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  • Girl Geek Dinners Melbourne - Social Media Workshop, June 2013 #GGDMelb
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Ggd sm-group-presentation-2013

  1. 1. with: Kat Loughrey | @KatLoughrey TamsienWest | @TamsienWest Jess Genevieve Brown |@jessgenevieve Girl Geek Dinners Social Media Workshop #GGDMelb
  2. 2. Join the conversation! #GGDMelb Your presenters… Jess Genevieve Brown TamsienWest @jessgenevieve @TamsienWest Kat Loughrey @KatLoughrey
  3. 3. Thank you to our sponsors! Mark Hendrickson @SideRacket Megan Sayers @envato
  4. 4. Let’s learn about social media …
  5. 5. Corporate Social Media: 'Smashing Social Media’ with Kat Loughrey @KatLoughrey #GGDMelb
  6. 6. “If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.” ~Tony Robbins
  7. 7. Big brands on social media 70% of global brands don’t engage with consumers on social media* *according to Social Bakers /blog/655-70-of-fans-are-being-ignored-by-companies-now-what
  8. 8. Corporates & social media   Big budgets, so enjoy a well-resourced team devoted to social media to quite simply “go for it” with a variety of content produced in-house   Conservative and expect miracles from the one person or small team who manage it amongst a greater portfolio of work – yet don’t know how to engage and fear of not being “on brand”   Don’t see the relevance of social media and generally avoid it.
  9. 9. Managing social media   Know your audience/s   Know your competitors   Social Media Strategy (inc. key areas of business)   Guidelines (style, resourcing, moderating)   Content schedule & policy (sourcing, set time boundaries)   Branding / Creative   Necessary tools (bufferapp,,Tweetdeck)   Crisis communications plan   Analytics & SEO   Think about mobile   Time & effort!
  10. 10. Which one is your business?   A brand will be doing either one of three things: 1.  Connecting with one of your passions and/or interests. – eg Nike, Red Bull,Adidas 2.  Entertaining you with their engaging personality. – eg. Oreo, Skittles,Absolut 3.  Providing interesting and/or important information to you. – eg. IBM
  11. 11. Brands on social media “The most important thing is for a brand to stay true to their DNA, identify what they are best at, what they can offer the consumers the most of, and focus on that.That will be their strongest play.”
  12. 12. Campaigns “A social campaign should ask questions that cause consumers to stop, reflect and respond.” Create memorable community experiences.
  13. 13. Oreo: Not just a cookie   32M+ on Facebook   82K+ onTwitter   87K+ on Instagram   14M+ onYouTube
  14. 14. Oreo Daily Twist Campaign video
  15. 15. Twitter Tic-Tac-Toe with Kit Kat
  16. 16. Learnings from Oreo   Be timely & topical   Promote consistently & frequently   Use graphics and simple concepts   Have fun! Use humour in good taste   Also ->   Be original   Be creative   Be genuine & honest   Be targeted   Listen & respond   They’re delicious … ! marketing#axzz2X8olS3MO
  17. 17. #FAIL   Focusing only on Facebook   Thinking one size fits all   Broadcasting, fail to interact with audience   Fail to grasp the “social” component of social media   Posting only marketing/company updates   Not understanding audience   Assume correlation between‘likes’ and sales   Have a token social media presence OR none at all   Keep social media in a silo OR outsource your social media   Paying celebrities to tweet! See further reference links, and also: brands-make-when-using-social-media/
  18. 18. #FAIL   Don’t take advantage of a national disaster   Gap tweeted:“All impacted by #Sandy, stay safe!We’ll be doing lots of shopping today. How about you?”   Don’t be ignorant of current events   NRA tweeted:“Morning Shooters- Happy Friday!Weekend plans?”   Don’t leave the door open for backlash   #McDStories
  19. 19. 2013 Australian Open   History of innovation – first Grand Slam onTwitter!   Used social media to engage with a massive global fanbase   Set a new digital benchmark for future sporting events   “the most digitally connected major sporting event of all time” (Mashable)   Robust social offering   Enhance fan experience, offer unique experiences "Our overriding goal is to increase interest in tennis; it always come back to that.”
  20. 20. AO digital presence   Website:   Scoreboard & Slamtracker (IBM)   e-Newsletter   Players to watch   Social Leader Board   KIAVote for your favourite fan   Daily Poll (Mount Franklin)   Schedule, news, photos, video, radio, tickets
  21. 21. AO social presence   Social:   Social media hub Fan Centre   24/7 live updates   Facebook (/australianopen)   Twitter @australianopen (and @AOSOS hotline)   Hashtags #ausopen; #popcorntennis; #sleepisfortheweak; #TeamAusOpen   Instagram @australianopen   Pinterest   Google+   Chinese social networking
  22. 22. AO social presence   Caption It   Pick‘Em competition   PopcornTennis blog   Daily poll   @AustralianOpen:Today's #AusOpen poll: Whose is ur favourite celebration? #Nadal #Hewitt #Tsonga #Sharapova #Azarenka #Ivanovic…   Video coverage:   YouTube   Live streaming (Optus)   Time lapse video   AO Radio
  23. 23. AO mobile & sponsors   iPhone app (IBM)   iPad app x 2   2013 Official program featured on iPad as an app purchased via iTunes.   Open Shutter was a commemorative edition ofAO 2012 ahead of the 2013 event.   Loads of sponsor-generated activity!   KIA, IBM, NikeTennis, LacosteTennis, Jacob’s Creek
  24. 24. AO Aces   Clear digital & social strategy (with marketing strategy)   Well resourced internally   Organised!   High level of engagement with audience   Made effective use of multiple platforms/channels   Worked in sync (internally and front-facing)   Consistent branding   Leveraged sponsor relationships to benefit both parties   Creative, original, genuine, listen/respond = a brilliantly engaging & informative digital / social presence!
  25. 25. Your checklist   Get internal team on board   Understand who you are as a brand, how you’re perceived, & how you want to be perceived   Understand your audience (use data)   Review your social activity to date   Review your SEO program   Define your social goals moving forward   Forget -> increase of followers and fans   Focus on -> engagement, conversion, community
  26. 26. Grassroots Social Media: ‘Social Media Marketing: Without a budget but with integrity’ withTamsienWest @TamsienWest #GGDMelb
  27. 27. Social Media: Without a budget, with integrity Building a sustainable, engaged community in both the online & offline spaces.
  28. 28. Purpose, Passion & People   Know your community   Grow your community   Reward your community
  29. 29. Background & Context
  30. 30. Know your community   Key to knowing your community is knowing yourself   Know your purpose, state it clearly and often   Which channels do they use daily/weekly?   Why do they engage with your brand?   How do they engage with your brand?
  31. 31. Know your community
  32. 32. Know your community   Never stop learning, there are always new insights to gain Words of wisdom: You don’t need to be on every channel, just the same one as your community
  33. 33. Grow your community   Gather information about current status   Set clear goals   Make a structured plan   Monitor success   Gather relevant data   Re-evaluate   Repeat
  34. 34. Grow your community Multiple sets of analytics are essential
  35. 35. Grow your community Don’t forget‘hidden’ metrics
  36. 36. Grow your community Build partnerships
  37. 37. Grow your community   Share engaging content   Refine posts to suit the channel   Bonus points if content is user generated   Double bonus points if cats are involved
  38. 38. Reward your community Share your wins (and their wins too)
  39. 39. Reward your community (Just remember to ask permission first)
  40. 40. Reward your community
  41. 41. Bonus: Engage your community   Combine: knowing, growing & rewarding
  42. 42. Purpose, Passion & People   Know your community   Grow your community   Reward your community
  43. 43. Personal Social Media: 'How To Make Yourself’ with Jess Genevieve Brown @jessgenevieve #GGDMelb
  44. 44. Personal  Social  Media   Jess  Genevieve  Brown   @JessGenevieve  
  45. 45. Ambient  Awareness   A  new  form  of  peripheral  awareness.  This   awareness  is  propagated  from  relaBvely   constant  contact  with  one’s  friends  and   colleagues  via  social  networking  plaForms  on   the  internet.  The  term  essenBally  defines  the   sort  of  omnipresent  knowledge  one  experiences   by  being  a  regular  user  of  these  media  outlets   that  allow  a  constant  connecBon  with  one’s   social  circle.    
  46. 46. Personal  Life  Updates  
  47. 47. Personal  Life  in  Private  Networks   vs.   Personal  Life  in  Public  Forums  
  48. 48. What  is  considered  too  personal?  
  49. 49. Tips   •  Don’t  post  for  no  reason.   •  Be  mindful  of  emoBonal  posBng.   •  Don’t  make  personal  conversaBons  public   conversaBons.     •  Be  mindful  of  career  limiBng  maneuvers   •  Be  mindful  of  white  lies   •  Be  mindful  of  3rd  Party  ApplicaBons  
  50. 50. Content  Sharing  
  51. 51. Make  Your  Own  Content!   Create  wriUen  content  (blogs)  or  video  content:   –  Tutorials/How  Tos   –  CreaBve  Pieces   –  Opinion  Pieces   –  Reviews   –  Feature  Pieces  
  52. 52. Share   •  What  you  know  (experBse,  skills)   •  What  you’re  learning  (course,  workshop)   •  What  you’re  reading  (book  review,  summary)   •  What  you’re  watching  (reviews,  opinion  pieces)   •  What  you’re  experiencing  (life  moments,  travel)   •  What  you’re  doing  (how  you’re  applying  yourself,   events  you’re  aUending)  
  53. 53. Transfer  of  InformaBon  
  54. 54. Create  a  PorFolio  of  Personal  Content  
  55. 55. Determine  your  personal  and  professional  goals.   Work  on  projects  that  apply  the  skills  you  want  to  develop.   Set  a  challenge  to  complete  a  project  and  share  this  challenge   with  your  social  networks  for  support.  
  56. 56. Projects   •  Want  to  be  a  writer?  Write  a  short  story.     •  Want  to  be  an  editor?  Edit  a  short  film.     •  Want  to  work  in  sound  producBon?  Find  a   Youtube  video  and  cut  it  with  a  new   soundtrack.     •  Want  to  be  a  video  journalist?  Go  out  and  film   yourself  covering  a  news  piece.     •  Want  to  host  a  tech  web  series?  DIY!  
  57. 57. Why  Every  Freelancer  Should  Work  For   Free  
  58. 58. CVs  are  a  thing  of  the  past!   We  live  in  a  day  and  age  of  doing  and  showing.     We  have  the  tools  to  show  off  what  we’re  doing.   If  you  want  experience,  show  people  that  you’re   commiUed  to  working  towards  it  yourself.     Networking  leads  to  creaBng  opportuniBes.  Go  out  there   and  meet  people  in  person  so  that  they  can  then  follow   and  get  to  know  you  through  ambient  awareness.    
  59. 59. In  Conclusion   By  leveraging  your  personal  brand  through  social   media,  you  have  the  ability  to  share  not  only  your   individuality  and  personal  skills  but  also  your  hard   work,  your  drive  and  your  desire  to  succeed.     Social  media  is  a  viable  tool  for  se`ng  challenges   and  showcasing  the  story    of  your  personal  and   professional  development.    
  60. 60. @JessGenevieve  
  61. 61. Thank you for your attendance and participation! • Stay tuned to for follow up email with links and slides from tonight’s workshop! • #GGDMelb • Follow us onTwitter, ask questions OR come and say hello to us tonight before you leave!
  62. 62. Thanks  to  our  sponsors!   Food  Sponsor   Drink  Sponsor   Megan  Sayers   Mark  Henrickson  
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