Affili@ Sydney 2010


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Affili@ Sydney 2010

  1. 1. Blogging Masterclass @emilydoig [email_address]
  2. 2. Why Blog? To be accessible To connect with audience and readers To share information and content To drive traffic to affiliate links To create a revenue stream Source:flickr paul in leeds
  3. 3. Whats your niche? You gotta have one Stay true to it Show expertise Add value, engage and surprise Dont be afraid Whats your niche?
  4. 4. Platforms? Choose your platform based on your needs Add plug ins to maximise your presence Use a real domain Use one click installs and widgets when getting started Paid platforms dosen't = better Source: flickr Northhampton Museum
  5. 5. Writing Tips Keep it simple Define your voice/tone Know your objective Know your audience Keep it light and converasational Add value, engage and surprise Source: flickr Dachalan
  6. 6. Writing Tips Images Videos Podcasts Ask your readers what type of content THEY want Source:flickr Marcel Germain
  7. 7. Be original Stand out Take a stand! Dont just re puropse others content No Zombies... be human Be transparent Have and "about us/about me" section Be available and accessible Source: flickr triggers retro road
  8. 8. Blogging for Affiliates Avoid product or company criticisms, the disclosure of confidential information Read the advertisers Tc's & C's carefully Credit all sources and images Don't stuff cookie's Don't be tempted by "black hat" affiliate tools Source:flickr Nick^D
  9. 9. Blogging for Affiliates Strategy- Have one Be Transparent Contact the affiliate manager and introduce yourself Keep offers up to date and fresh Find the "right" merchant source:flickr richarddavis
  10. 10. Build a community Welcome and encourage dialogue Ask questions Always answer questions Respond to commennts Share the love Source: flickr Andricongirl
  11. 11. Use Social Media Intergrate Facebook and/or Twitter Dont be spammy Particpate in the conversation Listen Engage
  12. 12. Have a clear design Communicates legitimacy Builds trust  with your audience Use quality vector icons Be mindful of readability Be inspired, browse design galleries (premium themes) Use high res, quality images and videos source:flickr t knouff
  13. 13. Use widgets and plug ins Creates actions for your readers Some platforms are easier/better than others Maximise SEO, analytics, image resizing, translation etc source: flickr peter castleton Use grader tools to find areas for improvement
  14. 14. Get found! Write SEO friendly content rich in keywords Be contextual and relevant Guest Blog Comment on other blogs Use social media Trade shows, conferences and meet ups Source:flickr Melizzaaa
  15. 15. Stuck for ideas? Invite guests bloggers to write on industry Review an event (like Affili@SYD) Interview experts or thought leaders Tips and tricks for your niche Quote of the day Top 10 (or 5) source: flickr random images from the heartland
  16. 16. 10 Blogging Tips Schedule time Make use of Analytics Frequent content updates Understand your readers/customers/audience Connect with people offline events/trade shows Set expectations for audience (publishing and responding) Become a thought leader/ expert/ "go to" in your niche Have a clear call to action. Dont make them "think" Particpate in Social Media Rate yourself.. and improve on it! source:flickr renmeleon
  17. 17. Take Aways Listen Respond Be human Get to know your readers Link it ANALYTICS, ANALYTICS, ANALYTICS source: flickr mieke28
  18. 18. A copy of today's presentation <ul><li>is available for viewing at </li></ul> source:flickr monkey hugger