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Website research

  1. 1. Website Research
  2. 2. Firstly, looking at the mark scheme, I looked at what makes an effective webpage..• Level 4 48–60 marks• There is evidence of excellence in the creative use of most of the following technical skills:• • producing material so that it communicates clearly to the ‘reader’ and is appropriate to the audience, using the conventions of web publishing to enable the ‘reader’ to navigate the material appropriately;• • using ICT effectively to appropriately integrate images, written text, sound and video;• • using conventions of image, video and sound production appropriately and effectively;• • accurately using language and register, showing awareness of the need for variety in fonts and text size.
  3. 3. Artist webpage criteria:• -Enable ‘reader’ to navigate through the content effectively• -Effective use of ICT, images, text, sound and video• -Using conventions of image, video and sound production appropriately• -Accurately using language and register including a variety of fonts and text sizes• -Appropriate use of colour, synergy with digipak etc. – convey a consistent imageWhy have a website:• To interact with fans• Easy access to all information and products to do with the artists• Multimedia platform• Convenient for the fans to find out more about the artist in one place• Interactivity and engaging with fans through the use of forums, comments section, upload section, video diaries etc.
  4. 4. We expect certain things when we go onto websites these are called the common conventions. On the top of the Web page you will see a bar with a range of tabs.• Home - This is just a link back to the home page if you leave it and wish to return.• About/Biography - Information on what inspired the artist to create the music that they produce. Also when the artist started to first of all make music and how much of a struggle it was.• Live events and tours - Information about upcoming appearances. This would include links to ticket websites.• Music videos / Vlogs - will give access to music videos and daily vlogs.• Photos/Gallery - Images of the artist. Can include photos from the studio, as well as live appearances.• Merchandise - Gives fans the opportunity to purchase some of the artist merchandise such as; t shirts, hoodies, Mugs, posters and calendars• Sign Up/Login - This is where fans can join mailing list or login as a member of the fan club.
  5. 5. Example one: LabrinthVisually interesting photo with complex headerpicture which makes you look at for a while tofigure out what is going on in the picture and Shortcuts to his facebook and twitterwhat this represents page so they can tweet/follow/post So fans can purchase Labrinth goods including t-shirts, albums etc on his facebook etc All his music videos/work posted so fans Range of tabs for fans to explore, including ‘gigs’ so fans can check tour dates and shows can watch/listen to his latest songs so they can watch him live. As well as a ‘news’ tab so they can keep up to date with what Labrinth is up to
  6. 6. • Labrinth’s webpage is visually interesting as he used images that would draw someone in and by having an interesting, consistent theme throughout his whole webpage. It is visually interesting as he has considered every detail in the images eg. In his glasses there is another image. Also the dark, sci-fi feel of the webpage entices the audience• This website allows fans to engage with him by promoting his social networking sites by adding links to them on his website allowing his fans to post comments to him and keep up to date with his life. When fans follow/like etc a fan page, others become aware of them and this could promote the artist and his work, reeling in more fans• The website offers a store for merchandising which helps bring in profit for the artists allowing fans to by t-shirts, mugs, wristbands and posters. If fans then go and wear/use these items, it could again promote the artist and increase his fan base
  7. 7. Example two: DVS Promotes his newest mixtape on the homepage for people to downloadLarge images of the artist as thebackground. Clear view of his Offers fans a biography todesigner clothing, which is a read up about his life, and for new fans to gain an Offers fans a way of contacting him, byconvention of the grime genre promoting his social networking sites insight into his life Instagram is one of the most popular social networking apps nowadays so by promoting his instagram on the homepage and showing a preview of his photos, fans will see this and follow him. And for those fans that don’t have instagram, it may encourage them to get the app
  8. 8. • Researching DVS was the most beneficial for making my own webpage as DVS is also from the grime genre, like my artist so I took this webpage into deep consideration when thinking about ‘Demolisher’s’ website• As majority of DVS’s songs are about his life and struggles, the ‘biography’ tab is extremely useful and it will help fans understand the meaning behind his songs a lot more and it can help build a stronger relationship between the fan and artist as they feel as if they know him more• Unlike Labrinth’s, DVS’s website is heavily reliant on images. This can be good as it makes it more interesting for the audience, as instead of reading a lot of information, they’d rather look at pictures
  9. 9. Promotes his social networkingExample three: J Cole accounts so fans can engage with him Checkout basket forThe background image is from the Gritty, messy font used to represent the ‘rap’ genre he is when fans purchasevideo of his latest song ‘power trip’, from. Also the dark use of colours represent his style ofhelps promote his song his merchandise music and how he raps about his hard life and struggles from his siteRange of tabs for fans to explore. A quote that J Cole himself has The latest work orIncluding news and photos for fans to said is used so fans feel as if the things he has been upkeep up to date with what events and website is more real and to show in large onwhat J Cole is up to and attending. They personal, as if everything postedcan also check when he is touring or the top is by J Cole himselfdoing specific show dates
  10. 10. Latest news about his social life Allows fan to subscribe soand his work they receive the latest news about him Allows fans to check if there is any events featuring J Cole or when the next one will be
  11. 11. Gives fans the opportunity to Option to downloadview MORE of his work, or buy straight fromphotos and forums the website This website was fairly helpful as J Cole is from the rap genre which Promotes his is very similar to the grime genre. Also the issues covered in J Coles record label songs are very similar to those in Demolisher’s so the theme I use could be similar to this
  12. 12. • Find three websites, at least one being in the same genre as your own. Screenshot the homepages.• What is effective about these homepages?• How are they visually interesting?• What is similar about how these websites engage with their fans and allow them to interact?• How do these websites use social networking as an effective marketing tool?• Do the artists offer any ‘incentives’ to their fans?• Is there a store for merchandising?• Overall, how are these websites similar or different?