Medical Graphs


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Some example Medical Graphs from Google Images for Mathematics students to look at.

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Medical Graphs

  1. 1. Image Source:
  2. 2. Hospitals have a 1 to 10 pain scale, which isused to work out how patients aregoing, and what relief treatment might beneeded. Image Source:
  3. 3. Serious painis usuallyexperiencedfor severaldays after amajor medicaloperation.
  4. 4. “Vital Signs” such as HeartRate, Pulse, Respiration, and Blood Pressure, aremonitored and graphed electronically and recorded ona specialised computer. Image Source:
  5. 5. Most Medical Graphs are Line or CurveGraphs, rather than Bar Charts or Pie Charts. Image Source:
  6. 6. However, sometimes column graphs are used. Image Source:
  7. 7. Sometimes stacked column graphs are used. Image Source:
  8. 8. Line Graphs are used for monitoring patientCholesterol levels. (Related to Heart Health) Image Source:
  9. 9. BMI – BodyMass IndexCharts areused towork out ifadults areat a correcthealthybodyweight. Image Source:
  10. 10. Line Graphs are used to monitor breathingduring sleep to check for “Sleep Apnea”. Image Sources:
  11. 11. Some more Sleep Apnea Graphs. Image Source:
  12. 12. How much Sleep have you been getting lately? Image Source:
  13. 13. Graphs are used for detecting Diabetes bymeasuring blood glucose levels after a meal. Image Source:
  14. 14. The following graph shows how blood glucoselevels vary with the type of food eaten. Image Source:
  15. 15. The Glycemic Index rates foods based on howthey affect blood sugar levels. Image Source:
  16. 16. Graphs are used for tracking disease epidemics. Image Source:
  17. 17. Iridology makes a chart of areas of the humaneye which are believed to indicate body health. (See next slide for a detailed chart). Image Source:
  18. 18. Reflexology Chart for the Feet. Image Source:
  19. 19. Reflexology, Acupressure, Acupuncture, andMassage all use the concept of stimulating pressurepoints in various locations of the body to relievestress and/or to stimulate the body’s natural healingprocesses.For Reflexology there are charts which map outareas of the hands and feet to show how they relateto parts of the body.These are not really graphs, but are more like maps.
  20. 20. Reflexology Chart for the Feet. Image Source:
  21. 21. And some Medical Graphs are just for fun  Image Source:
  22. 22.