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Lin Humphrey's suggested approach to personal branding via social media with a focus on Linkedin & Twitter. Created for Texas Tech's Society for the Advancement of Management.

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Personal branding

  1. 1. Personal BrandingUsing Social Media to Manage your BrandWilliam F. Humphrey, Jr.Texas Tech University
  2. 2. Why personal branding?70% of recruiters have rejected a job candidate due toonline reputation (Source: Microsoft)85% of recruiters say they consider online reputation inhiring decisions7% of jobseekers think their online reputation affectstheir job searchIn short: the Internet is the easiest way for hiringmanagers to weed out candidates. You MUST activelymanage your personal brand.
  3. 3. What is personal brandingYour personal brand is the sum of all availableinformation about a person online. This includessearch results, social media profiles, media and newscoverage, and any other digital artifact that help anobserver form an opinion of you.What others think about what they see is how they’vebranded you.Why leave this to chance?
  4. 4. How do I start? Get a game plan Choose your online activities and profiles Register your profiles with Google & Bing Set aside time to participate in these channels Monitor your online brand & adjust privacy settings.
  5. 5. Game planDetermine your goals and focusSelect your area of expertise (like social media ormobile marketing)Determine where you can add value and where yourcontributions would be uniqueDon’t oversubscribe. Choose only the social mediachannels you can handle
  6. 6. Game planFOCUS. Choose 1-2 areas that are your expertise.This is your positioning. Social media & mobile marketing Print & commercial advertisingCreate a message platform around these areas. Whatyou share with others should align with your positioning.Observers should know your speciality at a glance basedon what you share. If they don’t, you are not focused.
  7. 7. Choose your online activities Twitter Quora Facebook Pages (Brand/business pages) Professional forums
  8. 8. The primary site to messageyour accomplishments.Layer with keywords and richdescriptions to show up insearch.Be specific and play up to yourchosen positioningUse the option to get a vanityurl like
  9. 9. Upload visual imagesfor your portfolioUse the Behance.netplug-in and show richimagery of your work
  10. 10. Share relevantPowerpoint decks thatreinforce your personalpositioningEstablish yourself as agood communicatorand guest speakerUse the Slideshareplug in for this feature
  11. 11. Upload relevant filesthat help sell yourbrand including a PDFof your resume.Use the cloudstorage emails youevery time your resumeis downloaded
  12. 12. Request recommendationsfrom coworkers, supervisors,and professors you know wellAsk for feedback on aspecific aspect of your work-this allows you to highlighthow others view working withyouThis also allows you to shinewithout seeming vain
  13. 13. Think of Twitter as a timelineof your musingsIt should be a mixture ofsharing, interacting, anddriving to other contentHighlight content from othersocial sites like LinkedIn,Quora, etc.
  14. 14. Have a mixture of sharinglinks, providing feedback onothers’ tweets, and makingconnections.Just tweeting and notinteracting shows poor socialskills.Retweet and make friends.
  15. 15. Invest in creating orcommissioning a customizedbackgroundDirect people to your othersocial sitesChoose a profile picture thatpromotes your best image
  16. 16. You will likely follow more peoplethan advisableAdd your contacts to lists and toggleTwitter to see specific types oftweeps: companies, executives,colleagues, etc.Talk to these people with an@mention-make sure you havesomething worthwhile to say.Do not tweet only to celebs. Youlose credibility doing this more oftenthan occasionally.
  17. 17. Build a list of websites you visitregularly like WSJ, NYT, FastCompany, and BW.Use a URL shortener and share thiscontent with some context.If you are retweeting (sharing), give theoriginator credit with via @usernameParticipate in Follow Friday. Saysomething nice about tweeps youadmire. They might notice you andstart interactingDo not overshare Foursquare locations
  18. 18. Ask questions, answerquestions, accumulateknowledgeShare your questions withTwitter and gain perception ofexpertiseParticipate in Q&A on Linkedinas wellEach of these sites shouldreinforce one another
  19. 19. Build a page with carefullyselected imagesShow that you are cultured,intelligent, and worldlySearch engines will pickthese images up inassociation with your name
  20. 20. Register each of your profileaddresses with the searchenginesGoogle:
  21. 21. Monitor your web presenceDAILY with Google AlertsCheck your Google resultsand Google image resultsMake sure Facebook isLOCKED DOWN. Checkprivacy settings WEEKLY
  22. 22. Don’t get lazy. Miss a day,miss exposure.I nearly missed a quote inUSA Today.
  23. 23. Other tips Keep Facebook for friends, LinkedIn for professional contacts. You don’t have to accept every friend request you get. Use BLOCK if you don’t want someone to see you. Friending your boss or professor is a bad idea. Trust me, I know. Be honest. Your company can see what you’re doing if you use Foursquare or Facebook Places. People lose jobs based on their location contradicting their sick day request or based on a negative status.
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