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6 of Madonna's most powerful lessons


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6 of Madonna's most powerful lessons about building her strong personal branding, a great source from

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6 of Madonna's most powerful lessons

  1. Personal Branding Lesson of Madonna’s most powerfulSource: lessons
  2. Everyone is entitled to my opinion - madonna
  3. 1Stand forsomethingI stand for freedom of expression, doingwhat you believe in and going after your in,dreams. ~ Madonna
  4. 2Alwaysdeliver”We never had to cancel a show before,” shesays in a low doleful voice. “Never never low, voice Never, never,never.” ~ Madonna
  5. 3Be clearabout whatyou wantA lot of people are afraid to say what theywant. That swant That’s why they don’t get what they don twant. ~ Madonna
  6. 4Be a work in progressin progressI am my own experiment. I am my own work of art. art. ~ Madonna
  7. 5Don’t be afraid to bloody a few nosesbloody a few nosesBetter to live one year as a tiger than ahundred as a sheep Madonna sheep. ~
  8. 6Don’t be afraid to break the rulesbreak the rulesI wouldn’t have turned out the way I was if Ididn tdidn’t have all those old-fashioned values to old fashionedrebel against. ~ Madonna
  9. “You are the chief marketingofficer for the brand called you,but what others say about your brand is more impactful th b di i tf l than what you say about y y y yourself.”
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