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Understanding Reddit: The Social Media Superpower You've Probably Never Heard Of


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With over 230 million visitors viewing almost 8 billion pages a month, Reddit is simply one of the best opportunities to connect directly with your brand’s target audience. This presentation will break down everything you need to know about Reddit to engage effectively on the site and have success.

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Understanding Reddit: The Social Media Superpower You've Probably Never Heard Of

  1. Front Page • 50 popular Subreddits •
  2. Subreddit Rules
  3. Admins vs Moderators
  4. Be Anonymous
  5. Become a Redditor
  6. Comment Before Submitting
  7. Comment On Upcoming Stories
  8. Find Your Passion
  9. Opportunities On Reddit • Submissions • Comments • Ads • Self Posts • AMA
  10. Silent Bans
  11. What is Spam? • Submitting your own content, be careful (10%) • If you don’t reply and comment • Submitting off-topic links to a community • Submitting too much to a community • If your submissions keep getting downvoted, but you keep submitting • • List of suspected spammer accounts
  12. The Right Subreddit
  13. • Domain search for what is already working Research
  14. Subreddit Rules
  15. • Large vs Active
  16. • Review TOP and Controversial Research
  17. • Domain Search • 3 Months Research
  18. • Review Moderators for their interests • Submit what they submit
  19. The Right Title • Useful, provide context, and be descriptive • Title and description combined • Avoid Title Case • Avoid aggressive calls to action • Spread the word! • Unbelievable • Avoid being discredited
  20. The Right Title
  21. • 10am EST or when right mods are active ;) Submit at the Right Time
  22. Is it Moderated? • Log out on /new • Page by page outside of /new • Look for upvoted • If yes, contact the mods • Be smart on phrasing • Learn from feedback
  23. Logarithmic Voting Algorithm
  24. Logarithmic Voting Algorithm
  25. Stay Engaged • Vote on comments • Respond where appropriate • Don’t be defensive • Don’t overdo it
  26. Comments • Self posts • Resources / References • Shopping / Deals Subreddits
  27. • Auction system launched last month • Self Server starts at $5 • CPM based starting at $.20 CPM • Managed at $30,000 • Video, Banner Ads, Mobile Targeting • Comes with Reddit support
  28. • Interest or Subreddit Targeting • Interest = Front Page • Subreddit - /r/foodporn, recently visited /r/foodporn, and to /r/foodporn subscribers.
  29. • Link or Text
  30. • Create Ads for Reddit • Personalize
  31. • Engage users • Identify frustration points to solve • Invite interaction • Ask questions • Offer a deal / coupon
  32. • Be Engaged • Be human • Answer questions • Participate in comments • Monitor constantly • Don’t be defensive
  33. • Be Creative • Witty titles • Reddit Gold • Reddit only contest
  34. • Misc Tips • Include a thumbnail • Create a custom landing page • Research • Different ads for each Subreddit • Test
  35.  Designed for Reddit  Uses Self Post format  Peaks User Interest with Title  Suggest Social Sharing
  36.  317 Comments  Stayed fully engaged  Light hearted  Friendly
  37.  317 Comments  Stayed fully engaged  Light hearted  Friendly
  38. • Brand Awareness • Direct customer engagement • Articles / Links • Awards
  39. • /r/Toronto • Easy to digest title • 53% Converted • 8800% ROI • 5x Traffic
  40. Things to Remember  Don’t focus on Spamming or Gaming Reddit  Comment first and regularly  Pick the right Subreddits  Identify the best content to submit  Proper titles are essential  Stay engage and present  Focus on the long term!
  41. Thank You! Brent Csutoras CEO, Pixel Road Designs @brentcsutoras