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Who are you and how do you represent yourself online? As our personal and professional lives blend together, how can you shape your own brand online and reconcile it with your organization's brand? As the communications landscape changes, every staff member serves as the organization's spokesperson, not just the executive director or board chair. How you and your colleagues use social media can greatly impact your organization's reputation with key stakeholders. In this workshop, a panel of nonprofit leaders will share how they manage their own brands online--including helpful tips and tools you can put in to practice immediately.

Personal+ Professional Brand in Social Media - Trompeter

  1. 1. Mixing Business and Pleasure: Managing Your Personal and Professional Brand in Social Media #11NTCbrandDanielle Brigida (@starfocus)Judi Sohn (@judis217)Farra Trompeter (@farra)
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  3. 3. Let’s start with how you use social media Personal Professional#11NTCbrand#11NTCbrand
  4. 4. You can use social media to… •  Spread your organization’s mission •  Be helpful •  Be a thought leader •  Develop community •  Get a job…or help others get one •  Generate support •  Build your list of contacts#11NTCbrand
  5. 5. What are your goals?#11NTCbrand#11NTCbrand
  6. 6. #11NTCbrand
  7. 7. I am a ______ in ______ for ______#11NTCbrand
  8. 8. Google yourself… everybody does it#11NTCbrand
  9. 9. Claim your name
  10. 10. Claim your name
  11. 11. Start to listen (and then respond)#11NTCbrand
  12. 12. Select tools based on your goals •  Which tools let you tell the story the best? •  Where is your audience? •  What do you want them to do with you? •  Are the tools you’re choosing serving your goals? •  How much effort is it to maintain your presence?
  13. 13. Set privacy settings
  14. 14. Think before you post. WWGT? Nana Jewel#11NTCbrand
  15. 15. Create a social media policy •  Scan sample policies from other organizations – policies.php •  Agree on contents –  Write to address concerns, but feels friendly and easy to follow –  Try •  Rollout through staff trainings/meetings •  Update 2x/year#11NTCbrand
  16. 16. Measure your social capital Key Metrics •  Followers, friends, and subscriber counts •  Retweets, clicks, and shares •  Comments, favorites, discussions •  Key contacts, referrals, recommendations, and testimonials
  17. 17. I remember when we had to use Netscape. Both ways. In the Snow.#11NTCbrand
  18. 18. A Cautionary Tale#11NTCbrand
  19. 19. Brand Reborn. Still A Work in Progress.#11NTCbrand
  20. 20. New Rules of My Road - Personal •  Clearly defined focus of online brand (personal and professional) – less is more •  Set Boundaries – in writing if need be •  Speak to one person – don’t worry about numbers & stats •  Wear professional hat separately#11NTCbrand
  21. 21. Rules of My Road - Professional •  Don’t just repeat company PR – keep it personal •  Never mention a competitor except to praise them •  Never mention a colleague except to praise them •  Open season on vendors & consultants – be honest – good, bad & ugly •  No conflict of interest – Disclose EVERYTHING#11NTCbrand
  22. 22. Risks Involved in a “Personal Brand”#11NTCbrand
  23. 23. Who am I? I’m a Wildlife and Technology Nerd Learning about the environment is FUN! @Starfocus @NWF#11NTCbrand
  24. 24. Common Fears That You’ll Get… •  Stalked •  Fired •  Risk Funding •  Caught making a mistake •  Ignored •  Involved in a touchy public conversation •  Stuck in your current job#11NTCbrand
  25. 25. Stalked? Don’t over share!#11NTCbrand
  26. 26. Afraid You’ll Get Fired? Be Smart About How You Engage#11NTCbrand
  27. 27. Funding Fear? Know Your Funders…#11NTCbrand
  28. 28. Mistakes? Apologize As Soon As You Know!#11NTCbrand
  29. 29. Ignored? Change up your tactics! •  Talk to people by replying (not just at them) •  Use wefollow and other sites to find people who are similar to you! •  Tweet other people’s content •  Make comments about other people’s tweets#11NTCbrand
  30. 30. Involved in a touchy conversation? Take the high road!#11NTCbrand
  31. 31. What if you leave the org? •  Notify your friends/followers •  Never say anything bad about your experience •  You can change your username#11NTCbrand
  32. 32. The Power of Personal Accounts •  Answer specific questions for @NWF from @starfocus •  Tackle any customer service from @starfocus •  Be more personal (I use a lots of emoticons)#11NTCbrand
  33. 33. Other Examples at National Wildlife Federation#11NTCbrand
  34. 34. Our CEO’s Twitter and Facebook#11NTCbrand
  35. 35. Takeaways •  Know your privacy settings •  Limited view means limited impact •  Do what’s comfortable for you •  Learn from mistakes •  Organize!#11NTCbrand
  36. 36. - Resources -
  37. 37. Resources• Me 2.0: 4 Steps to Building Your Future• Branding Yourself: How to Use Social Media to Invent or Reinvent Yourself• Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust
  38. 38. Resources• The Networked Nonprofit: Connecting with Social Media to Drive Change• Free eBook on Personal Branding• 10 tips to manage your professional and personal brand in social media• Getting the Personal – Professional Mix Right in Social Media
  39. 39. Resources• Why Personal Branding Is the Most Effective Career Tool for Young Professionals• Review of 5 Free Reputation Management Tools• How to Boost Your Personal Brand With Social Media
  40. 40. Let’s stay in touch
  41. 41. Hey… Thanks! © Jeremy Crow#11NTCbrand
  42. 42. Session EvaluationEach entry via text or web is a chance to win great NTEN prizes throughout the day! TEXT ONLINE Text 11NTCbrand to Use 11NTCbrand at 69866. Evaluations Powered By: