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Social Media Serving Freq for Personal Branding


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Its not just about creating accounts in all social networks. Its about identifying the ones which can help your business.

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Social Media Serving Freq for Personal Branding

  1. 1. Social Mediaserving frequency forPersonal Branding
  2. 2. A Bit of MEPersonal Branding PractitionerA Social Media EnthusiasmOwner of Pingfans, Social Networkand Online Community ConsultantFounder, FreSh (freedom of sharing)
  3. 3. Tempting Foods…I want to eat all… (is it good for me?)
  4. 4. If.. SOCIAL MEDIA is A FOODI want to each it every hour (is it good for me?) hour..
  5. 5. Which one you choose to eat?Ehm..Ehm How about.. All I can eat? about
  6. 6. The SOCIAL MEDIA hypermarketvery huge diversity with a lot of rules.. No one can use all at ones
  7. 7. Social Media Combinationbe wise… choosing social media platform
  8. 8. Which Social Mediathatth t good for me? df ?How often I should use it?
  9. 9. GRAINSObjectives: Direct EngagementServings (Recommended Frequency): 6 – 11 servings per dayTips:Make sure you’re in a two-way conversation with people consistently
  10. 10. MicrobloggingMi bl i( Twitter and similar platform..) Tweet related valuable content Follows people that talking the same content Send DM Mentions them @ Mentions them @ ReTweet them
  11. 11. FRUITS & VEGETABLESObjectives: NOT JUST YOU… SHARE ABOUT THEM TOOServings (Recommended Frequency): 4 – 5 servings per dayTips:people will appreciate your kindness because you are recognizing them in front of new potential fans and followers and therefore helping them get knownpotential fans and followers and therefore helping them get known
  12. 12. Social Networking S i lN t ki( Facebook Page/Groups, MySpace, etc..) Create active engagement.  Don’t just “like”, write a true comment about it and get  j , g more involved Mentions them @ to attract their attention Mentions them @ to attract their attention ReTweet them and add your opinion Quote people you like by sharing their profiles and  videos on Facebook and re‐post on your blog id F b k d bl
  13. 13. MILK,MILK CHEESE and YOGURTObjectives: IT SHAPED YOUServings (Recommended Frequency): 1 – 2 servings per dayTips:Use it to show your USP ( Unique Selling Prepositions )
  14. 14. Web Videos and PicturesW b Vid d Pi t( YouTube, Flickr, Picasa, Instagram, Twitpic, etc..) Twitpic, Yfrog,.. Others thing that make you possible to  send pics through twitter p g Post videos on your custom Youtube channel, or get  Post videos on your custom Youtube channel or get some interesting video and embed them on your blog  and link them to your Twitter. Make a photomontage  using Picasa [h // i i i [], and post it on  l ] d i your blog
  15. 15. MEAT, POULTRY, FISH BEANSMEAT POULTRY FISH, BEANS, EGGSObjectives: FOR YOUR OWN GOODServings (Recommended Frequency): 1 – 2 servings per weekTips:Content may be king but content curation is queen!it isn t just about information seeking, it s also about synchronizing a communityit isn’t just about information seeking it’s also about synchronizing a community
  16. 16. Website and BlogW b it d Bl( Personal Website, Blogger, etc..) Create your own valuable content and share it with  others set up an RSS reader to pull interesting content for you  just select what you like and share it just select what you like and share it
  17. 17. RSS in Plain English (by commoncraft)
  19. 19. Rebalancing Your Media Di tR b l i Y M di DietWired Magazine release the “Media Pyramid”establishing guidelines on gaming, social media, and entertainment in our  bli hi id li i i l di d i imodern society.
  20. 20. Media Pyramid by Wired Magazineestablishing guidelines on gaming, social media, and  entertainment in our modern society. entertainment in our modern society
  21. 21. Remember.. Remember1. Social Media is not just about Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. Its about identifying where your customers are spending more time and going to them.2. I Its not just about number of followers or fans.  j b b f f ll f Don’t beg the wrong ones for likes and followbacks. Waste of time and resource.3. Its not just about creating accounts in all social networks.  Its about identifying the ones which can help your business. I b id if i h hi h h l b i
  22. 22. Thanks m. 6281319031114 b. w. in. picture in this presentation is copyrighted to their respective owners.