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Leveraging Reddit: The Social Media Superpower Everyone is Scared Of


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As a marketer, business owner, or simply an English speaking internet user, you cannot afford to ignore Reddit any longer… especially when you consider the demographics, opportunities and impact a Reddit presence can provide.

With over 400 million monthly users, Reddit is one of the largest and most active social media sites. It’s filled with users that speak English, are in their mid-30s, college educated, highly engaged, are influential in establishing internet culture as a whole – and maybe most importantly – spend money online.

There is a reason why most marketers and businesses stay away from Reddit, even when they know how important and lucrative it can be. Reddit is one of the hardest sites to understand and have success with, but I’ve been on Reddit since the beginning, spent time in the Reddit offices as a friend of co-founder Alexis Ohanian, and was an alpha tester through all of the site’s major changes. In this session, we’ll fast-track your understanding of Reddit so you can begin participating with confidence on the site, and hopefully, find the success everyone talks about.

In this session, we’ll deep-dive into why Reddit’s important, what impact it can have on you and your business, and why it’s time to stop being afraid of the most impactful social media site in the world. Need to cover the basics first? Check out this article on what you need to know about Reddit.


Appreciating the importance of Reddit and having enough information to validate putting Reddit in your marketing campaigns.
Understanding how Reddit works, including features, terminology, subreddits, etc.
Growth hacks to build an authoritative account quickly
Tips to improve the success of your submissions and campaigns

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Leveraging Reddit: The Social Media Superpower Everyone is Scared Of

  1. 1. Brent Csutoras
  2. 2. 330+ MILLION 14 BILLION
  3. 3. “Slate’s Facebook traffic has dropped by 87 percent since 2017”
  4. 4. 79% of Twitter accounts are based outside the United States. 5% of Twitter accounts are based in the UK.
  5. 5. Subreddit Rules
  6. 6. Admins vs Moderators
  7. 7. Reddit’s Front Page • r/All is All Subreddits including The_Donald & NSFW • r/Popular is /r/All but with The_Donald & NSFW removed • are your Subreddit subscriptions * Any Subreddit can select to be excluded from /r/All in settings
  8. 8. Reddit Profiles (Think Facebook Pages)
  9. 9. Original Content
  10. 10. Trending
  11. 11. Trending
  12. 12. Be Anonymous
  13. 13. Find Your Passion
  14. 14. Comment Before Submitting
  15. 15. Comments > Submissions
  16. 16. Comment On Upcoming Stories
  17. 17. Build Submission Karma
  18. 18. Silent Bans
  19. 19. What is Spam? • Submitting your own content, be careful (10%) • 9:1 Rule • If you don’t reply and comment • Submitting off-topic links to a community • Submitting too much to a community • If your submissions keep getting downvoted, but you keep submitting Note: These do not really apply to Profiles
  20. 20. The Right Subreddit
  21. 21. • Domain search for what is already working Research A really great tool for this is
  22. 22. Subreddit Rules
  23. 23. SubReddit Selection Community Support Topic?
  24. 24. • Large vs Active
  25. 25. • Review Moderators for their interests • Submit what they submit
  26. 26. Impress the Mods
  27. 27. • Review TOP and Controversial Research
  28. 28. • Domain Search • 3 Months Research
  29. 29. The Right Title • Useful, provide context, and be descriptive • Title and description combined • Avoid Title Case • Avoid aggressive calls to action • Spread the word! • Unbelievable • Avoid being discredited
  30. 30. The Right Title
  31. 31. Best Submission Time  hold=3000
  32. 32. • 10am EST or when right mods are active ;) Submit at the Right Time
  33. 33. Logarithmic Voting Algorithm
  34. 34. Logarithmic Voting Algorithm
  35. 35. Cannot Downvote?
  36. 36. Stay Engaged • Vote on comments • Respond where appropriate • Don’t be defensive • Don’t overdo it
  37. 37. Selling to Reddit
  38. 38. Sales Subreddits                
  39. 39. Responding to Needs
  40. 40. Responding to Needs
  41. 41. Responding to Needs
  42. 42. Things to Remember  Don’t focus on Spamming or Gaming Reddit  Comment first and regularly  Pick the right Subreddits  Identify the best content to submit  Proper titles are essential  Stay engage and present  Focus on the long term!
  43. 43. Thank You! Brent Csutoras Digital Marketing Consultant & Partner at Search Engine Journal @brentcsutoras /brentcsutoras