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humidity water vapor adsorption harvest psk wlan. slope stability radiation pattern hydrolysis ecg cylindrical grinding delay spwm mmr stress arm dft hfss thd plasticity fins tensile test led intrusion detection centroid equivalent static analysis color harmonics water quality multiband evaporation flat composite panel circular cut-out mesh size. failure load elliptical cut-outs solar power pro-e wireless networks power quality (pq) facts reactive power cultivation natural fiber natural convection routing power cortisol boost converter fractal antenna land use change gis safety svm transmission line. micro grid compensation heat sink domino logic nanoparticles genetic algorithm electron density monitoring tio2 discrete wavelet transform induction motor mhd flow color models finite element analysis face detection ber awgn particle swarm optimization accuracy matlab simulink split tensile strength power consumption damage metal matrix composites hidden markov model qam vhdl. data hiding decryption seismic analysis base shear microstructure structural analysis vhdl lcd vector control emission flexural strength. correlation privacy protection security. innovation process food sme’s product innovation measure indicators of innovation splitting strength reliability method street light control system ir sensor curing time fiber orientation chemical treatment techniques corroded surfaces edges sobel edge detector proposed modified edge detector mode choice travel behaviour car-captivity mort technique accident analysis tripod beta mesh. network-on-chip (noc) hierarchical routing torus 3d-ic fault tolerant integrated circuit (ic) international road for semiconductors (itrs) intellectual property (ip) monitoring platform system-on-chip (soc) fall time rise time pulse duration gnss boc scale multiplication adaptive multiscale product thresholding integral control load frequency control fuzzy logic. handoff wireless local area network (wlan). mobile radio mobility management radix-2 algorithm recursive algorithm. nn hapf regression analysis condenser pressure ambient temperature thermal power plant energy efficient design exergy statistical llr assignment. steam temperature ssd fpga prototype dvb-t2 rotated constellation radix-3 algorithm. metal and composite materials. nx-cad in-car system rsu vanet rf concrete; cracks; causes; structural defects; prev chemical looping combustion nio cwt stft. compressor blade flutter fsi modal analysis concrete filled steel tube arch bridge; reliabilit finite element ballistic impact pacing mode cardiac pacemaker nbg codes refractory period. relay under voltage 555 timer voltage regulator (lm 7809) transformer(230v -12v ac). over voltage mse chevron nozzle pressure(pa) noise level(db) velocity(m/s) plain nozzle maintenance maritime academy. high mass flow rate ansys - fluent. compression efficiency high pressure ratio secret key public key ssl fabricate gfrp panel. sequentially stacked cfrp panels mobile telephony base station hybrid energy systems pv-solar image analysis. gesture recognition optical emission spectroscopy dbd causes principle electron temperature codes single rotor visual basis net minitab17 cnc milling machine aluminium alloy h30 taper cylindrical tool. friction stir welding (fsw) tool 1-bit full adder low serf power delay product and adders. wi-fi graphene social networks nonlinear control of wing rock wing rock detection fourier transform rms energy meter sol-gel activation energy mobile computing xilinx compressive strength. pre-processing strength burst detection water damage vasopressin split tensile strength. web application geographic information systems feedback control finfet depth of cut broadband fr4 substrate resonant frequency thin films polymer dfig kinetics wecs crm chemical reduction composite materials drinking peer-to-peer (p2p) concrete mix temperature simulation. routing protocols asphalt pavement credit card debit card sintering method fe2o3 silver nanoparticles construction project cold storage taguchi analysis. edge detection data recovery red sea sudan ert mineralization magnetic digital image processing treatment back propagation algorithm artificial neural network virtual environment dc-dc converter strain biometric tractor planning numerical simulation envelope function formalism magnetic resonance botnet particle swarm optimization (pso) intrusion detection system (ids) k-means investigation character recognition solar energy energy efficiency preprocessing mammogram video compression block matching geographical information system digital elevation model numerical technique droplet combustion model wall function turbulence models fluent solver routing protocol cfd simulation infrastructure bridge friction stir welding cutting speed multi criteria decision making (mcdm) aluminum alloys linear static analysis heat losses scanning electrode microscope arduino uno robot. edm fir pv system graphical password pressure virtual machine interface filters accident health review stability hemodynamics; hormones; vasodilation ttp simplified approach enzymatic catalysis nozzle crack congestion control wireless sensor network (wsn) emissions fir filter robustness acth tto resistance rha gha response spectrum analysis biocomposite implantation potato starch recommender systems collaborative filtering pixel tracking linear discriminant analysis graphical user interface shape supervised classification accelerometer histogram clipping. nonlocal similarity sparserepresentation image restoration biomass cooperative diversity monte carlo simulation. x-ray diffraction. fabrication distortion doe wedm robot lean 3g lsb irrigation drinking water adsorption capacity uv absorption fiber reinforcement stress analysis aspect ratio drilling sample and hold hydrogen silica fume vedic multiplier process parameters grid interconnection distribution system channel capacity outage probability noise pollution heat and mass transfer sensor networks six sigma distribution static compensator (dstatcom) volumetric efficiency turbocharger. mhd aes performance evaluation urbanization urban centres urban flood landsat. carry operator low voltage thermal stresses laminar flow heat transfer coefficient fuzzy dissolved oxygen ph electrical conductivity rsa wind power citrate nanotechnologies. manganese sulfate porous medium nanocomposites conductivity tga pwm fuzzy logic controller. active power filter stc dynamic voltage restorer (dvr) total harmonic distortion (thd). tdma fdma wifi home automation masonry infill shear wall maximum power point tracking (mppt) wimax cost pavement hpa axis mechanical properties. matlab. cdma spectrum sensing cognitive radio wind energy remote sensing convergence access control albania s/n ratio multiplication memory polynomial am/am characteristics aodv reusability metrics ck metrics software reuse cyclomatic complexity wavelet transform. fracture toughness feature etc solar system cfd based optimization fluid dynamics global positioning system low power network framework lead time pv solar radiation gps. gprs image pmsg aluminium alloys suspension fms e-commerce antibiotics rheological properties. regression ocr adiabatic plate unsteady flow weka skin segmentation computer vision flight control safety. eye detection skin detection prediction gps watermarking attacks arm 7 temperature sensor. finite element analyses limit strength flexure light gauge. h/t aspect ratio multiple input multiple output visualization. wireless. sms decision trees marble powder phosphogypsum huffman coding image database antioxidants eigenvector face recognition principal component analysis (pca) material removal rate upfc moo3 nanoparticles client honeypot intrusion detection system eucalyptus medical image processing capacity ripple carry adder service oriented architecture sar lateral displacement etc. topology. smartphone databases e-learning thermal analysis design of experiment s/n ratio. information retrieval trust search engine isotherms peeling hap edax micro hardness i2c rfid water quality standards water quality index. water quality characteristics fdm k-ε model slew rate epoxy resin reinforced concrete parallel programming; multiprocessing; locks; tran cmos technology reversible data hiding iptv fatigue crack propagation parking system lcd screen verilog hdl spartan 3a open source back-propagtion conductive concrete,carbon fiber,graphite,in multi-radio interference multi-channel channel assignment technical characteristics (tc‟s) house of quality (hoq) voice of customer (voc). green quality function deployment (gqfd) scheduling techniques self-compacting concrete compacting theory 、work abaqus、fracture mechanics、xfem、cfe data exchange scheduling generation slip forming ezstrobe gtt thermal analysis technology ide software liquid crystal display (lcd) lm35 sensor arduino development board landscape design;the urban road;the highway;design hydration process curing methods mountain highwaystopping sight distancesight dista land use / land cover false colour composite irs millets underutilized crops alcohol content fermentation technology colour beer esprit direction of arrival (doa) quaternion music. music ggbs; alkali-activators. cholesteric lc-polymer optical activity. crystal modelling voltage dips voltage faults wire edm metal matrix composite power optimization leakage current reduction sleepy keeper sleep stack. parallel processing multitransputer system fault-tolerance reliability analysis. real-time system level of service surface roughness measurement anova methodology. uas hale uav ucav stealth technology rustom dsp murmur ler auscultation time efektifity becak motor local maxima prediction error backpropagation signature. feed forward neural network local minima particle swarm intelligence offline realistic problems benchmark bi-polar technique l-m algorithm vector quantization image compression environment monitoring system photoluminescence. x-ray diffraction (xrd) tinospora crispa characterization fourier transform infrared (ftir) crowdwisdom crowdlabour. innovation crowdfunding emu bird feather fibers epoxy composites chemical resistance. virtual surgery. surgery simulation haptic environment medical image principal components analysis alzheimer prevention asphalt real power neplan software power flow distribution line seismic response. openings in shear wall stiffness of shear wall workability and strength. blast furnace slag fine aggregate ghcsi psz additive (iso amyl nitrate). low heat rejection crossing facilities、pedestrian traffic、prospec accident numbers transition curve traffic safety circular curve fuzzy membership functions fuzzy geometric index fuzzy mean safety index fuzzy inference system kickback noise. pre amplifier latch comparator polypropylene fibers strengthening rc beams ductility deflection thermal desorption base oil cleaning cutting drill cutting x-ray diffraction and transmission electron micros electrical resistivity mossbauer spectroscopy crystallization differential scanning calorimetry opc. metakaolin quality. prospects geoinformatics satellite data degumming delignification banana fiber modeling and simulation flight test store integration envelope expansion s/n compton wavelength manning formula dipolar interaction navier-stokes fractional equation nanocrystallite design of experiments ni hemp yarn polypropylene yarns woven reinforcement glass fibers isomorphism automorphism k-anonymization equivalence class social network graph combustion tdc fuel injection los rss wpan nlos path loss exponent fspl gaussian roi swing detection sdnml plate load test reinforce earth bearing capacity bearing capacity ratio. strength improvement river sand hdpe geotextiles hydraulic damper. backflow damping cylinder vibrational energy environmental considerations valuation industries pcs- power conditioning system mosfet – metal oxide semi-conductor field effect cloud marketplace cloud service provider cloud marketspace. linear optical absorption coefficient; dispersion t-test seawater desalination technologies; multi-stage fl query processing ontology closed domain disharmony technology production process equipment red ceramic. word sense disambiguation. morphological analyser clir dictionary-based approach switch capacitor aging degradation snm 5t sram nbti transport aircraft msc nastran & msc patran. wing optimization taguchi analysis is 319 brass metal removal rate vapour-liquid equilibrium 2-methf green solvents cpme ignition delay liquid fuel droplets hot surface ignition simplified approach. combustion lifetime shunt capacitor distribution transformer current transformer bus bar need of automation of fixture. manufacturing considerations fixture design ml estimator robust estimator generalized gaussian distribution early cracking of concrete modern concrete early curing environment soft soil subgrade treatment request timeoutbackoff attempt maxretries. threshold value (load on node) noise variance slot time turnaround time solid polymer electrolytes ionic conductivity dielectric properties. linear feedback shift register tiny encryption algothim rfid. light weight cryptography synthesis of hen process integration aspen energy analyzer v 8.0 vcm process indexing. synchronization multi-carrier heavy metal atomic absorption spectrophotometer (aas) settling pond graph-based clustering minimum spanning tree. attribute selection synchronizing device. high ac voltage power electronic converters closed parking open parking parking payment. nfc electroelastic problem theoretical analysis d∞ symmetry piezoelectric body partial ground plane. microstrip antenna ultra wideband narrowband tensift basin. areas homogenous regions flood process approach. canny edge detector saudi arabia. phase noise clock gating current switching qvco blindage. thermodynamic study . power balance. jitter end to end delay overhead impact evaluation security measures snowstorm graphene oxide modified asphalt flooding mitigation. impact standoff distance. kerfs plasma arc cnc adoption by reference national building codes. grandfathering provision energy provision building code model building code airfoil computational fluid dynamics (cfd) conjugate heat transfer analysis standard codes parametric study local soil conditions rc buildings abc-fcm segmentation algorithm satellite image classification photo-oxidation benzylamine desorption u.v-vis spectrophotometer and x-ray diffraction an lignin coastal watershed stream flow swat runoff semi-arid stp non-contact desalination plants potable water effluent wastewater treatment restricted irrigation tertiary. lossless compression techniques lzw coding muschel curve. hydraulic turbine francis turbine unit quantities k-nn classifier. gabor features transfer subspace learning. fracture critical tension member fault tree limit state boolean. tcp loss rate sctp virtual lab; vlab; cloud computing; open education binary form positive integer genera number of representations. fusion unimodal multimodal process approach edge detector saudi arabia this paper presents the cmos quadrature voltage co multiresolution analysis ornemental lettres thermodynamic study. blindage ridgelet speckle radon power balance fsi structural simulation. stress ratio constant amplitude loading fluctuation of stress intensity factor compliance. water pump power diluted ethylene glycol liquid cooling quadruped insect locomotion biomorphic ivhm intelligent idhc dcu reconfiguration. chlorophyll a coastal power plants inverse distance weighting (idw) protocols digital software augmentation tmds spi optical communication moore‟s law photonics. logic gates. memory charge nonlinear dopant drift imply logic flux memristor flow parameters optimum value pressure rise pressure recovery compression surface boundary layer. engine intake timber steel composite composite member frame structure cost analysis light frame structure conventional type frame structure latex plain concrete beams wire mesh repair gabor transform fabric detection techniques classification defects modified xy routing algorithm network on chip dynamic reconfiguration stereo vision demosaicing stereo camera denoising. field programable gate array white balance servomotor charge controller. sustainable development. fsw tensile strength. execution offloading complex modules smart phones. handover decision bandwidth signal strength fuzzy selection. customer surplus value p89v51rd2 microcontroller black box tspc det pd asic dll cement puf. eps cold storage insulation cold storage refrigeration plant dust particles low maintenance cost electrostatic force perovskites solar panels load frequency control; pid controller; ace; power pid law autonomous flight quadcopter multi-sensor data fusion. sentence fusion. automatic text summarization natural language processing abstractive text summarization animal palm diesel (apd) dual biofuel methyl ester ci engine exhaust gas recirculation electronic structures elastic constants structural parameters data core based fuzzy min max neural network geometric center classifying and overlapping neuron rainfall prediction and classification. transesterification vegetable oil esterification acid value finite element and wing. mobile networks dynamic networks centrality prediction split ring resonators. multiband characteristics broadside coupled metamaterials cst mws electrical sizes l-index fuel cost with valve point loading effects. fuel cost opf driver-interconnect-load system multi layer gnr. catalysts composite membrane pem water electrolyser zro2. back stepping control sustainable criteria supplier selection logistical performance collaboration buyer-supplier relationship e-waste management legal frame work management plan recycling trade chain fslp slp optimization. pro-engineering heat transfer rate air contact area gray prediction model,markov prediction model, counterfeiting; hardware security; maf;recycled ic starting time direct online starting master slave. textile mills paper mills microcontroller chip speed synchronization handwritten digit recognition back-propagation multilayer perceptron neural network feed-forward mnist database. cloud based send and track invoices providing quotations and invoices according to rev vft – variance fitting transform head movement taguchi orthogonal approach. missing voltage. voltage sag peak swell gwt rias interoperability cracks preventive measures causes of cracking techniques. a. jute b. mechanical properties d. mechanical testing. a. resin control measures energy saving. influencing factors construction of carbon emissions value-added products oryzanols cholesterol. rice bran add syndromes iterations bch decoder fpga implementation. syndrome block digital video broadcasting-satellite-second genera voltage harmonic injection. active anti-islanding islanding anti-islanding passive anti-islanding kaizen lean manufacturing muda .. mercury lamps street lighting networks high pressure sodium lamps natural frequency strong motion microtoremor building structure stand-off distance l9 orthogonal array of taguchi method abrasive flow rate stainless steel 403 water pressure garnet 80 mesh abrasive water jet machine highest degree clustering algorithm proposed dte-ch algorithm dispersion level. penetration level line loss reduction ratio dispersed generation thermal losses billing irregularities. commercial losses utilities technical losses distribution charges energy fraud discrepancy swelling pressure. swelling strain degree of saturation expansive soil fft analysis. outer race defects inner race defect deep groove ball bearing plausibility measure (pl) and necessity measure (n belief measure (bel) probability theory probability measure (pro) possibility measure (pos) possibility theory skyhook theory ride comfort 2-degree of freedom vehicle model. suspension system fuzzy logic control expert systems personnel selection fuzzy set theory grey relation analysis (gra) les estimation z transform electric load modeling design; creative; textile; inspiration; innovative series compensation distance protection mutual impedance geo-polymer alkaline solution strengths. ggbs approximate dct hevc multiplier-less dct transform jpeg total harmonic distortion (thd) microgrid (μ-grid) optimized harmonic stepped waveform (ohsw) taguchi loss function orthogonal array. field programmable gate array(fpga) fast fourier transform. small-signal modeling digital direct design approach voltage regulation light emitting diodes (leds) cuk converter power factor correction current control fft analysis dc-dc converters thin film deposition wear and corrosion study ss316l coating dc sputtering zirconium coating arch models statistical process control volatility in industrial processes. arima models autocorrelated data co-precipitation solid-state reaction wishart process glp- 1 stochastic models stochastic covariance. 41 cr 4 mvlr analysis laplace transform method. fractional differential equations; the riemann-lio superpixel correlation clustering vertical axis turbine hydrokinetic turbine circular arc profile; flat plate profile; naca pro idm life cycle management cloud architecture pcc (point of common coupling) vsc (voltage source converter) dvr (dynamic voltage restorer) srf (synchronous reference frame). co2 splitting computational thermodynamic modeling sno2/sno exergy analysis bi directional switch matrix converter mat lab simulink bidirectional switch pcccs eb/no hcccs scccs workability sugar cane bagasse ash partial replacement hall effect uniformly accelerated plate porous plate viscous fluid vacuum bagging technique hybrid e-beam band gap bose-chaudhuri-hocquenghem(bch) fault tolerance slump test water absorption density paper waste. fish oil injection opening pressure transesterification process. emission characteristics performance characteristics mobile cloud energy-efficient computing fault-tolerant computing. x.509 v3 certificate. digital signature pki fpe privacy rocket engine dynamic analysis test bench structure energy planning renewable energy policy fracture. phosphorus limitation nitrogen limitation experimental design biosurfactant rhamnolipids meat isolated protein muscle fish protein. nusselt thermo-hydraulic performance. stanton number friction factor reynolds laminate composites vinyl ester carbon fibers dsc refrigeration modeling of pv storage devices and energy management system. amorphous nature epr and ftir. optical glasses data leakage detection guilty agent data allocation water marking pixel value difference digital image watermarking block selection luminance range table atmega16 gsm sim 300. eds; impact toughness;microalloyed steel; microstr parental control text parsing. epg traffic light controller economic load dispacth;gwo; transmission loss static noise margin cmos logic delay and power consumption. cadence tool least expensive mobile post-processing segmentation. optical character recognition devanagari ℘ -tk spaces ℘ -r0 & ℘ -r1 spaces & ℘ -symmetry . portland pozzolana cement sand dielectric measurement cn-fs-lcptff cn-lcptff cntfet swcnt adsorption; adsorbent/adsorbate pairs; adsorption thresholding brain tumor ct-scan magnetic resonance imaging (mri) fuzzy c-means visual performance contrast ratio tft-lcd viewing angle cylinder with closed ends fluctuating load pressure vessel american society of mechanical engineers (asme) static load. land mobile satellite (lms) channel shadowed-rician fading. m-ary phase shift keying (m -psk) m -ary quadrature amplitude modulation (m -qam) polarization triangle hanging basket basalt fibre pozzolana anomaly-detection social network change-point analysis delmia virtual commission digital manufacturing. palmyra oil blended fuel nox dc conductivity. sodium triflate salt polyaniline polyethylene oxide complexes adhesion the material of resistance to spalling road performance. contrast test ‘tectona grandisseed’ & victoriablue. boiled & thermally treated cr(vi) artificial neural networks back propagation algori ad hoc network broadcast reply (br) hybrid routing protocol applications to coding algebraic coding theory; cryptography data encryption laplace transforms. coding theory and cryptography undergraduate courses teaching methods and technique. numerical analysis client-side exploits drive-by-download malware analysis pmi foam mechanical degradation moisture absorption sandwich structure 3d printer turtle graphics fused deposition modeling low temperature performance warm mix aging recycled asphalt mixture argb. stego-object spatial domain lsb method sustainable; energy resource building; materials; tele-medicine bp (blood pressure) tele-medicine system hypertension usability utility wireless communication etc . cad water immersion test aggregate gradation doe etc. spindle speed tool wear feed rate finite element analysis. ansys 14.0 workbench spur gear hertz equations contact stress shf substrate patch antenna frequency carbon black plant fuel plant waste water plant. refining and petrochemical company perforation. slender columns dsm cold formed steel simulation of converters powerfactor correction pm- permanent magnet bldcm- brushless direct current motor pi- proportional integrated controller. water quality. physicochemical flow sensor electronic conductivity sensor ph sensor turbidity sensor anionic cationic crease recovery. nonionic drape softeners oxytocin. system availability wireless transmission zigbee. sensors nfc reader e-ticket radio frequency. nfc card near field communication (nfc) protein nutrients lipids cyanobacteria raceway histogram flow chart check sheet quality tools control charts quality improvement cause & effect diagram scatter diagram pareto chart sbi availability captcha smartphones. cryptosystems bot-master bot slow-down policies roads eco-environment pozzolanic materials waste glass powder ahp - analytical hierarchy process; lpg- liquefied surface integrity. giga cycles super long life regime ultra-high-cycle fatigue very high cycle regime fatigue limit comparison table & chart efficiency cooling tower separately excited direct current (sedc). derivative (pid) router level topology; internet topology; alias re global positioning system (gps); global system for log management siem security intelligence web-server logs splunk forwarder splunk darcy parameter (d-1) hartmann number (m) and prandtl number (pr) grashof number (gr) gip endocrine k cells cauchy distribution parallel plate channel radiative heat three dimensional flows optically thin fluid. steady hydro magnetic flows second grade fluid stokes’ second problem. hall parameter fredkin multiple valued reversible logic feynman reversible barrel shifter n-butanol diesel ultimateload carrying capacity. strengthening schemes cfrp beams with circular opening reinforced concrete beams nickel chloride hexahydrate ethylene glycol polyvinyl pyrrolidone. hydrazine hydrate flexible ac transmission system voltage stability. static var compensator e-waste. decomposition techniques stochastic multiobjective optimization two-level decision making problems fuzzy sets topsis method transportation safety non-signalized intersections data inventory web tool pseudomonas pharmaceutical wastewater simultaneous nitrification and denitrification,n acclimation transverse bending moment asymmetrical section grillage method pixel pair mapping embedding capacity difference pair mapping flac3d; strength reduce method; golden section poi architecture correlation method information analysis system data integration uv-vis. studies nlo materials powder xrd dielectric study. shg efficiency cfs. word error rate. likelihood evaluation rasta-plp mel frequency cepstrum coefficient speech recognition perceptual linear production linear predictive coding insulating materials pulsed electro acoustic technique space charge efficiency ratio annular composite fin matlab simulation evaporation. construction waste management techniques material management existing situation. economic relevance diagonal strut model infilled frame shear reduction factor fe model. fibre reinforced plastics leakage reliability. contention cement. coconut fibre ash continuous rigid frame bridge jacking-force closure engineering application; anti-ice; road safety stbc. maximum liklihood detection rayleigh fading palm oil fuel ash and split tensile strength. high strength concrete cartography kriging. gradex idf flood peaks passfaces distortion. conjugate heat transfer. double spiral calorimeter tensile strength ansys solving. jute fibre reinforced composite jute fiber file systems storage systems namespace management mete data semantic awareness rotor magnetic loading scim. electric loading stator black cotton soil; coir fibres: swelling behavior: oscillatory flow half-zone liquid bridge thermocapillary convection modal structure belt drive. timing belt transmission system planar mosfet fd mosfet pd mosfet soi. cell charge controller hybrid ac mains. battery solar uart; asynchronous serial communication; vhdl; xil greywater titanium dioxide (tio2). refractory organic compounds photocatalytic oxidation mortars bottom ash slot voip transmission plc pesq. melp coding interleaving windows registry. ram dump live forensic hdd live acquisition classifier microblogging poisson equation haze identification and removal information cloning cloud removal cloud computing etc. anysis-13 knuckle joint composite material conveyance water loss geomembrane canal lining geosynthetic geometric primitives. object capture occlude matching technique tcp/ip protocols secure voip covert channel. network steganography petrol pipe line wireless camera interface circuit personnel computer. petrol pumping capsules. tablets dispensing pharmacist medication dc hoist motor forward container crane reverse potential energy. construction form pbl parametric studies. push-out test premixed flame n-pentane/air with hydrogen peroxide k-epsilon model liquid fuel microcombustion flame temperature dwm cwm smf quality management system. refrigerator – cop – condenser - enhancement. misfet; modeling; optical energy-balance network lifetime dc motor. camera edge api sim sdk jvm current electrode speed duplex steel. electro-slag strip cladding quarry dust foundry sand alternative materials natural sand text detection and recognition visually challenged person. optical character recognition (ocr) text to speech conversion medical imaging. breast density parallel slots femur bone; fea; vibration mode; natural frequency bracings axial force separated by comma about five key words in alphabetical order kaiser-hamming and cosh-hamming window functions dft and spectral analysis. mg’s apriori fci’s mg-charm charm background modeling spatio-temporal representation. visual surveillance medical image; wavelettransform; image fusion;min max mean hydrophilicity atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier discharge sessile drop technique. microstrip antennas performance evaluation. oil fired heating rate crucible furnace melting rate over all heat transfer increased. twisted aluminium tape in path of liquid flow turbulent flow created discretization time-delay systems z-transform. freundlich model. langmuir model chitosan congo red batch studies object detection false negative dynamic background texture forensic science image retrieval dominant color migration. lvq lossy image compression gm. vq sustainable construction nepa eic eia griha large datasets; internet of things. scan-based attacks testing bist. misuse of jtag interface pre-engineered building. video colorization parallel optimization gabor features space temporal coherence. user strokes active and reactive powers back-to-back converters skin pixel detection romanticism disappointment and frustration akhavan saless metaphor naturalism winter 9-digit dhuruva numbers pythagorean triangles foc pi control pyrolysis solvent swelling demineralization human computer interaction (hci) image pre-processing hand gesture recognition expansion tank faucet fta rca hot water tank aspirator dispenser desalination langmuir isotherm carbon nanotubes freundlich isotherm polyvinylidene fluoride. dc link hybrid. level converter dual-vs scheme level shifter. dual-vdd offline signature verification knn classifier shape context. oscilloscope handy oscilloscope arm scope belt design torque converter cvt hydraulic actuators transmission data acquisition card. labview software ecg (electrocardiogram) microcontroller unit (mcu) c8051 continuous time adc dynamic range (dr) sigma delta modulator signal to noise ratio (snr). general packet radio service (gprs) remote terminal unit (rtu) internet protocol (ip). transmission control protocol (tcp) supervisory control and data acquisition (scada) industrial control systems (icss) internet protocol (ip) ternary cam (tcam) classless inter-domain routing (cidr) nand tcam ripple precharge (rp) content addressable memories (cam) matchline power (mp) match line (ml). nor tcam location privacy global system for mobile communication (gsm) constant area c-duct national cloud e-health gpu ssim haar wavelet cuda dynamic texture compression rapid traffic existing road network elevation interchange at bridgehead mountainous city and taguchi method. al-alloys casting parameters mold composition laminar flow. compact helical geometry olbp eer dtcwt tsr emg signal can digital vehicle driving. analog vehicle driving controlling ecocriticism pesticide isocyanate gas toxic substance stainless steel and mild steel microstructure. tig hardness tensile properties e-payment system banner e-crm capped silver nanoparticles fluorescence. biomarkers opportunistic pathogens; hiv; blood; urine; sputum tiruvarur foreign tourists infrastructure facilities tamil nadu. domestic tourists burr type xii reliability estimation extreme ranked set sampling percentile ranked set sampling. median ranked set sampling ranked set sampling bare seismic coefficient method response spectrum method. equivalent diagonal strut infill and open ground storey frames 3d cubical model smagorinsky reynolds no. simple algorithm spalartallmaras ddes openfoam large eddy simulation piso algorithm optimization of renewable energy use in buildings evaluation geospatial data mining; gis; water quality managem redundancy. intelligent transportation systems [its] message dissemination broadcast storm cellulose natural fibers. extraction alfa (esparto grass) θ-open maximal θ-open sets and minimal θ –closed. minimal closed maximal open sets recompiling webstone. mac ip iptables semi-classical poetry. modern lyric poetry nima yushij afsaneh shielding materials emi shielding shielding testing icp condition monitoring fft analyser vibration analysis. video encryption video frames chaos. video sequence diabetic retinopathy; retinal image; morphology; e precision measurement; abnormality diagnosis; cubi compressive sensing lpc gpsr. hand transmitted vibration power spectral density backup repository. center repository seed block algorithm wavelet transforms multi-resolution analysis orthogonal wavelet query image global descriptor attributes and color histogram content based image retrieval (cbir) retrieval windows operating systems linux the central point method reliability analysis limit equilibrium method. aggregates; filler; bitumen; shell thiopave fiber optic pilot wires metallic pilot wires solkor differential protection relay orthogonal space-timeblock code (ostbc) rotational based precoders. finitebit feedback multiple-input-multiple output (mimo) systems dielectric constant shg khp thermal studies xrd. raipur lake data communication rs decoder scientific computing & simulation mathematical modelling spatial division multiple access (sdma) antenna arrays dielectric resonator array (dra) catalytic cracking alumina engine characteristics. traffic matrix traffic engineering neural networks (nns) trip and parking slot. traffic data 62hxx 62pxx. gamma distributions mathematical subject classific  endorphin impedance waveguide. method of moment non linear data base component data streams algorithms density based clustering control dtmf uav . . rigid pavement. construction material signal recognition; fractal theory; neural network gates 74 series atmega32 ic tester keypad triple tube concentric helical heat exchanger algorithm. plate type heat exchanger double tube concentric helical heat exchanger heat exchanger metal waste reinforcement grade. micro-crack bridging mental health control source (internal and external) self-confidence employed women cstr conversion saponification. pulse rate gsm module oxygen saturation arm processor ad-hoc network mobile nodes wireless routing performance analysis energy optimization average delay knowledge discovery micro-motion array observation seismic forces oil damper laddering technique means-end chain housing interior walls perceptual orientation & housing choice and preference. qam. ifft co-ofdm mzm cae quality foundry moulds drying wind turbine components decision-making method maintenance sorting soft set fdsoi contacts bulk traps threshold voltage. smart card e-cheque digital wallet decentralized erasure code encoding method cloud computing. homomorphic encryption method proxy re-encryption scheme leaf disease otsu gabor filter cluster computing high performance computing grid computing distributed computing. soya bean meal. response surface methodology glucose scopulariopsis brevicaulis keratinase marine sponge vlasov’s theory. triangular cells trapezoidal box girder deformation torsion xrd and ft/ir liquid crystals polysiloxane recyclable. surface textures titanium anodizing double row piles; the space of piles; flac3d; soil sub-base courses courses without asphalt coverings base courses reclaimed asphalt pavement large transport finite element method bridge calcu antimicrobial triazole derivatives. capping agent wormhole aodv etc time period non-prismatic members seismic coefficient method and response spectrum m storey displacement time overruns cost overruns remedial measures fixed points; altering distance function; geraghty cross diamond search delay. diamond search zig-zagscan physico-mechanical properties poly (amine-ester) ordinary portland cement. cement admixtures hyperbranched polymers color. textile effluent aspergillus decolourization fumigates heat absorbed by evaporator convective heat transfer model array gain. sdma wear cutting forces titanium grade 5 tool life surface finish operability; optimization; pressure drop; spouted oscillations no disastrous flooding. absolute sea level sea level changes handwritten document neuron activation function neural network architecture analog vlsi technology gilbert cell multiplier reliability. particle swarm optimization power loss reduction. siting and sizing systems reconfiguration distributed power generation power generation planning. microgrid load flow supervised classification; ground control points; wsn confidentiality. threats face localization speech. agriculture icons languages farming hybrid approach svm (support vector machine) rainforest sentiment analysis opining mining area overhead proposed residue-and-quotient (rq) code. error detection cu2+ : glass excitation μp flash adc dac sample and hold. successive approximation. head of water over the crest (hu) breach flow (qw) crest height (hcm). mpc switching mmst mode prediction displacement and inter-storey drift. large-number multiplication fully homomorphic encryption (fhe) vlsi design. robert sobel fourier laplacian activated sludge process (asp) factor analysis (fa) principle component analysis (pca) f/m ratio aggregate size. random path hop by hop glitch power dynamic power ir drop decoupling capacitance switching activity wireless broadcast system pull based broadcast unsynchronized channel push based broadcast ret670 transformer protection ied invisibility of vimanas wave signal . damping. fully stressed design bellcrank goal function pdf sdrf flamelet equation ontology relational weights minimal infrequent weighted item set. infrequent weighted item set weighted association rule mining magnetic principles free energy conversion unconventional motor perpetual motion self-energizing hermite polynomial. expansion formula general class of polynomials i -function depth of cut. feed speed approximate generalized time moments (agtm) genetic algorithm (ga) karush–kuhn–tucker (kkt). optimization techniques optimal power flow (opf) minimum fusion multimodal biometrics stationary wavelet feature fusion maximum fusion discrete wavelet average fusion quantitative infrared thermography thermal bridges. hierarchic representation optimized tailoring impulsive loading variable stiffness composites. stress relaxation indentation four-neighborhood search. steel structure wsd is:800 lsd qr code phishing shares otp visual cryptography. modified asphalt mixture;composite modified;lo embedded technology hand gesture operated wheelchair effluent management sugarcane industry chest diseases medical diagnosis. fuzzy logic controller mppt (perturb and observe algorithm) cloud forensic heat treatment. aluminum 7075 alloy corrosion retrogression and re-aging separation efficiency discrete phase model flue gases cyclone separator microstrip patch antenna ism band. noise image denoising photovoltaic. perturb and observe green roof green building rating system leed green building eewh active layer drift velocity diode device monte carlo simulation eigen face spontaneous facial expression principal component analysis (pca). bioceramic; resonance; photoluminescent; meridian; bypassing comparison. area multipliers unique brain wave pattern brain fingerprinting pattern based natural language interface 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processes . continuous-time markov chain expected time to absorption chronic kidney disease lateritic soil zycosil. peak to sidelobe ratio (psr). range sidelobes range sidelobe reduction digital pulse compression (dpc) biphase codes kmeans algorithm sidelobe suppression filter(ssf) range sidelobe reduction peak to sidelobe ratio (psr). biphase codes range sidelobes digital pulse compression (dpc) sidelobe suppression filter(ssf) kmeans algorithm internal model control (imc) model-order reduction digital domain. load frequency control (lfc) electrical discharge machining calcium carbonate. catalytic pyrolysis tyres lube oil ttp. stress level dmaas- data mining as a service fdmpc- framework for data mining as a service on p daas – data storage as a service daas – data storage as a service fdmpc- framework for data mining as a service on p dmaas- data mining as a service special moment resisting frame ordinary moment resisting frame staad.pro v8i. ordinary moment resisting frame special 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circular iris localization timing analysis odour quality testing. disc brake catia multiple particles particle contamination gas insulated substations speed control flyback separately excited d.c motor. noncomplementary control active clamp molybdenum wire. ahp ra kw flywheel energy storage system. c-dump converter brushless dc (bldc) machine sp- strychnos potatorum fluoride low-cost natural adsorbent fuzzy sets theory fuzzy relationships learning hierarchy mepdg traffic analysis vehicle class distribution tire pressure flexible pavement uniform local binary pattern. feature vectors chi square distance measure facial expressions template matching chain-branched reactions contagious diseases epidemics stratified populations susceptible starlike functions  convex functions bazilevic functions. analytic functions univalent functions convex functions climbing robot opencv. nva wip dilo time and motion process analysis skill gap analysis cdm reliability based optimum design four speed gear box. binary watermark. milling process step automatic feature recognition cad/capp/cam computer vision. machine learning quality of service. gos cac dtn location dependency (psnr) peak signal-to-noise ratio steganalysis stegokey. ground water impacts chemical properties salinity slurry anaerobic fermentation heat loss digester biogas plant mit detention time thermal simulation surface water water pollution physico-chemical vertical handoff application aware data model compressed sensing image reconstruction. security and privacy pva/ag nanocomposites; 4-nitrophenol; tem; xrd; uv bicubic image interpolation kriging bilinear queueing theory poisson process waiting time. nanosorbents chromium iron oxide nanoparticles spatial structure territory spatial distribution passive defense civil defense land use. dpfc ac-dc power conversion semiconductor devices power system control. power transmission numerical overcurrent relay adaptive protection special design transformers(sdt) irrigation pump sets (ip sets) open delta operation group operated switch (gos) vapour adsorption refrigeration condensation cooling system refrigerant and cryogenic. keyword query routing keyword search graph-structured data linguistic and semantic analysis security and countermeasures. layer based attacks eigenfaces covariance matrix dune sand moisture retention. bentonite irrometer mixture bay spacing pre-engineered building span and tapered sections. angle of inclination staad pro working stress method spatial analysis water and soil parameters tsunami surfer ver. 9 pilot cable induced voltage normal induced longitudinal voltage (nilv) plasmonic extinction scattering thin film mat lab. composite beam glass and epoxy pv panel; z-mli; mppt; pwm inverter. language identification multi-lingual document feature extraction. top profile document image processing bottom profile manet; olsr; aodv; ns2. power line carrier (plc) plc advanced metering infrastructure (ami) automated meter reading system (amr) smart grid communication smart meters. intensive simulation design process numerical optimization hypertext markup language 5.0 interactive voice response ajax technology. high rise buildings. etabs displacement story drift sunken slab thickness depths and two way slab. fea; modal analysis; static analysis; optimization global navigation satellite system gis development utility network system. sam rgb&l scm multispectral gradientdirection quantization contourlettransform digital watermarking wavelets. true single phase clock (tspc) phase locked loop (pll) multimodulus prescaler frequency synthesizer thermal fixing elastic behavior drill temperature clamping systems. asphalt mixture; composite modified; water stabili solitude spatial histogram anonymity location soret effect and chemical reaction. dufour effect constant heat source carry lookahead adder low leakage sleep transistors 10t full adder soc(system on chip). hybrid topology dc link voltage nonstiff source. multi-storey etabs. rc shear wall rc structure skin color hand recognition hand detection interactive session. virtualized application social networking rice husk ash (rha) high performance concrete iron slag thyristor controlled series capacitor green computing carbon dioxide (co2) hazardous computers rail to rail input differential operation amplifier constant transconductance iaas saas. paas cloud security sae baja vehicle all terrain vehicle chasis roll cage risc. carbon black (cb) thermo catalytic decomposition. palladium chloride activated carbon (ac) confinement stress-strain behaviour cylinders axial compression strength reversible multiplexer reversible left-shift register reversible logic gates urdhva tiryakabhayam healthy shaft crack location fft analyzer crack depth slant crack. cracked shaft damping force twin tube shock absorber openings global stiffness pushover analysis ductility ratio performance levels safety ratio default and user defined hinges power converters. islanding modes active power filter (apf) renewable energy. accident record system gulf countries accident database co-channel interference (cci) multiple-input multi adaptive beamforming orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (ofdm). thermal radiation; viscous dissipation; hall curre transmission rate fast fading zero-voltage- switching (zvs). soft-switching resonant converter tri-layered model peeling stress shearing stress different uniform temperature model electronic package institutional area noise induced hearing loss (nihl) road traffic noise noise barriers. solar carport csp concentrated solar power renewable energy mse. multimodal medical image fusion fusion rules image fusion grid srg based wind turbine photovoltaic (pv) system primary suspension system static analysis anasys 12.0 coil springs soret and dufour effect rectangular duct micropolar fluid waiting lines stone crusher plant mines waiting time and waiting time cost. single& multi-channel queuing theory food dehydration firefly algorithm process parameter optimization non-linear goal programming route summarization route redistribution. ospf eigrp design parameters. apdl anti roll bar pattern discovery web usage mining classification. homeostatic turnover immune memory mathematical model b cells main controller load balancers cloud partition load balancing detection and estimation iterative computation. network separation low power. feed through logic (cgs) static cmos logic service quality lead rubber bearing isolator synopsis simulation. parallel-parallel input and single output (ppi-so) propeller blade fiber composite light dependent resistors. demand side management time of day tariff smart meters energy management energy conservation neutral current compensation zig-zag transformer. power substation subsurface installation rivers state resitivity nigeria swirl supercharger carburettor turbulence fuel injector dufour number soret number porous mediua finite difference method. boundary layer mass transfer double stratification convection alu nano technology. quantum dot cellular automata (qca) animal traction pesticide sprayer tractor. spray technology hadoop data compression mapreduce cloud svm. hybrid multilevel inverter pvdc power supply induction motor drive direct torque control blowfish tripledes des automating processes; refactoring information systems design; agile methods multi cloud ecc algorithm data integrity response surface methodology. natural dye pterocarpus species sag and swell mitigation distributed power flow controller. effluent treatment dairy industry wastewater characteristics. removal efficiency weakly compatible common fixed point e.a property. ams (2000) mathematics classificatio coincidence weakly biased trametes versicolor destination-sequenced distance vector (dsdv) proto mobile ad-hoc networks (manets) dynamic source routing (dsr) protocol pollination based optimization (pbo) algorithm. linear blades scotch yoke mechanism multi-resolution real time compression ahb bus tracer amba signal tracing. nearly hyperbolic kenmotsu manifold parallel distribution integrability condition. 2000 ams mathematics subj semi-symmetric metric connection semi-invariant submanifolds 53d12. 53d25 customer relationship management customer segmentation data mining. test bandwidth soc testing test scheduling power constraint kogge-stone adder prefix adder. rsfq adder digital arithmetic tan. bayesian networks behavior-knowledge space confidentiality dscr private key public key. power spectral density (psd). power amplifier (pa) digital predistortion (dpd) power loss voltage profile pso dg propagation delay. current comparator flipped voltage follower asymmetry relation region of interest mri internal heat generation quasi static. concentration. cuo-distilled water nanofluids photovoltaiic. sleepy stack avg power dual sleep flip-flops fis. coupled inductor boost pv array stepup/step down. open coiled spring by fea and response surface mod charging efficiency lead–acid battery state-of-charge photovoltaic system weekly markov chain rainfall dry spell wet spell fluidised bed reactor aerobic biodegradation. calibration opencv face detection. blank network reception unsteady network reception fading cell site pi-pd disturbance rejection integrating process pid controller unstable process. security issues half-range fourier series h -function of two variables multiple half-range fourier series. (2000 mathemat h -function dimensional characteristics site properties manhattan distance gabor wavelet. color scale images content-based image retrieval color histograms euclidean distance method cbir systems shunt reactor under ground power cable. mathematical modeling. environment control human welfare controlled environment instrumentation climatic chamber dtmf robot dual tone multiple frequency ganoderma lucidum zinc jute resin. rear bumper aspect ratio 𝐴𝑟 varying wall temperature radius ratio 𝑅𝑟 and rayleigh number(ra). rmp mp flexural and split tensile strengths. sd compressive double add reduce algorithm area-efficient architecture carry save addition montgomery modular multiplier constant log bcjr algorithm add compare select(acs) turbo codes vision assistant module from lab view. richardson lucy method smart phone camera 2d qr bar code image routing attacks malicious node detection and prevention site suitability textile sewage water tamilnadu salem corporation treatment plant photovoltaic battery charger crosscutting concerns interference detection. aspect oriented development distribution generation mountain open defecation nepal terai sanitation ritz method functionally graded materials improved third order shear deformation theory thermal loads single diffusion thermal analysis. aerodynamics string array irradiance necop pulse width modulation (pwm) pi controller impact properties hybrid composites. flexural properties glass fiber bamboo fiber dendrocalamus strictus polyster resin self compacting concrete flyash properties. self-curing concrete; water retention; relative hu combustion device thrust chamber. ocdma networking domotics voltage source inverters svpwm harmonic distortion. mamdani fuzzy modeling work stress hamming distance 2000 mathematics subject classifi job strain teaching anger fast charging multilevel energy storage distributed energy resources electrical vehicle emission constraint droop control power electronic conversion multi-performance; search time; motor action time; sweet pepper drip irrigation yield water use efficiency fertigation cetylpyridinium chloride; hybrid materials; interc soft storey incremental conductance (ic) continuous conduction mode (ccm) buck converter photovoltaic (pv) system. domain-based lo hierarchy o-o lo model data object lo reusability. lo class lo repository namakkal erode alignment national highway errors knowledge alamouti stbc mimo and miso. wcdma hfss. sierpinski carpet frame staging response spectrum elevated water tanks two mass model. seismic zones paver block water absorption. coconut fiber traffic wbmroads. ruralroad habitations closest nodes phantom nodes mobile ad hoc networks position identification vehicular networks. breast cancer fatigue frequency spectrum. hyper geometric function. 2010 psychologic stress iambp heat source /sink parameter;mhd flow;power-law flu corpus callosum mean shift geometric active contour and morphological techniq coconut shell powder bone powder hfrp composites wear. tuffriding coupler torsion shaft splines wdmpon tdmpon awgpon. pon e-shaped slot microstrip co-axial probe rectangular patch hfss software ad tree; j48; random tree; rep tree; simple cart; ip-ran redaqm conventional brace lateral load buckling restrained brace (brb) steel frame libya. highway projects conceptual cost estimating spectrumholes cyclostationary spectrum sensing wi-fi. structural optimization. self-supporting truss towers vibration analysis ansys workbench12.0 bolt pretension proe5.0. weldment eccentric casablanca. hazard rate function. mathematics subject classifi reliability function prolactin (prl) single nucleotide polymorphism(snp) 90b25 prolactin receptor (prlr) transmuted weibull distribution pedestrian sidewalk bicycle lane traffic volume intersection m 40 disc bending test super plasticizer data extraction data embedding us/mri images sensitivity precision and specificity. dicom k-nn magnitude response evolutionary optimization technique parks and mcclellan algorithm. csa we will design better management plans resulting i each organization should follow their vision and l in order to achieve ideal status and meet demands these goals can be called as predefined sub projec classification and determining requirements and th rules and resources are designed. goals are modell internet engineering future internet internet trend internet science authentication usability single and multiple factor authentication authorization one time password μ(m μ-πrα t1/2 spaces. n)-πrα continuous n)-πrα closed sets node localization; localization accuracy wireless sensor networks; distance correction; analytic hierarchy process (ahp); multi criteria d flow tungston. rate methodology business intelligence financial information system. business intelligence system financial data particulate matter. human health air quality construction sites air pollution index (api) transients relay parameters faults mirdita ophiolites the foliated gabbro kaptina gabbro massif the layered gabbro. the isotropic gabbro quartz-sulphide mineralization silymarin and protein. hepatoprotective cinnamon zeylanicum power management. excess molar volume deviation in isentropic compressibility -butyrolactone aliphatic alcohols fuzzy linear programming; final cash balance; cost coconut shells (c s) sea shells (s s) aggregate lmtd. shell tube heat exchanger heat transfer co-efficient time-inter- leaved analog-to-digital converter time-varying filter. reconstruction frequency response mismatches ansys work bench fluent. plate fin heat exchanger computational fluid dynamics(cfd) 3d cad model plc circuit computer aided fixture design (cafxd automated rotary cage poka-yoke the feature based modeller (fbm) sensing capability adsorption energy swcnts gaussian program dft method elevator control; plc control; siemens logo; feedb linear ic stepup transformer. peltier tiles granulated blast furnace slag (gbfs) granular subbase (gsb) rice husk ash (rha). california bearing ratio (cbr) phase lock loop (pll) generating millimeter waves injection locking with phase lock loop (ilpll) ftl mftl cnt power amplifier (pa). memory effects nine switch converter power quality. power conditioner discontinuous pulse-width modulation dco signal shaping circuit. frequency divider delay detector self healing sequence number routing table black hole receive reply maize powder phenol formaldehyde areca fiber character of representation representation for the group tenser product. degree of the representation indoor radon-thoron concentration nuclear tracks. annual effective dose annual exposure solid state nuclear track detector defected ground structures (dgs) spurline microstrip bandstop filter (bsf) tristan and isolde. vis and ramin vulgar beliefs soa governance soa adoption readiness assessment soa implementation. straight tube heat exchanger helical coil heat exchanger overall heat transfer coefficient. x less than y(xly) x equal to y(xey) bridge. high-performance (hp) n-10t fa24t power delay product (pdp) low- power(lp) x greater than y(xgy) early pleistocene bimodal carbonatite eruptions pyroclasts carbonatite bombs tamil nadu thiruvalangadu finite element method. boom nose end casting fatigue failure dynamic loading alpha blending levels. luma component digital watermarking technique collocation tau method partial differential equation catalan polynomial. nonlinear tau method fuzzy expert system volumetric heat capacity. copper end chills cryogenic effect cryo-chill eye blinking multimedia software development smartphones android weblinks modern traditional online calculators power gating leakage current ground bounce noise. stacking interior colors preferences of women color matching exterior colors automobile reliability based design probabilistic approach. six speed gear box four speed gear box object kernel tracker visual cryptography visual cryptographic schemes. transparencies de-noising rmse manganese ferrite cbd single bit flip-flop. multi bit flip-flop clock network clock buffer status register photovoltaic (pv) stiffeners. inplane loads buckling load factor cutout golobalized and bounded nelder-mead mobile network personal handy system vehicle tracking preamplifier based comparator dynamic comparator with positive feedback high speed dynamic comparator with positive feedback pmos as dynamic comparator low noise a/d converter. low offset hand layup technique alfisol contamination pesticides mali korokoro watershed data analysis representation open-source java software library graph energy efficiency. buckling cfst. non-value added activities cellular manufacturing wastes. value stream mapping photovoltaic models maximum power point. photovoltaic power systems subscriber satisfaction. key performance indicators call setup success rate fpga implementation euclidean algorithm digital video broadcasting reed-solomon codes. error locator polynomial logic level logic gates synchronous decade counter clock pulse devnagari marathi printer head thermal printer electronic weighing scale real time tracking pos optimal fusion technique multiscale decomposition medical image fusion least mean fourth algorithm adaptive filtering adaptive noise cancelling nlms algorithm and normalized least mean fourth algorithm. video data hiding rsa approach discrete wavelet transform (dwt) cover image stego image bit length. information access network isp qos parameters modal loss factor. modal strain energy method constraininglayer vem pcld sol-gel method and opuntia prickly pear dye. zno doped tio2 electrode wind turbine (wt) model grid side converter (pwm inverter) photovoltaic (pv) model grid connected hybrid system model. engine assembly line layout etc. machines engine assembly line & method tools lean production & cost cutting al-tic powder metallurgy grain refining wishbone topography hyperworks routing. processes sequencing arm7processor module biomedical sensors 89c51 microcontroller. sales marketing & support e-business on-line shopping olr hrt afbr influent cod trickle charging photovoltaics c/d controller pwm inverter temporal tree mining embedded subtree mining human interaction tree-based mining mutual exclusion distributed mutual exclusion group mutual exclusion thomas fiering method meropenem uv-irradiation. photocatalysis incremental conductance method solar photovoltaic (pv) system perturb and observe(p&o) method constant current method maximum power point(mpp) constant voltage method maximum power point tracking(mppt) columbic repulsion silicon oxynitride free electrons teflon electromagnetic field hybrid reinforced concrete steel nylon 6 gear box peak amplitude vibration spectrum anodizing of titanium coloring effect sem & edax analysis ac impedance test potentiodynamic test molecular component four ball tester tribo-performance engine oil sintering compaction pressing slip casting zirconium oxy chloride zirconia adequacy test colmonoy; optimization; penetration; pta welding; citrus seasonal dynamic leaf concentration macronutrients ag-doping toluene solvent solvothermal method sem. viscosity index lubricating oil lubricating oil additives regression analysis. correlation analysis partial backlogging time dependent demand perishable inventory model. shortages current density electrochemical method tetra propyl ammonium bromide. moo3 nanorods look up tables haar wavelet transform handwritten gurumukhi script isolated handwritten character recognition svm classifier. background directional distribution diagonal feature distance profile piezoelectric transducers lamb waves probability-based diagnostic imaging error function scattered signal energy structural health monitoring centrifugal pump chbmli-cascaded h-bridge multilevel inverter multicarrier pwm technique. ifoc-indirect field oriented control space vector pwm (svpwm) field-oriented control(foc) permanent magnetic synchronous motor(pmsm) mobile agent; security; control flows; prototype m sample space probability teaching aid word. problem solver events ict; healthcare; e-health; database; cloud computi plant protection. growth stimulation biopesticide lucerne data mining and machine learning axial stiffness tibial fracture external fixators k-wires jess autopilot mno2 spatial point pattern recycled al-332 alloy fractal analysis voltage stability wind farm (wf). voltage fluctuation static synchronous compensator (statcom) color models. dielectric value gain. wearable antenna cotton textile harmonics (h) matrix converter (mc) micro- turbine genrator (mtg) distributed generators data analytics analytics in-bus module rush statistical analysis base station module public transportation management services bus station module bus stop module electro-thermal actuator thermal expansion. mems joule heat embedding algorithm detection algorithm human visual system v-blast symbol error rate and signal to noise ratio. fading diversity bit error rate multiple input multiple outputs mmse-ic matched filter single sign on mechanism distributed network services sso optical properties electrical transport x-ray diffraction nonlinear optics optical materials convolution code reed solomon code qpsk tangent vector ordinal optimization flexible ac transmission systems (facts) transmission system loadability network congestion interestingness measures comprehensible short columns ultimate load basalt fiber reinforced polymer ductility index. strengthened columns harmonic analysis experimental testing hopper electrostatic precipitator hopper vibrator field programmable gate array orthogonal frequency division multiplexing spatial multiplexing system generator and xilinx. space time block code emotion recognition; feature extraction; mel-scale eucalyptus camendulensis essential oil bacteria and fungi. ram sda i2c bus scl cost estimate bim cost monitoring and control cost variances affordable multi-swarm optimization logistic model trees and svm with particle swarm o solidity dna arithmetic coding solidity ratio. normalizedcoefficient. digital watermark discrete (haar) wavelet transform principal component analysis mfrg gate multiplexer quantum cost. frg gate image annotation system face recognition system information retrieval and name assignment wavelet transformation. travelling waves fault lo-cation frequency -dependent line model alternative transients program (atp) underground cable cumulative intrusion volume khuff formation khartam reservoirs pore size distribution tail dissolution microbes modeling pore area. meor reinforcement pca. agglomeration mechanical alloying steady state characteristics constant speed test constant radius test understeer gradient transient response characteristics edge based techniques. region based thresholding based technique texture based phenols ascorbic acid phytochemicals potato 1. rap: reclaimed asphalt pavement 2. gsb: granula eigenfaces. artificial neural network (ann) surface roughness. cnc turning machine grey relational analysis i-v plot memristance charge—flux relationship non volatile memory mathematical modeling random variables location based services hidden state cache replacement policy facts (flexible ac transmission system) power injection model. particle swarm optimization transient stability upfc(unified power flow controller) smib multi-machine modeling converters capacitor dynamics vigna unguiculata seed germination heavy black soil shoot growth receiver aperture solar parabolic trough absorber tube impact ionization drift-diffusion model (ddm). avalanche photo detector (apd) malwares temporal background subtraction object segmentation haar classifier and object detection improved genetic algorithm. imagej directional coupler koch fractal geometry. phased antenna array digital phase shifter v2v vehicle to vehicle v2i vehicle to infrastructure ofdma fourier-based ofdm (fft-ofdm) discrete cosine transform (dct) orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (ofdm) mgo nano powder fe2o3 amorphous powder textile industries anthraquinone blue dye. dye removal de-shelling efficiency coconut de-shelling machine small scale farmers buck half- bridge converter pfc vsi. voltage control air conditioner bldc multilayer perceptron features extraction preprocessing. k nearest neighbors handwritten and printed numeral recognition maxwell 15.0 single-phase induction motor core material 1-bit sigma-delta adc ltspice tool. neonatal intensive care unit neonatology health parameters vlsi reversible logic carry skip adder quantum cost least significant bit(lsb) psnr. inverted pendulum (ip) optimal control nonlinear system double pid control lqr cadence; static power; delay; buffer mechanism; soaml uml. bpmn service oriented modelling framework ship detection cfar parzen window storey drift steel bracing retrofit markov model failure probability repair rate and state space cmrr cascode amplifier system architecture string matching algorithm mobile app wamis cellular network bluetooth security legacy pairing secure and simple pairing. hmac algorithm normalized least mean square mean square error sign error. peak signal to noise ratio frequency domain adaptive filtering least mean square acoustic echo cancellation error rate loss enhancement interference detection rela-tional algebra. aspect oriented programming intertype declaration higher education institution] [moocs distance education natural language processing (nlp) phonetics standing loss thermal insulations 5 star rating energy saving human recourse information system; public sector; nickel submerged arc welding langmuir. tunisian phosphate rock sorption kinetics freundlich lead hydroxyapatite personalized web search. authorities web information scent hubs hits approximate string matching. string matching exact string matching intrusion detection systems (ids) laypersons low wind speed turbines crude blade. wind power density regions aerodynamic profiles deflouridation dehusking cutters. agri-machine arecanut walsh function generalized carleson operator for walsh type and f periodic walsh- type wavelet packets walsh- type wavelet packets ces𝑎 ro's means of order 1 for single infinite creep. remaining life analysis service exposed boiler tubes anti-biofilm effect staphylococcus warneri staphylococcus sciuri disinfectants anti-adhesive effect pseudomonas aeruginosa potable water piping biofilm physicochemical properties virulence phenotype. modal analysis ladder frame nano fluid mpfhs edax. agar shunt active filters non linear loads power system harmonics ft-ir fp gui lsne wf rwf rb low power nanoscale design cmos vs finfet 6t sram cell finfets absorption efficiency hoop stress analysis life analysis clean power heat availability tube material characteristics. generalized burgers’ fluid fox hfunction. sinusoidal pressure gradient constant pressure gradient dgs filter bandpass filter wide band filter. carry save adder vedic mathematics urdhva triyakbhyam sutra and user sequence data. web recommendation web personalization fea;modal fea; non-linear dish reactor. control of change order and effects of change order. causes of change order change orders channel state information pilot carriers spectral efficiency lte. channel estimation subspace approach mimo-ofdm systems rtc ds1307 pic small indigenous fishes eastern himalayas cooking methods polyunsaturated fatty acids antioxidant activity bending moment region strengthened beam ultimate load carrying capacity. control beam basalt fiber reinforced polymer (bfrp) citrate-gel auto combustion method ferrites eds. scalar control data perturbation decision tree learning dataset complementation. unrealized dataset privacy preserving data mining (ppdm) c4.5 algorithm id3 algorithm decision tree iq modulation digital baseband modulation papr. orthogonality high switching frequency. ultra violet lamps integration technique high power factor augmentation salinity management. kuttanad hankel transform. eigen value micro-isotropic micro-elastic solid scavenging air-mass fraction fvm co2-mass fraction nox emissions combustion modeling diesel combustion 45nm two-stage cadence 180nm cmos (complementary metal oxide semiconductor fiel op-amp (operational amplifier) modulation multilevel lshm and wlsm. cascade inverter pshm optimumsplitinjection cfdtool didieselengine splitinjection fixed capacitors apfc panels power factor correction. power factor inductive prediction model recycled pet strips dg mosfet (double gate metal oxide field effect tr short channel effect (sce) bulk (single gate) mosfet. operating parameters coefficient of performance cascade refrigeration system congestion management optimal power flow gilbert cell rfic linearity mixer down conversion casting machinability test turning. al-si alloys bar chart shift image secret writing. life cycle cost analysis hvac system statistical multiplexing icc delay virtualization vo d live tv crack length part-through cracked pipes full factorial design v www.ijera.com
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