentations• For other nonprofit events please check out our events page on the 501 Commons website