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A new type of open education

  1. NPO CCC-TIES・Tezukayama University Masumi Hori CHiLOs: A New Type of Open Education ? Housei University The Second International Symposium on Educational Information Systems Friday March 7th, 2014
  2. The “Year of the MOOC” 2
  3. 3 History of Open Education 2002 OCW cMOOC 2006 Khan AcademyOER 2012 xMOOC 2008 Traditional University Education for everyone
  4. Face-to-face lecture Method Lecture video Teacher Guided study Learning community Campus Platform LMS Credits Authentication Certification or badges $16,000(public)- $37,000(private) Tuition Fees Free or low cost MOOCs and the Traditional University Model 4 Traditional University MOOCs
  5. 5Abolish the Monopoly of Higher Education MOOCsTraditional University Education for everyone
  6. The MOOC hype cycle 6 The year of the MOOC An end of the MOOCs era 2012 2013 2014
  7. An End of the MOOCs Era  For universities MOOCs are not a serious threat.  For companies Budges or accreditation of MOOCs are fallen short of expectations.  For learners It's surprisingly difficult. 7
  8. The post-MOOC Era 8
  9. 9 New Approaches in Two Ways Pure online learning For the school For the company Blended learning MOOCs
  10. Education for Everyone? 10 For the school For the company Emerging Student Pattern in Coursera-style MOOCs # of Student Potential learners left behind
  11. of higher education  Southern New Hampshire Universities’ online division » Direct assessment competency-based education » You can get what you wants 11 Fast, Cheap and Convenient
  12. The Educational Scene in Japan 12
  13. Starting MOOCs ... 13 Second Step MOOCs Japanese MOOCs... ( not JMOOC) Late action?
  14. Do nothing ...  MOOCs are over  Nothing to fear from MOOCs  Ignore the MOOCs  Shut our eyes to MOOCs  An ostrich burying its head in the sand 14 Yet easy way of securing students?
  15. 15 Post-MOOC! Undock MOOCs ...
  16. A New Type of Open Education 16
  17. Non Scholae sed vitae CHiLOs Creative Higher Education Learning Objects We do not learn for the school, but for life For our life Goal of Open Education for TIES For Others For the school For the company Fast, Cheap and Convenient Learning
  18. CHiLO Books CHiLO Lectures LMS using e-Book CHiLO Community CHiLO Badges Four CHiLOs 18 Series of one-minute nano lectures P2P Learning by Connoisseurs LMS LMS LMS 1min 1min 1min 1min Issue of Certificate
  19. Learner oriented New Type Of Higher Education Using CHiLOs Course 1 week 2 week 3 week : Teacher Enroll Course 1 week 2 week 3 week : Enroll Connoisseurs Personalized Course Course oriented Credit Recruiting VolunteerCredit Not need to enroll No Course
  20. OUJ MOOC using CHiLOs 20
  21. Open University Courses, Sprint 2014
  22. Demonstration 22
  23. Nihongo Starter Official page
  24. To make dreams come true!