meta-analysis esophageal manometry randomized controlled trial systematic review cohort study case-control study case report solitary rectal ulcer syndrome crohn's disease high resolution manometry case series anal fissure number needed to treat randomization epigastric hernia femoral hernia umbilical hernia doppler ultrasound gerd zollinger-ellison syndrome peptic ulcer disease fibroscan high reolution esophageal manometry conventional esophageal manometry upper gastrointestinal endoscopy barium swallow radiography mixed hiatal hernia paraesophageal hiatal hernis sliding hiatal hernia fine needle aspiration of thyroid nodules hashimoto's thyroiditis medullary thyroid carcinoma anaplastic thyroid carcinoma follicular thyroid carcinoma papillary thyroid carcinoma cervical lymph nodes very hypoechoic thyroid nodule hypoechoic thyroid nodule isoechoic thyroid nodule hyperechoic thyroid nodule solid thyroid nodule thyroid cyst thyroid colloid cyst electrodiagnostic tests flexor policis longus flexor digitorum profundus flexor digitorum superficials nerve sheath tumor gouty tophus rheumatoid nodule ganglion cyst wrist-to-forearm ratio of median nerve cross-secti inlet-to-outlet ration of median nerve csa bifid median nerves persistent median artery carpal bones space occupying lesions in carpal tunnel carpal tunnel flexor retinaculum median nerve arfi strain elastogrphy 2 dimension shear wave elastography liver elastography liver biopsy liver fibrosis splenic artery celiac axis abdominal aorta visceral arteries color doppler ultrasound ectopic testis round ligament varices cryptorchidism testicular dislocation corditis inguinal canal hydrocele recurrent hernia incisional hernia divarication of rectus abdominis strangulated hernia posterior inguinal wall insufficiency teale-type femoral hernia diastasis recti hypogatric hernia spigelian hernia direct inguinal hernia indirect inguinal hernia stratosphere sign barcode sign lung point sign seashore sign comet tail artifact bat sign cardiac temponade atelectasis pericardial effusion pneumoperitoneum hydrothorax pneumothorax henoch-schönlein purpura acute focal pyelonephritis dermoid cyst omental infarction mucocele of appendix ureteral stone ileocecal intussusception crohn’s disease hip effusion psoas abscess infectious enterocolitis early pregnancy urachal cyst mesenteric adenitis acute appendagitis meckel diverticulum ovarian cysts extopic pregnancy acute appendix normal appendix esophageal impedance magnifying endoscopy narrow band imaging colo-rectal polyps network meta-analysis cross-sectional study blinding relative risk odds ratio probability value confidence interval publication bias cross sectional study case-series diagnostic studyy rapid contraction premature contraction jackhammer esophagus hypercontraction hiatal hernia large defect high reolution manometry esophageal pressurization hirsprung's disease fecal incintinence biofeedback constipation dyssynergia anorectal manometry anal sphincter atrophy anal sphincter defect anal canal melanoma perianal fistula hereditary internal sphincter myopathy anal canal tumor ulcerative colitis radiation proctitis endoscopic ultrasound linitis plastica epidermoid cyst endometriosis rectal tumor dupication cyst rectal cancer gatrointestinal stromal tumor lipoma carcinoid tumor submucosal lesions pneumatosis coli ineffective esophageal motility distal esophageal spasm achalasia fragmented peristalsis esophagogastric junction outflow obstruction jackhammer absent contractility bile duct necrosis hepatic vein thrombosis piggy-back anastomosis portal vein stenosis liver abscess inferior vena cava stenosis biliary cast syndrome splenic artery steal syndrome inferior vena cava thrombosis hepatic vein stenosis biloma hematoma helical portal vein flow portal vein thrombosis hepatic artery thrombosis orthotopic liver transplantation hepatic artery stenosis living donor liver transplantation portal cavernoma chronic hepatitis e mixed cryoglobulinemia interferon - peg-interferon - ribaverin - neutrope intestinal tuberculosis - crohn's disease von hippel lindau disease bosniak classification adpkd arpkd multicystic dysplastic kidney. tuberous sclerosis pancretic true cyst cystic pancreatic endocrine tumor. serous cysadenoma pancreatic pseudo-cyst ipmns solid pseudo-papillary tumor mucinous cystadenoma anti h2 nsaids ppi helicobacter pylori antacid. retained antrum syndrome diverticular hemorrhage hemorrhoids hypertensive gastropathy dieulafoy lesion. hemobilia gastric varices esophagreal varices telangiectasia gave crhon's disease likelihood ratio negative predictive value specificity roc curve. sensibility positive predictive value blinfing masking jaddad scale. intention to treat venn diagram. pictogram spider plot line graph histogram stem & leaf plot dot plot pie graph bar graph tufte's principles central tendency box-wisker plot display tables display graph diplay numbers carotis artery stenosis carotid body tumor. carotis artery dissection carotid artery aneurysm carotid artery occlusion incisional hernia. speigelian hernia inguinal hernia periumbilical hernia sinusoidal obstruction syndrome budd-chiari syndrome omeprazole proton pum inhibitors dyspepsia retained antrum pubmed evidence-based medicine level of evidence cochrane review primary study transient elastography. mri elastography combined mii-ph 24 hours esophageal ph monitoring bravo capsule. forest plot funnel plot.
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