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Dual fuel System


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Dual Fuel System! It is not a update system but now Comap has more advanced system.

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Dual fuel System

  1. 1. Pg. 1New Technologies For InternalCombustion EnginesEngines Management SystemsAlternative Fuel SystemsEngine ConversionsGasoline – Diesel – Natural Gas –CNGBiomass
  2. 2. Pg. 2Dual Fuel Conversion system
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  4. 4. Pg. 4
  5. 5. Pg. 5
  6. 6. Pg. 6Overview V-Engine TM_4T-V10
  7. 7. Pg. 7
  8. 8. Pg. 8Overview V-Engine 4M_4T-V10
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  11. 11. Pg. 11DF MixerThe DF Mixer series are specially designed for Dual Fuel applications.Hence, the gas metering tube allows being adapted to any application.The mixer is equipped with an ATB throttle body mounting flange.DF- 5-S3- Mixer With HAV 523DF 5” and 8” Mixer
  12. 12. Pg. 12Y-Flap Gas Flow Control for Dual Fuel V-Engines
  13. 13. Pg. 13
  14. 14. Pg. 14
  15. 15. • -Developed to detect the knocking of gas and Dual-Fuel Engines. Controllerstandard analog and binary outputs are intended to control gas engine ignitionsystem or gas portion control in Dual-fuel engines.• -Applicable on 2-and 4 stoke engines up to 20 Cylinders. Any set of cylinders up to20pcs can be evaluated. Each evaluated cylinder or adjacent cylinders is equippedby dedicated sensor. Pg. 15DENOX ( KNKOCK MONITORING SYSTEM)
  16. 16. The DFM-100 family of Dual-Actuator-Drivermodules is typically used for twin-diesel-fuel-pumps and dual-fuel applications, mainly diesel-gas. The DFM-100 units have various uniquedynamic functions, as well as safety features andcan be combined with different ESD-familyspeed-control-units.Pg. 16Dual fuel Module 100&GAC’s Speed control UnitsGAC’s Speed Control Units are precise speedcontrols designed and manufactured in variousconfiguration to meet application requirementsusing the latest analog and digital controltechnologies. Reverse battery polarity and fail-safe protection in the event of loss of speedsensor signal or battery voltage is incorporatedin every GAC Speed Control Unit. A wide varietyof application needs can be satisfied with GAC’sconstant or variable speed governing, inisochronous or droop operation.
  17. 17. Pg. 17Accessories of Dual fuel systemMagnetic Speed Sensor Anti Knocking SensorTMC 2000 DF-Y3 Controller
  18. 18. Pg. 18DENOX Antiknocking Module & Sensor L85Natural Gas Actuator & Throttle Body ATB seriesDiesel Actuator
  19. 19. Pg. 19HT Dual Fuel Conversion in IndonesiaProject Reference
  20. 20. Pg. 20Gas Street
  21. 21. Pg. 21Diesel Actuator replacement
  22. 22. Pg. 22Wiring of connections to panel
  23. 23. Pg. 23Anti-knocking sensors
  24. 24. Pg. 24Throttle and Y flap mounting
  25. 25. Pg. 25Do not place host that collapse
  26. 26. Pg. 26Mounting Mixer
  27. 27. Pg. 27Engine operational on dual fuel – Diesel & GasProviding the opportunity to exploit gas ratio of 70%No de-rating of powerNo major alteration to engineAbility to switch back to 100% diesel engineReduces maintenance and servicing cost
  28. 28. Pg. 28SAVINGSMaking entry into a typical spreadsheet.Determine appox. Cost saving with the current prices of the fuel.Ensuring the return of investment period of system throughpayback.
  29. 29. Pg. 29 The conversion is a perfect investment for power users who are looking to upgrade theircurrent system to alternative fuel technology, without revamping the entire system As a retrofit technology, the system provides an economically attractive alternative instead ofbuying costly new generators. With the ability to operate both fuels, the engine will never be down due to a lack ofadequate gas fuel supply. Another distinct advantage of dual fuel is the decreased enginewear that comes with use of cleaner fuel. Due to reduction in carbon soot build up & cleaner lube oil, longer intervals between servicemaintenance can be expected, in some cases doubled. This means a longer economical life for the engine and better overall return in yourinvestment.
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  32. 32. Pg. 321. Data review2. Inspection Review and Testing with 100% load3. Recommendation on system adjustments4. Works Undertaking Agreement5. Pre-installation6. Performance in Diesel /Gas mode 100% load7. Final Checks and Testing8. Full commissioning of system in operational mode
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