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The Role of the Community Manager: Turning Content into Conversations


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Managing your school’s Facebook takes more than just pushing out content. It requires that you facilitate conversations with your followers. Learn how to engage, promote and monitor your community so that you’re building valuable and meaningful relationships that benefit both your school and its fans.

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The Role of the Community Manager: Turning Content into Conversations

  1. 1. THE ROLE OF THE COMMUNITYMANAGER: TURNING CONTENTINTO CONVERSATIONSMarisa PeacockMaking Facebook Pay DividendsWesttown SchoolMay 11, 2011
  2. 2. WHAT IS A COMMUNITY MANAGER? Brand ambassador – you cheerlead, you sing the school song, you champion the school’s values, traditions and successes Brand Monitor – you measure the pulse of the community, what are they saying, what are their needs, wants, likes, dislikes Brand Communicator – you are a primary source of information about your school, activities, convey important and relevant information to the community
  3. 3. WHERE IS YOUR COMMUNITY? Online  website  online portal  social media  email marketing Mobile  website  social media  email & text message Print  brochures  magazines  newsletters
  4. 4. WHERE IS YOUR COMMUNITY? Online 1. Find wher e yo ur  website primar y targ  online portal et au d ience liv  social media es.  email marketing 2. Use other publishing Mobile channels to p  website ro mote yo ur co m mun  social media ity space.  email & text message Print  brochures  magazines  newsletters
  5. 5. ASK WHY FIRST Why do you care about your community? Why do you want to manage your community? Why is community engagement necessary? Why is Facebook the best tool? Why are you sharing? What are THEY sharing? 5
  6. 6. WHAT DOES YOUR COMMUNITY WANT? a space to share information, stories, photos, video a supportive place to connect with others a venue to ask questions, share concerns a place to learn about school issues, events, activities
  7. 7. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM YOUR COMMUNITY? a loyal following an audience with whom to share information, events, activities an audience from whom to solicit ideas, comments, testimonials an audience to market to
  8. 8. PUSH & PULL CONTENT Generate content you can use (again, and again) Don’t let your community content become static – be dynamic! Let your community content be the voice of your brand, school Push good content out: news you can use! Pull good content in: ask meaningful, useful questions
  9. 9. PROMOTE YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE Make it easy for followers to find your page Share teasers via Twitter, emails, website that entice users to “like” your Facebook page Include Facebook in your signature, business cards, voicemail messages Write about it – blog or magazine Provide incentives for joining Facebook page
  10. 10. CULTIVATE FACEBOOK CONVERSATIONSGood use ofengagement: quick,informative,helpful
  11. 11. CCULTIVATE FACEBOOK CONVERSATIONS Timing is everything! Don’t get behind!
  12. 12. CULTIVATE FACEBOOK CONVERSATIONS Invite others to share their stories – what is the value to the community?
  13. 13. FACEBOOK COMMUNITY MANAGER BASICS Be consistent: if you post events, always post events there (don’t get lazy) Always monitor (sign up for text alerts when people comment on your site) Always reply (don’t ignore inquiries, questions, comments, suggestions) Provide incentives – add value to the experience (what will they get here that they won’t get anywhere else?)
  14. 14. FACEBOOK ENGAGEMENT Create a Facebook page for your alumni magazine – great way to solicit story ideas, questions, letters Measure fans & engagement – lots of fans doesn’t make you engaging; set your own benchmarks 20% of your fans will engage 80% of the time – cultivate them, make them feel valued, welcomed 33% of Facebook posting is mobile opportunities to engage beyond typical work-day.
  15. 15. FACEBOOK INSPIRATION ESPN Big Bird Cleveland Indians American Idol April 27 Tornadoes
  16. 16. THANK YOU! Questions, comments? Please contact me!  @marisacp51   