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Sharing from The Daily Media for FreSh

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The Daily Media

  1. 1. Who are we?
  2. 3. Style & Beauty With Attitude
  3. 4. <ul><li> </li></ul><ul><li>Started as personal blog in 2005 </li></ul><ul><li>The first and only Indonesian consumer generated media in fashion & beauty </li></ul><ul><li>Informal style of editorial which readers find easier to relate to </li></ul><ul><li>Written by people who are passionate in fashion and beauty </li></ul>
  4. 6. Launched in December 2009 Friendly non-judgemental place to share motherhood journey for Indonesian mother Resourceful and trustable site, packed with articles from various pregnancy and parenting topics Regular tips and Q&A session with respective experts
  5. 8. Launched in October 2009 Featuring exclusive pictures of celebrities style No gossip
  6. 10. Started in May 2007 Well moderated forum with intensive discussion and sharing about women’s related topics 12 dedicated forum staff More than 21,000 members
  7. 11. Are those 21,000 members all female?
  8. 12. Introducing, Female Daily's very first forum member: Thomas Arie Setiawan Twitter: @thomasarie
  9. 13. Some numbers… 1,500+ new forum posts per day 1,000+ forum members logged-in to forum 2,600+ articles in network 100+ brands being discussed in forum
  10. 14. What do we talk about in the forum?
  11. 15. How to make your makeup lasts longer Cheap but great makeup products Hati-hati Kosmetik Palsu What bags are you drooling over right now? Showroom sepatu, show us your collection here! Today's Outfit FOTD (Face of The Day) JOTD (Jilbab of The Day) HOTD (Hair of the Day) Tribute to Alexander McQueen Ketiak Hitam, Solusinya?
  13. 21. Career & Finance
  14. 22. Current Affair
  15. 23. EDUCATING WOMEN TO BE SMART CONSUMERS Product Reviews and Comparison Identifying the original from the fake How to be environmentally responsible Go Local
  16. 24. Our values Saying no to beauty stereotypes. Our members have: Different sizes and body types Different skin tones Different shopping budget They are all welcome, even celebrated, in our community
  18. 29. WHY DO THEY LIKE INTERACTING IN FEMALE DAILY FORUM? (Almost) all female members Accessible archive & well-moderated forum Relaxed and non-judgmental environment . They can talk about anything They can be anonymous Meeting people with common interests People can be connected to their passion & channeling it
  19. 30. Igniting entrepreneurship within our community
  20. 31. Female Daily Forum Female Members Discussion Consumers Insight BRAND
  21. 32. Survey Result Fashionese Daily blog’s influence in purchasing decision Fashion Strongly Agree 25.76% Agree 44.75% Neutral 19.49% Disagree 2.88% Beauty Strongly Agree 41.86% Agree 41.19% Neutral 8.98% Disagree 1.02% Female Daily forum’s influence in purchasing decision Fashion Strongly Agree 29.31% Agree 51.08% Neutral 17.24% Disagree 2.37% Beauty Strongly Agree 47.41% Agree 41.16% Neutral 9.48% Disagree 1.94%
  22. 33. The Daily Media Network’s influence in changing opinion/interest Strongly Agree 13.15% Agree 49.14% Neutral 33.62% Disagree 4.09% Purchase percentage influenced by The Daily Media Network 0 – 20% from total purchase 17.08% 21 – 40% from total purchase 25.17% 41 – 60% from total purchase 25.17% 61 - 80% from total purchase 20% 81 – 100% from total purchase 12.58% Survey Result
  23. 34. So if you… Are female or male Love fashion and beauty Love sharing and discussing, Want to find out what’s happening in the female world Want to meet people and make more friends Want to know the answer to this question Ketiak Hitam, Solusinya?
  24. 35. Please join our wonderful communities
  25. 36. Thank You!