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Nets on facebook


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Check how the Brooklyn Nets use Facebook well. This a case study that accompanies the article 7 Tips for Marketing to Sports Fans on Facebook published on the

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Nets on facebook

  1. 1. Make your Timeline PhotoCreative!
  2. 2. allUitilizeDepartmentsin your SportsOrganizationto tellinterestingstories.
  3. 3. UseSponsorsin aninnovativeway!
  4. 4. PollyourFansFansLove togivetheiropinions!
  5. 5. Who is your#1 Fan?The BEST postmight comestraight from oneof your fans.Listen to thefans and makethem a part ofyour decisions!
  6. 6. Offer Exclusive Merchandise toFacebook Fans Only!
  7. 7. Most of All,Be Creative!I too Love theBeastie Boys. Send me a tweet @DanaMariotti or show Your love on socialsportsscene