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Music Forums

  1. 1. Music Forums A forum is a public meeting or assembly for open discussion. I shall be looking at forums now to find information about how people react to music videos and what the discussions entail. As well, if I begin a forum I can get specific information to help me, for example, I could ask people what they would want to see in a music video of my chosen song.
  2. 2. Interviews + The Latest News This print screen shot shows a music forum which allows people to look at current news and recent interviews of music artists. This website is linked to web 2.0 other websites such as twitter and facebook where people can upload their own thoughts and products online, therefore this shows how this website is modern and is using online intertextuality to advertise itself and the music artists. Below people can write comments on what they think about the interview. This shot is from the same music forum and portrays all the different music worldwide news for example ‘Oasis spilt’. People can easily look on the website and find entertainment news in the music industry. This again shows how the website is modern and up to date by allowing people to find information at all times as well as the ability to comment on the news articles. All of individual forums or comments to the articles allow people to publicise their own opinions which is what I will need for my music video.
  3. 3. Reviews People have the ability to vote online for interviews, videos or tours and with this the artists can then look back on these reviews to discover how they were perceived. This allows people to say whether they liked it or not. This could help me when making my own music video as after the first draft I could use various mediums to get public feedback.
  4. 4. More Forums + Threads This screen shot is the homepage for ‘INDIEROCKTALK’, this is a page for various forums and discussions based primarily on music. It has links to the different genres of music which I can then look on for the different comments made about them. Once you click on, you are then lead to a page based on different threads and then look at how many comments there are, you also have the ability to begin threads and conversations. This is the link showing the different threads from the genre of Rock music. There are many differing conversations which you can read or also add your own comments. I may begin my own thread for this genre and find information based on my chosen song.
  5. 5. Threads These two print screens show sections of two different threads and conversations which have begun. To my surprise there haven’t been particular questions asked just simple names such as ‘Lady Gaga’ which is unusual but because of it being broad, many people can comment on their thoughts of the music artist. My chosen artist is Coldplay and therefore in preparation for making the video I could find comments from the public about them and their opinions on them. The screen shots above show informal comments, however there can be an overall impression given from these forums which can be helpful when completing a music video project. I will continue to research forums and look into them more deeply to find information and public opinions about my chosen song or music artists. It is important to research not just from other websites but to look at web 2.0. sites also to find information and feedback from a wide range of sources. I shall begin to start my own threads which can specifically help me with what I am doing.