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Using Social Media to Promote an Event or Conference


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Reach beyond conference attendees with social media

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Using Social Media to Promote an Event or Conference

  1. 1. Social Media Conference Tips brought to you by Roundpeg
  2. 2. Lorraine Ball @roundpeg | @lorraineball |
  3. 3. Agenda  The Basics: General Etiquette, Avatars & Cover Images  Content types: Text, Visuals, Video & More  Platform specific strategies  Metrics  Advertising
  4. 4. Etiquette Delete negative comments Be helpful, create a positive experience Ignore your fans Answer questions, like and share content Talk only about yourself Balance self-promotion with helpful and entertaining content Not completing your page Complete profile add logo, photos and link to your website Forget to provide context Infrequent posting or too much Be active, match volume to platform Include a comment when sharing
  5. 5. Avatars and Cover Image  Avatars & Cover Images
  6. 6. Avatars and Cover Image
  7. 7. Avatars
  8. 8. Fill-in-the-blank Question Fun fact or tip Content Types TRAVEL TIPS TRAVEL TIPS TRAVEL TIPS – Did you know that every night at the Trevi Fountain in Rome about 3,000 Euros are swept up from the bottom of the basin and donated to charity?
  9. 9. Content Types Post with a link Stats, facts or tips TRAVEL TIPS 3,000 Euros are swept from the bottom of Trevi Fountain daily & donated to charity. Why not book a trip to see if for yourself .
  10. 10. Content Types Digital ContentPhotos Videos
  11. 11. Pick One Platform
  12. 12. Which Platform? 12 Your audience: Where does your audience hang out? Time: How much time can you devote to a social network? Resources: What personnel and skills do you have to work with? Knowledge: Do you need to train on it or train your staff?
  13. 13. Low volume/high value Minimum: 3 X per week Maximum: 10 X per week Quality vs. quantity Facebook Basics 13
  14. 14. Facebook Best Practice Get likes, shares, comments Entertain, invite conversation, ask questions 50% Be useful & informative Hints + tips, interesting articles and links, 30% About your business Calls to action. Learn More. 20%
  15. 15. Facebook Conference Strategies  Connect with speakers, sponsors potential attendees.  Schedule daily updates leading up to, during and after the conference  Keep updates on the lighter focus on people.  Encourage your conference team to share updates on their timelines.  Create a public photo album.  Tag individuals  Invite attendees to share their photos
  16. 16. Weekly Content Plan - Facebook 1 50% Fill-in-the-blank: 2 50% Question: 3 50% Photos: 4 30% Tip, stat or fact: 5 30% Link to a blog post: 6 20% Sale, event or product/service info:
  17. 17. High volume/low value Minimum: 5 X per day Maximum: none Quantity is key Twitter Basics 17
  18. 18. Twitter  Schedule 3-5 updates a day.  Speakers plant “retweetable” content during your presentation  Share what’s happening. Comments on presentations, who you are meeting, food, facility and after hours  Use the hashtag consistently.  Follow and interact with sponsors, speakers, attendees, anyone using the hashtag
  19. 19. 1 Planned Blog post (created or curated): 2 Planned Question: 3 Planned Tip, stat or fact: 4 Live Photo: 5 Live Key learning from one of the presentations: Daily Content Plan - Twitter 19 6 Live Retweet something in the hashtag feed:
  20. 20. Low volume/high value Minimum: 2 X per week Maximum: 5 X per week More formal and technical LinkedIn Basics 20
  21. 21. Company Page vs Personal Profile
  22. 22. Linkedin Conference Strategies  Create a strong graphic for your company page.  Create one update a day on company and personal page  Keep updates focused on business elements like agenda topics.  If you are a speaker Share individual slides Upload entire slide deck to SlideShare
  23. 23. Weekly Content Plan LinkedIn About your company Product updates, behind the scenes or recruiting: Useful info Blog posts, guides or ebooks, or industry news : 1 2 3 About you Presentations, blog posts, speaking engagments, conferences :
  24. 24. Success 24  Engagement  Likes, shares, comments, retweets, repins, +1s  More followers  Traffic to your site
  25. 25. Social Advertising Pay to Play World
  26. 26. Find Your Best Content
  27. 27. Pick Your Audience
  28. 28. Set Your Budget
  29. 29. Track Results
  30. 30. Expand Your Social Activities with Email Facebook LinkedIn InstagramTwitter Pinterest Youtube Social Media is where you meet new people Email is where you talk to people you know
  31. 31. Resources  Social Media Starter Kit  Facebook Advertising Guide  Linkedin Advertising Guide  Free Trial of Constant Contact
  32. 32. Questions? |