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topic: all you need to know about e-commerce

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  1. 1. THE MOJO O O O OF E-COMMERCE Amalla VESTA Senior Manager e-Commerce
  2. 2. Indonesia, Online, Social, ... very active ! o Facebook 20 Million + Twitter 5 Million + Friendster 8.5 Million + Yahoo! 15 Million + Kaskus 1 Million + 8 Million + data from various sources
  3. 3. Internet Users = 50 Million Mobile Users = 130 Million 3% Only 3% out of Internet Usage in Indonesia is for e-Commerce source: ADMA
  4. 4. INDONESIAN CONSUMER INSIGHT: BARRIERS ON ONLINE SHOPPING The main reason for not shopping online is the lack of trust towards the portal and/or the seller. This barrier is mentioned across genders and age groups. Their lack of trust is related to the below issues: Misuse of credit card number. Delivery Concerns, especially for portals outside Indonesia. Consumers worry that it might get lost on the way, or the item will be damaged during shipping. The item and the quality is not as expected and different from the picture. The specification/details about the item is not complete. Another main reason for not shopping online is the lack of excitement in experience when compared to shopping conventionally. “I cannot touch it, I don’t know how it feels…” (female, 18 – 23 yo) “I wouldn’t be able to try it and see whether it suits me” (female, 24-30 yo) “I like to browse and compare before making the final purchase” (male, 18-23 yo) source: synnovate
  5. 5. INDONESIAN CONSUMER INSIGHT: TRIGGERS ON ONLINE SHOPPING Type of items Availability The males are attracted to collectible items Availability of the item is another main related to their hobbies (soccer or comic trigger. Some items cannot be found in t-shirts, helmets, action figures, etc) local stores, or not yet sold in Indonesia. The females are attracted fashion items, “You can not find a couples t-shirt in the anything they feel is cute and suits their shop, you must shop for it online.” (Male, taste. Females are impulse buyers. 18 – 23 yo) “I got attracted to shop online, because the “With AirAsia, you must shop accessories are very nice.” (Female, 25 – online.” (Female, 30 – 40 yo) 30 yo) “That canvas page-top for my car is only “I bought a sneaker online, because it was a sold in America.” (Male, 30 – 40yo) very rare shoe, I’m so lucky to have found them.” (Male, 18 – 23 yo) source: synnovate
  6. 6. MOJO of E-Commerce M multiply optimize O J join forces O options
  7. 7. M Multiply social hype reputation startup Marketing Multiply Massive Gain Trust Involve the People Get Big Fast !
  8. 8. O Optimize ! THEORY ANALYSYS Case Lessons learnt studies / The study of from leading e- research Indonesian commerce people and players Strategy their behavior Product Synthesis Development APPLIED IN INDONESIAN E-COMMERCE Demonstration of knowledge Continuous Learning
  9. 9. J Join Forces Courier Security Trader Technology Payment Supplier ...
  10. 10. O Options Gives the flexibilities to serve your costumers Credit Card Payment Methods ? Delay Payment Land Phone Support ? E-Mail Delivery ? Sea Air IM Interest Cool Factor Curiosity Awesomeness Co-Creation Product Review Community Driven Became a friend Reward Points Surprise Discount “All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsions, habit, reason, passion and desire.” -Aristotle-
  11. 11. the new face of our main homepage we have launched the website to public on March 27th, live at global TV
  12. 12. Payment System ✓Transfer ✓Credit Card ✓T-Cash* ✓Flexi Cash* ✓E-Debit* Shipping ✓NCS ✓Others* *coming soon
  13. 13. FREE training/workshop for SME or potential merchants
  14. 14. Trusted Partners 450+ merchants and still growing
  15. 15. Thank You follow my tweet @VestaMojopia