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Tips for Social Media, Online Etiquette & Taking Time Out


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Leigh-Chantelle's presentation in Brisbane on Saturday 18 March for local Not For Profits to encourage their understanding of Social Media, best practices and most suitable channels to use. Online Etiquette, and Taking Time Out also covered.

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Tips for Social Media, Online Etiquette & Taking Time Out

  1. 1. Social Media Training with Leigh-Chantelle Source: Saturday 18 March, 2017 Brisbane
  2. 2. What’s To Come Best & Most Popular Channels to Use Social Media Channel Audit Moving Forward with a Plan Why Visuals are Important & How to Create Your Own Branded Content Ideas for Shareable Content Setting Goals & Committing to Them FaceBook Analytics, Boosting & Advertising Options & Examples Online Etiquette Top Tips For Taking Time Out
  3. 3.
  4. 4. What Channel Should I Use? Facebook: 1.71 billion users Flickr: 112 million users Google+: 300 million users Instagram: 400 million users LinkedIn: 300 million users Periscope: 10 million users Pinterest: 100 million users Reddit: 36 million accounts Snapchat: 100 million users Twitter: 320 million users WhatsApp: 900 million users Youtube: 1 billion+ users Stats: March 2016
  5. 5. Top Social Platforms in Australia
  6. 6. Penetration of the Australian Population Approximately: • 6 in 10 Australians use Facebook, almost 7 in 10 Australians • 1 in 2 Australians use YouTube • 1 in 5 Australians use Instagram • 1 in 6 Australians use Snapchat Key Points to Note: • 65.8% of the total Australian population is an active monthly user on Facebook. • 1 in 6 Australians are a Daily User on Snapchat. • Over the year we have seen both Instagram and Snapchat grow their Australian user base considerably. • Twitter has experienced stagnant user growth over the past 2 years and has a considerable churn rate of new users signing up but then never using the service. Social Media Statistics Australia – January 2017 from
  7. 7. How? Commit to: Create - Schedule - Post & Interact Create and share high-quality, relevant, and shareable content Share online content that matters to you and to others in your arena Provide value to your readers Focus on relevant and up to date information Share on a regular basis Have something meaningful to say - know your topic & audience well Think outside the square - have a unique focus or approach
  8. 8. Best Times to Post on FaceBook
  9. 9. Best Times to Post on Twitter
  10. 10. Be Pro-Active with Engagement Ask more questions, respond more often Offer promotions to your followers or discount codes, giveaways, contests. Shorter posts Use + and @ to connect with others Join communities and groups See what’s trending and popular Collect email addresses Source:
  11. 11. Value? People now simply post and run with no interaction Social media platforms overrun with content that doesn’t matter Before posting something, ask yourself: Is it really beneficial to anyone? Will people get something out of it? Will people want to share? Source:
  12. 12. WHERE ARE YOU AT?
  13. 13. Let’s Audit Your Channels Where are your Social Media channels? List them eg FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter Check your branding on EVERY channel - is it the same? Are you using the same logo? Are your URLs/Links correct? Do they have your name in them? Is it the same? Is your About/Bio/Description etc up to date? Do all links work? What content are you sharing? Is it your own, branded content? Are you getting interaction and engagement? What types eg likes, comments, shares Are you responding to messages, questions, and comments? How do you know if what you’re doing is working? How much negative feedback are you receiving? How are you dealing with it?
  14. 14. Some Things to Focus on Do you still want to run Manage your Social Media accounts? Do you want to Grow your Social Media accounts? Draw up a list of the content you already have and the content you need to create Work out a Schedule for yourself and other team members to run e.g. Renata: FaceBook and sharing local events, Andrew: Twitter and sharing vegan-related info, LC to schedule group-related events, information, links to membership and shop etc (Mon, Wed, Fri) Scheduling Posts e.g. HootSuite also FaceBook Know how to find and read tools to measure Return On Investment (ROI) e.g. Google Analytics, Shares, Comments, Likes, +1s, re-tweets etc Know the best times to post and the best types of posts to share especially for various platforms e.g. Instagram more visuals and less text What do other similar brands/groups do that works? Can you learn anything from them?
  15. 15. Why People Follow Brands
  16. 16. Why People Unfollow Brands
  17. 17. Focus on Visuals People learn more from Visuals Visual Content much more likely to get shared If you can show something, do this instead of telling Create ORIGINAL and BRANDED visual content -, Keynote, PowerPoint Watermark your images before you share them. Instagram, Pinterest especially - don’t forget Twitter and FaceBook
  18. 18. - Collages
  19. 19. BeHappy.Me - Quotes
  20. 20. Your Own Content Create high-quality content that can’t be found elsewhere Sharing this regularly – at least every couple of days People will come to see your posts Become an expert in your industry People will trust you People come to you for the things they can’t get anywhere else They will share your content & bring more fans and followers to you Source:
  21. 21. Share & Share Some More Share Visuals, Events, Information, Feedback Share your Social Media profiles on other SM channels Link to all your channels on your website, email signature, mailing list Encourage likes, +1s, re-tweets Whatever you create online, remember to cross-promote your work everywhere online e.g. your blog/website, e-newsletters, forums, podcasts, social media websites, and videos
  22. 22. Ideas for Shareable Content Create Conversation - ask questions that will engage your fan base and encourage answers. Educate and Inform - share podcasts, transcripts, eBooks, facts, lists/top 10, how to’s and reviews. Share Visuals - upload photos, images, infographs, videos, eBooks and presentations. Link to your website - share blogs, articles, online store, recipes etc from your own website. Gauge Opinions - ask your fans for their opinions and feedback on upcoming, new or existing products or services. Entertain - share podcasts, videos, presentations and music. Be Inspirational: upload quotes, music and fascinating facts.
  24. 24. Be Consistent If you are lazy, this is unfortunate as the culture asks a lot from individuals. Updating regularly, allowing others access to your life, being online to answer questions, continuing on with developing your community, reaching out to others and more. You need to have good time management skills and keep topics up to date. Set expectations of when you or your team will be online and when you will respond. Post regularly, not as often as possible. Whenever you decide to post, remember to be consistent. It’s better to post once a week than posting every day for three weeks and then not at all.
  25. 25. Set Your Goals & Commit Have clear goals with exactly what you want to achieve. Know your audience and where they are online. Be realistic with what you can commit to – and stick to it. Combine your own website, email marketing and paid marketing with your Social Media postings. Be persistent and be patient when building your online community. It takes at least 6 months to develop an online position – but realistically it’s more like 1-2 years.
  26. 26. Some New Ideas Do your OWN research Use Facts from reliable sources Think about how we can: ❖ Learn More ❖ Do Better ❖ Become better examples of compassion in action
  27. 27. Be Mindful What language do you use when promoting veganism? Positive/Negative? Encouraging/Discouraging? Empathetic/Judgemental? Preaching/Teaching? Do you use racist language when you talk about other countries and cultures? E.g. Japan and dolphins/whales, China and dog meat? The Middle East and live export Do you use trigger words that might truly upset someone? Words such as slave, rape, concentration camps Do you give unsolicited health advice/tell terminally ill or disabled people that they will be “cured” if they go vegan? Do you think different types of bodies and people should be used to promote veganism?
  28. 28. Be Mindful There’s no need to use and commodify a group of people to further the vegan/Animal Rights agenda What more can we do to encourage long-term commitment to the vegan lifestyle? How can we show the different types of vegans that exist? How can we encourage others to support our movement - whether or not they are vegan? How can we promote veganism in the most inclusive way
  29. 29. Planting Seeds At best vegans are 1-2% of the population - this figure hasn’t changed for 20 years Find out other people’s passions & motivations What are you most passionate about? What are you best at communicating? Start here See how you can plant the seeds of change Our way is NOT the only way Learn from other movements LGBTQI movement is a great example of including and welcoming allies
  30. 30. Keep In Mind… Be careful what you share online because everything is a permanent reflection of you or your company/group that may never be erased. If you have various people posting on behalf of your company, make sure that everyone knows the goals of the company. Ensure that people know what to post as well as what not to post. Always use the correct grammar, punctuation and spelling. If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face or mail it on a postcard, don’t say it online. Consider how the content you share is positive or negative for your company. Don’t abbreviate or use slang - just because you know what it means, doesn’t mean others will.
  31. 31. FACEBOOK
  32. 32. FaceBook News Feed
  33. 33. FaceBook News Feed - What You See
  34. 34. FaceBook Boost Post
  35. 35. FaceBook Boost Post Vegans don’t ONLY care about non-human animals Let’s ACT like it Learn more about each other and the world around us ALL systems of oppression need to be changed
  36. 36. FaceBook Boost Post
  37. 37. FaceBook Advertising Vegans don’t ONLY care about non-human animals Let’s ACT like it Learn more about each other and the world around us ALL systems of oppression need to be changed
  38. 38. FaceBook Advertising
  39. 39. FaceBook Advertising
  40. 40. FaceBook Advertising
  41. 41. FaceBook Advertising
  42. 42. FaceBook Advertising
  43. 43. FaceBook Advertising - Example
  44. 44. FaceBook Advertising - Example
  45. 45. FaceBook Advertising - Example
  46. 46. FaceBook Advertising - Example
  47. 47. FaceBook Insights -> Overview
  48. 48. FaceBook Insights -> Promotions
  49. 49. FaceBook Insights -> Likes
  50. 50. FaceBook Insights -> Reach
  51. 51. FaceBook Insights -> Posts
  52. 52. FaceBook Insights -> Posts & Engagement
  53. 53. FaceBook Insights -> Posts & Engagement
  54. 54. FaceBook Insights -> Posts & Engagement
  55. 55. FaceBook Insights -> People (Reached)
  57. 57. Online Be Nice, Be Kind You can still disagree with someone without using negative words, names, judgement Remember - wrongly or rightly - that you maybe the ONLY vegan someone comes into contact with What you do and how you do it reflects the whole movement - so ACT like it!
  58. 58. Online Etiquette Online Etiquette simply means courtesy to others online If you wouldn’t say or do something offline, don’t do it online Online behaviour shouldn’t just be an afterthought If you type something, you had better mean it Words are powerful. Just as they have the power to motivate and inspire, they also have the ability to hurt and harm others If you think something you have written will embarrass someone, get them into trouble, compromise their privacy, or stir up drama, keep it to yourself. Better yet, delete it.
  59. 59. Top 10 Tips for Online Etiquette
  61. 61. WRAPPING UP
  62. 62. Things We’ve Covered Today The Best & Most Popular Channels to Use How to do a Social Media Channel Audit Things to Focus on - Starting from NOW Why Visuals are Important How to Create Your Own Branded Content Ideas for Shareable Content How to Set Goals see them Through Understand FaceBook Analytics, Boosting & Advertising Online Etiquette Tips Top Tips For Taking Time Out
  63. 63. Get Involved Keep up to date with what’s happening in your movement by attending meetings and getting involved the best way you can. Support other groups and events. Attend everything you can, even if you don’t agree with the group, people or the topics. Keep an open mind to learn more. If you’re starting out, meet as many people as you can and then be selective with who you want to hang around with. Take some time out for yourself, completely removed from your activism.
  64. 64. Remember to… Do your own research Investigate and Read more Be genuine and honest with everything you do Help build our vegan community Keep your mind on your goals & stay focused Believe that you are part of the change that this world needs Focus on finding out what connects us to each other - not on the things we disagree on Lead by example, and be consistent Be the best version of yourself
  65. 65. Remember To… Promote the positive Focus on Encouragement Focus on Education & Planting Seeds Inspire others Always remember Kindness. Always remember Compassion Show how easy it is to be vegan Be the best vegan you can be - starting now
  66. 66. Connect with Viva la Vegan!
  67. 67. Connect with Me @LeighChantelle on FaceBook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter