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Axies csdv2


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Post MOOC and EDUPUB's Future

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Axies csdv2

  1. 1. CHiLO’s Architecture -EDUPUB and it’s capability- NPO CCC-TIES Vice President 小野成志
  2. 2. Developing of TIES 2 History 1996 Kicked off at Tezukayama University 1998 TIES v1 講義資料の Web配信開始 1999 TIES v2 TIESによる 5大学連携開始 2001 TIES v3 データセンターによる ASPサービス開始 2004 TIES v4 授業収録・配信開始 2008 TIES v5 eポートフォリオ 追加 2010 TIES v6 戦略GPサブシステム TIES Smart Text Book 2014 2011 TIES v7 ASP using Moodle 2013 TIES v8 Decentralized systems Award from MEXT TIES v9 & CHiLO MOOC Post MOOC Fathom Wide SOI CHiLO 2015
  3. 3. E-learning to Pedagogy System Intellect for life Learners Higher Education for Everyone Transfer Use Non Scholae sed vitae Social Knowledge Provider Generation
  4. 4. Implementation CHiLO Lectures CHiLO badges CHiLO Communities Analytics CHiLO Books EPUB3 WEB XHTML(HTML5) Moodle & Mozilla Open Budges Gakunin/OAuth SNS LMS Forum Google analytics Facebook insight Reading for offline Reading easily for online Authentication
  5. 5. Analytics CHiLO Book XHTML eBook CHiLO Lectures CHiLO badges LMS Moodle Canvas Modula Open Budges 1 minuet nano lectures CHiLO and EDUPUB CHiLO Community SNS・LMS・Blog・Web Open Graph Protocol Microdata Learners Social Analysis Data Analysis Facebook Insight Google CHiLOs Creative Higher Education LearningObjects Online exam Analytics SNS Authentication Student Gakunin/OAuth Information System IMS Caliper LMS Assessment System IMS EDUPUB Analytics System
  6. 6. Web Browser CHiLO’s Approach CMS/LMS .xhtml .json JavaScript Library Remote Db Synchronization Web Seamless connection Re:View LOM Weko JaLC Knowledge Provider IMS EDUPUB JAIRO CHiLO Community SNS・LMS・Blog・Web Google Facebook Semantic Web OGP Microdata
  7. 7. CHiLO Book Structure CHiLO Book OAuth Analytics IMS Caliper E-textbook Edupub IMS LTI Xhtml Microdata epub Xhtml Json Web Semantic Web OGP XML Json LMS IMS QTI Authentication Gakunin Reposito ry IEEE LOM DOI
  8. 8. JaLC Currently under development Web version E-textbook LOM Weko CHiLO Community SNS・LMS・Blog・Web Re:View Released in January 2014 Educators JAIRO
  9. 9. CHiLO Readers for exclusive use Gakunin/OAuth SNS・LMS・Blog・Web LMS Modula Open Budges LMS Browse EPUB Reader HTML Layer CHiLO Book Reader Moodle Canvas Home Portal SNS Connection Windows Phone/iOS/Android/
  10. 10. Knowledge Eco-cycle Virtual Class K K K Connoisseur K K K Knowledge Provider K Personal Course K K K K K K Social Like Tips Like Dialog K K K Use Transfer Acquirement Generation
  11. 11. Non Scholae sed vitae 2013 2015 2010 • New CHiLO Reader • New efficiency preparation tools • New style Communities 1998 Powered by CHiLO