Supapas "TechCrunch visits Norwich" event @SyncNorwich


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Supapas "TechCrunch visits Norwich" event @SyncNorwich

  1. 1. Your Backstage Pass to your Favourite Bands Online
  2. 2. ...disruptive... to an industry looking for solutions powerful new model music ecosystem of the future
  3. 3. B EFOR E : Artists spend most time / budget on PROMOTION Why? must persuade Fans to buy music EVERY release to announce new release FU TU R E : Subscription Fanclub Artists can focus time / budget on CREATIVITY Why? only persuade Fan ONCE to buy music automated sale & notification
  4. 4. How does it work? £1-£2/month Fan subscription to Artist’s SupaPass Receives: SupaDownload SupaStreaming SupaBackstage SupaStage Regular new music access to behind-the-scenes world
  5. 5. B EFOR E : Fans wait months / years for next release Artists write new songs but can’t record because busy promoting previous album FU TU R E : SupaDownload Get in the recording studio more often Funded by Fans Reward Fans with regular Pre-Release track
  6. 6. B EFOR E : Artists limited by physical location to perform & connect with Fans Have to travel to see Fans Few Fans can meet or talk directly with Artists FU TU R E : SupaStage Artist chat or perform intimately to Fans to/from anywhere in the world from their kitchen filmed from their smartphone / laptop unlimited Fan numbers
  7. 7. B EFOR E : Fans must look at multiple sites for Artist content: Facebook, Twitter, FU TU R E : SupaBackstage Instagram, YouTube, Myspace, SoundCloud, BandCamp, iTunes, reverbnation, lastFM, songkick, kickstarter , ...etc.... Artists must manage content on multiple sites Everything in ONE place online pull-in eg. YouTube Videos push-out eg. automatic posts to Facebook & Twitter
  8. 8. …3 Tier FREEMIUM model Free Sponsored Tier ★Fan★ Basic monthly Subscription ★SupaFan★ Fans SupaFans SupaAngels Extra patron Donation ★SupaAngel★
  9. 9. SupaPass gives brands the opportunity to form deep connections with passionate fans through emotional association with loved Artists
  10. 10. B EFOR E : Only biggest Brands can afford Artist Sponsorship Only biggest Artists can access Endorsement Deals FU TU R E : No intermediary to broker deals with mid & long-tail Artists Fans can access Free Tier Artists still get paid Untapped sphere of influence Artists can target ALL Fans (not just SupaFans) Brand Sponsorship Brands can influence Fans at all levels of music
  11. 11. B EFOR E : Sell x10 Albums each month at gigs cover your petrol? Earn £50 / month Reach 10 People FU TU R E : Get Sponsored on SupaPass Fans download your song for free Earn £100 / month Reach 1,000 People …and get paid 100 times more than a Spotify Stream!