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Tv, film & radio handbook

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Tv, film & radio handbook

  1. 1. TV, Film & Radio1st year BTEC Level 3 90 credit Diploma in creative media production (TV & Film) 2nd year B TEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in creative media production (TV & Film)
  2. 2. What is the course about? You will be studying the 90 credit diploma in creative media production (TV & Film) in your 1st year, then the Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production (Television & Film) in your 2nd year. Over the 2 years you will study different units (for example, unit 29: Music Video production) which will be broken into separate projects. For each project you will submit 3 or 4 assignments, normally 1 or 2 theory assignments, a pre-production folder and a piece of practical work, such as an edited video. The course is a mix of theory and practical work. The 19 units you will study over the 2 years include;  1 Pre-Production Techniques for the Creative Media Industries  2 Communication Skills for Creative Media Production  3 Research techniques for the Creative Media Industries  4 Creative Media Production Management Project  5 Working to a Brief in the Creative Media Industries  6 Critical Approaches to Creative Media Products  7 Understanding the Television and Film Industries  8 Film and Video Editing Technique  9 Factual Programme Production production  10 Single Camera Techniques  11 Multi-Camera Techniques  12 Presentation Techniques  13 Corporate and Promotional Programme Production  14 Music Video Production  15 Advertisement Production for Television  16 Social action & community media  17 Radio news  18 Speech package production  19 Stop motion animation / Radio documentary
  3. 3. What do I need to do to be a success? - Be organised. If you’re not naturally good at being organised you’ll need to learn how to be more organised. - Be proactive. Don’t wait around waiting to find out what to do next, take the initiative! Ask a tutor, ask a team member, look through what you’re meant to be doing. - Be good to others. Treat people how you want to be treated. A key skill to being successful in TV is networking, and making the right connections. Learn to work well with other people now. - Be punctual. If you’re late turning up to work on a TV show, you’re fired. Simple. - Get work in on time. The rules with BTECs are really strict; if you don’t get your work in by the deadline you fail the unit, and therefore the whole course (unless you have extenuating circumstances). - Back it up. Computers crash. Hard drives break. USB sticks snap. If this happens you will not get an extension on your work. Back it up online using Dropbox, google docs, mega and make sure you save your work to USB/external hard drive as well. Data isn’t safe unless its backed up 3 times. - Respect the tech. Or you don’t get to use it, full stop.
  4. 4. When am I in?
  5. 5. Who are my tutors? Iain Bruce Course Organiser & Progress tutor Email: Helen Wells Lecturer Email: Matt Jacks Film technician Email:

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