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Principles Of Multimedia


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Mayer's Principles

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Principles Of Multimedia

  1. 1. multimedia principlePowerPoint has new coherence principlelayouts that give you Mayer’s more ways to contiguity principle Multimedia present your Principles modality principle words, images and media. signaling principle personalization principle
  2. 2. •Learning objectsCamtasia •Powerpoint images •VideolessonsYoutube •Captions •Text+video+audio LMS
  3. 3. People learn better from words and pictures than from words alone
  4. 4. people learn better when extraneous material is excluded rather than includedDistractions come from bothexternal sources, and internalsources.Noise- unwanted random addition
  5. 5. people learn better when corresponding words and pictures are presented at the same time or next to each other on the screenAssociative Computer
  6. 6. people learn better from animation with spoken text than animation with printed textNeed to take into account AccessibilityAudio-Video relevance-verbal and text-based captioning
  7. 7. people learn better when the material is organized with clear outlines and headings Multimedia Web DeliveryPrinciple 1 Principle 2 Principle 3
  8. 8. people learn better from conversational style than formal styleI cannot be a teacherwithout exposing who Iam.PAOLO FREIRE
  9. 9.