The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of SEO


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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of SEO

  1. 1. The Good, The Bad and The UglyChipper NicodemusTwitter: @chipnicodemus#VR4SEO
  2. 2. SEO Overview• Search Engine Optimization• Making your site easier for search engines Google to find and index• Almost everything you have known about SEO in the past is obsolete (read Grey or Black hat)• A little knowledge goes a long way• BUT the WRONG knowledge can hurt bad• Allow me to explain…
  3. 3. Top 5 SEO Myths• SEO is too hard for regular peeps• I’ve NEVER done any SEO, I’m too far behind• SEO takes too much time• My site is too big/ small• Meta tags are the most important thing
  4. 4. The Face of (Google) SEO• @mattcutts• Head of Web spam at Google• Works to rid the internet of spam• Frustrates SEOs• Cutts is like Batman, SEOs are the the Gotham PD
  5. 5. The Three Hats of SEO
  6. 6. Stay in Google’s Good Graces
  7. 7. The Good• White Hat SEO• The ONLY type of SEO you want to do• Has always been in Google’s good graces• AVOID Algorithm penalties• Slow and steady• There is no quick way to a #1 ranking
  8. 8. 5 White Hat TO DOs• High quality content that is sharable• High quality link building earning• Anchor text, landing page diversity• Natural Link profile• Healthy site performance (loads quickly, sitemap submitted, good on page SEO)
  9. 9. The Bad• Grey to Black Hat• Spur from white hat techniques• Not on the DO NOT DO list, but not on the “A – OK” list• Grey hat is tempting because “Google didn’t say not to…”• It might work now, but you will always be checking your back (Panda and Penguin)
  10. 10. 5 Grey Hat No-Nos• Over optimizing• Reciprocal linking• Three-Way linking• Spun/Low quality content• Duplicate content (different than content syndication)
  11. 11. The Ugly• DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT• Better known as Black Hat• Google will PUNISH your site, rankings• Dishonest
  12. 12. 5 Black Hat• Keyword Stuffing • Deceptive Practices• Buying Links/ Paid like hidden links or Links invisible text• Comment Spamming• Cloaking
  13. 13. What if… in the past… black hat…• It was easy to get caught up in the wild west of link building• Ask Google to forgive• Google Disavow Tool (be careful!) DANGER! DANGER!
  14. 14. How to Stay On Top of SEO• Google Alerts• RSS Feeds/ Feedly• Follow industry leaders, companies and others on Twitter, FB and RSS feeds
  15. 15. Who to Follow• @VR4SmallBiz• VR Marketing Blog• Matt Cutts: @mattcutts• SEOMoz: @SEOmoz• Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEOMoz, @randfish• SearchEngineRoundtable• SearchEngineLand• Moz SEO Blog•
  16. 16. Cool Tools• SEOMoz: Great affordable SEO tool• Google Webmaster Guidelines• Boostsuite: kick-@ss web marketing assistant• Feedly: The end all of RSS Readers
  17. 17. Questions?• Can XYZ SEO Co get me a #1 rank next week?