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Digital Content Marketing for Journalists


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How journalists can market their content

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Digital Content Marketing for Journalists

  1. 1. Digital content marketing How to your promote your work online BuffyAndrews By @Buffyandrews
  2. 2. Social media • Perhaps the most important tool in your marketing toolbox • It’s the new word-of-mouth advertising (Facebook, Twitter, Digg, review sites, etc.) • Efficient, allows you to connect with people interested in your work • Helps you engage with your audience BuffyAndrews
  3. 3. Who should promote • Every journalist should promote his/her work using a variety of social media channels. • The responsibility for promotion begins with you. Not your editor or anyone else. • No one cares about your work more than you. Own it. BuffyAndrews
  4. 4. Why promote • Bring content to the attention of those most likely to be interested. • By building audience, we build more opportunities to stack digital dimes. BuffyAndrews
  5. 5. How to promote • Share links in a conversational way in places where the links would be relevant, welcome content. These include: • Facebook • Twitter • Google+ • Linkedin • Blogs • Newsletters • Websites • etc. BuffyAndrews
  6. 6. Identify audience • Identify the audience for your content (blog post, story, video, slideshow, etc.) • If you want to hook fish, you have to cast your line where they swim. • Use tools like Topsy to find potential targets BuffyAndrews
  7. 7. Match audience with content BuffyAndrews • Read Across America Day • Seuss FB page • Kids Craft Corner FB page • PetSmart • Petco • Elementary teachers • Elementary schools • Children’s book publishers • Etc.
  8. 8. Match audience with content • Medical marijuana • Epilepsy FB pages • Epilepsy Google groups • Epilepsy Twitter accounts • Etc. BuffyAndrews
  9. 9. Look at metrics • Measure value of your hard work; adjust if necessary • Watch what gets the most traffic, most links, most social shares, most comments • Social media audience will help spread your content if they find it worthwhile • Content that attracts most attention tends to be well-defined and focused BuffyAndrews
  10. 10. Journos juggle it all BuffyAndrews
  11. 11. Facebook BuffyAndrews
  12. 12. Facebook tips • Find relevant Facebook pages • Be conversational; don’t want to come across as a spammer • Comment within thread that makes sense • Tag people in comment when appropriate • Include links, keywords, hashtags in post • Peak time = 1 to 3 p.m., also sweet spot in evenings • Higher engagement on weekends than during the week • When sharing breaking news, make sure to identify it as “breaking” or “breaking news." Analysis shows increase in engagement. BuffyAndrews
  13. 13. Facebook • Found Whitney Musem’s Facebook page • Saw post about Jeff Koons’ retrospective • Embedded link to our coverage within comment thread to post BuffyAndrews
  14. 14. Facebook tips • When you post within comment thread on Facebook, check to see who shared the post. Those who shared post are potential targets. BuffyAndrews
  15. 15. Twitter BuffyAndrews
  16. 16. Promote: Twitter BuffyAndrews • Research and find relevant Twitter handles to include in tweet
  17. 17. Twitter tips BuffyAndrews • Research and find relevant hashtags to include in tweet. • Handwritten posts better than automatic posts.
  18. 18. Twitter tips • If you start tweet with Twitter handle, put period in front so all your followers and all their followers will see it. Otherwise, only those you have in common will see it. BuffyAndrews
  19. 19. Google+ BuffyAndrews
  20. 20. Google+ tips • Research and find relevant Google+ accounts to tag • Type “@NAME” to locate accounts BuffyAndrews
  21. 21. Google+ tips • Research and find relevant hashtags to include • Type “#SUBJECT” BuffyAndrews
  22. 22. Google+ • Find relevant Google groups to join and share content BuffyAndrews
  23. 23. Google+ BuffyAndrews • Medical marijuana story • Helps child with seizures
  24. 24. Linkedin BuffyAndrews
  25. 25. Promote: Linkedin BuffyAndrews
  26. 26. Promote: blogs • Post on appropriate blogs to draw more eyeballs • Find forums, fan and news sites that dominate a niche relevant to your story BuffyAndrews
  27. 27. Promote: Pinterest BuffyAndrews • Image marketing
  28. 28. Promote: Pinterest BuffyAndrews
  29. 29. Promote: Pinterest BuffyAndrews Sharp-dressed shoes contest
  30. 30. Promote: Pinterest BuffyAndrews
  31. 31. Pinterest tips • Pinterest is more suited to feature and sports stories than hard news stories (Exception: Most Wanted Board) • Pin should have strong visual element • Pin photo from website so it back links to site • Can use to extend life of stories ie. Remember Series • . BuffyAndrews
  32. 32. Promote: Via contests • Consider contests that get others to promote your content • Example: Pinterest board contest • Readers design board (ie. YDR Favorites) • Images must come from your website(s) and back link • Drives traffic to your site BuffyAndrews
  33. 33. Pinterest contest board • Create board to promote contest and share entries BuffyAndrews
  34. 34. Promote: Newsletters BuffyAndrews
  35. 35. Promote: Newsletters BuffyAndrews
  36. 36. Promote: Newsletters BuffyAndrews
  37. 37. Promote: Newsletters BuffyAndrews
  38. 38. Newsletter tips • Connect with people who want your content • Decide what type of newsletter (ie. Feed based) • Keep it short and sweet • Make sure it has value; not just selling • Make it personal; build relationships BuffyAndrews
  39. 39. Promote: National websites • Submit unique, weird or important posts that could go viral to: Digg Fark Reddit StumbleUpon Drudge Boing Boing Jezebel etc. BuffyAndrews
  40. 40. Promote: Digg • Users submit links, which get voted up and down and commented upon. • Categories include business, politics, lifestyle, science, sports entertainment, etc. • Share national and international news, news of the weird, celebrity/politico/athlete bad behavior, funny news, political tidbits, etc. BuffyAndrews
  41. 41. Promote: Fark • Users submit links to funny, weird content • Separate categories for photos and videos • Put news organization as the source • Has to be good for Fark to pick it up; read what’s on site BuffyAndrews
  42. 42. Promote: Fark BuffyAndrews
  43. 43. Promote: Fark BuffyAndrews
  44. 44. Promote: Reddit • Users submit links, which get voted up and down and commented upon. • Lots of categories • Submit anything that will have a national/international resonance BuffyAndrews
  45. 45. Promote: Reddit BuffyAndrews
  46. 46. Promote: StumbleUpon • Submit pages for users to stumble upon, add up to 5 tags • Shows readers random pages that have been liked/submitted in the categories you select • Share anything interesting, amusing or useful • Put badge on site so readers can recommend your page BuffyAndrews
  47. 47. Promote: Drudge Report • Submit weird political stuff, things that make government look bad, crazy crime stuff • Email OR • Submit via box on website BuffyAndrews
  48. 48. Promote: Boing Boing • Submit strange, rare news items • Weird crime • Astonishing video • Funny • Technology BuffyAndrews
  49. 49. Promote: Gawker • Submit technology, media, entertainment, and business BuffyAndrews
  50. 50. Promote: Jezebel • Celebrity, fashion, and sex • Send tips to • Include brief description of story ALONG with web address/URL BuffyAndrews
  51. 51. Promote: Other sites • Deadspin • Huffington Post • The Daily What • Delicious • Etc. BuffyAndrews
  52. 52. Promote: YouTube • Video sharing website • Think outside the box ideas: partial recordings for books, articles etc. sending listeners to site. BuffyAndrews
  53. 53. Promote: Storify • Notify people that you quote in your story • People like knowing their voice has been heard (akin to “When will the story be published?”) • They will often share with their followers • It’s NOT spam. Only people who are following both sender and recipient will see the notification. BuffyAndrews
  54. 54. Promote: Storify BuffyAndrews
  55. 55. Promote: RebelMouse BuffyAndrews • Your social front page • Connect social networks and hashtags to page • Populates website with images, videos, headlines etc. from chosen accounts and hashtags • Can embed and has social share buttons • Curate around topic (Gettysburg 150th , Hurricane Sandy)
  56. 56. Promote: NewHive BuffyAndrews • Start with blank page • Create and share web pages, call Expressions • Combination of multimedia (videos, text boxes, audio clips, etc.)
  57. 57. Promote: NewHive BuffyAndrews
  58. 58. Promote: NewHive BuffyAndrews
  59. 59. Promote: NewHive BuffyAndrews
  60. 60. Promote: Tout • Record 15-second video clips and share on social sites • Great reporting tool • Use to promote content • Record via desktop web cam or smartphone BuffyAndrews
  61. 61. Promote: Tout • Promotes what’s on editorial page BuffyAndrews
  62. 62. Promote: Tout • Build Tout widgets to embed on blog or website • Populate widget with Touts from users or hashtags that you choose BuffyAndrews
  63. 63. Promote: Think outside box • Goodreads • Forums BuffyAndrews
  64. 64. Promote: Misc • When your content relates to another community, send a link to news sites in that community. Example: Story about a Penn State football player that appears in Centre Daily Times (State College) could be sent to news outlets in the guy’s hometown (newspaper, TV, etc.) • Remember to look for fan sites. There is a fan site out there for just about any person or topic, where you get your link in front of those passionate fans. • Consider guest blogging • When sharing, write SEO headlines, posts etc. • Integrate keywords into content in key places (title tags, meta descriptions, within hyperlinks) BuffyAndrews
  65. 65. Promote: Misc. • Tablet use and Facebook engagement is strong in the evening • Tablet use surges 8 p.m. to midnight • Smartphone traffic fairly constant throughout day • Computer traffic strongest in morning, peaks at lunch and falls sharply in evening (Most people on PC at work) • Bitly found: Twitter best window is 1 to 3 p.m. Monday – Thursday; Facebook, 1 to 4 p.m. and Tumblr, 7 p.m. to midnight (mostly younger people use Tumblr) BuffyAndrews
  66. 66. Cross promote • Cross promote between platforms • Consider weekly blog “Link Salad” BuffyAndrews
  67. 67. Promoting yourself • Build a branded web presence • • • Linkedin professional networking site BuffyAndrews
  68. 68. Layar • AR or Augmented Reality (vision based) • Add digital content to print media • Use free smartphone app to scan print for enhanced content • Makes “print world clickable” • Use as promotional tool BuffyAndrews
  69. 69. Layar: Promote you BuffyAndrews
  70. 70. Layar BuffyAndrews
  71. 71. Layar: Promote content • Call to action • Connects to author via email, phone, Twitter, Facebook • Links author’s blog • Links related app • Allows reader to share via Facebook, email, Twitter • Also supports QR codes BuffyAndrews
  72. 72. Layar BuffyAndrews
  73. 73. Layar BuffyAndrews
  74. 74. Parting words • Content finds readers; they often don’t look for it • Best content provides value to reader • Use SEO best practices • Don’t be afraid to try new things and fail • Be a visionary BuffyAndrews
  75. 75. Follow me BuffyAndrews • Buffy’s World: • Buffy’s Write Zone: • Author website: • Twitter: • Facebook: • Google+: 6475852585/posts
  76. 76. Follow me • Pinterest: • Tumblr: • Storify: • Instagram: buffyandrews • Linkedin: id=40047960 • RebelMouse: • Goodreads: andrews BuffyAndrews
  77. 77. Contact Buffy Andrews Assistant Managing Editor Features and Niche Pubs Social Media Coordinator York Daily Record Email: Buffy@ydrcom Phone: 717-771-2052 BuffyAndrews