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A micronized vle for large scale online courses v3


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Research Center for Computing and Multimedia Studies, Hosei University,Japan
International Symposium 2014
The Second International Symposium on Educational Information Systems with Rich Video Content Distribution: MOOCs and Post MOOCs Trends

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A micronized vle for large scale online courses v3

  1. 1. Housei University The Second International Symposium on Educational Information Systems Friday March 7th, 2014 A Micronized VLE for Large Scale Online Courses NPO CCC-TIES・Musashi Academy Seishi Ono
  2. 2. TIES Four Founding Members in Tezukayama University on 1994 The late Dr. Yasuji Kotou Dr. Koichi Nakajima Dr. Atuhiro Mukai Ms. Masumi Hori Cooperation, Sharing and Disclosure or Open education 2
  3. 3. Development of TIES An award from the MEXT HISTORY OF TIES 1996 1998 First appearance at Tezukayama university 1999 TIES v1 Web delivery of course materials 2010 TIES v2 University Alliance for TIES 2008 TIES v6 SNS subsystem 2011 TIES v7 Moodle Based 2001 TIES v3 Delivery for ASP 2004 TIES v5 E-portfolio subsystem 2013 TIES v8 Delivery for Distributed operation TIES v4 Live subsystem 2006 2014NPO CCCTIES TIES v9 & CHiLOs 3
  4. 4. Growth of TIES 4
  5. 5. TIES Blended Learning 2001 Student Teacher Contents material • Course material • Quiz • Home waork Prep Enrollment Attend Lecture using TIES Home Work Including video Class TIES System
  6. 6. About Sankei e-College Project “Minna de Daigaku” or University for everyone Session From August 5th to September 15th, 2008 Organizer Sankei Shimbun Co., Ltd. Participants 14 universities Lectures 33 Courses, 103 videos Cost No charge 6
  7. 7. Participants Universities 明治薬科大学 Meiji Pharmaceutical University 関西学院大学 Kwansei Gakuin University 札幌学院大学 Sapporo Gakuin University 札幌大学 Sapporo University 愛知工科大学 Aichi University of Technology 新潟産業大学 Niigata Sangyo University 創価大学 Soka University 中京大学 Chukyo University 帝塚山大学 Tezukayama University 桃山学院大学 St.Andrew's University 日本福祉大学 Nihon Fukushi University 武蔵大学 Musashi University 名古屋学院大学 Nagoya Gakuin University 愛知学院大学 Aichi Gakuin University 7
  8. 8. Sankei e-college on 2008  Visitors:33,020  Enrollment:2,274 Top About Information Registration Special lecture 8
  9. 9. Sankei e-College Open Online Courses Language English reading and writing Chinese language primer Spanish language primer Japanese writings Economics & management Introduction to economics European economy Information science Medical Special lecture International Management Information Networks Programing Artificial intelligence Organic chemistry Medical engineering eTeaching TIES for EDUCAUSE 2007 9
  10. 10. 10
  11. 11. The Revolution of Mooc Higher Education 2013- 11
  12. 12. Online Learning Experiment “European Economics” at Tezukayama University in 2005 using TIES Students made a choice between on-campus or online course ←On-campus was chosen by140 students Learning with a teacher ↓Online was chosen by 60 students Learning without a teacher 12
  13. 13. Online Education Impact Online students One-sided High Achiever Low High Grade 13
  14. 14. A Similar Finding at Udacity “…scores for a group of about 200 Stanford students who took a particular course, along with some 23,000 who completed it on Udacity, and found that the top 412 were all online students, with the best Stanford student coming in at No. 413.” Presumably independent of challenge levels or academic abilities 14
  15. 15. Characteristic of Learners on LSOCs 15 Presence of lurkers Low completion rate Nielsen,J :Participation Inequality: Encouraging More Users to Contribute, Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox,October, 2006, In most online communities, 90% of users are lurkers who never contribute Common challenge of MOOCs
  16. 16. Trait of Lurkers Learners’ Viewing Time for Lecture Videos A real experiment with involving 30,000 learners in 2008 probability Most learners prefer one or two minute short lectures Viewing Time(minutes) 16
  17. 17. Micro VLE on LSOC  Features of micro Virtual Learning Object(VLE) on Large Scale Online Courses(LSOC) » Distributed autonomous micro VLE have an advantage over large scale VLE » Preventing cost explosion for combination of existing ideas  Features of CHiLO » E-books or micro VLE » Mashup of existing ideas at low cost » Equal relationship between educators and learners in a community » One minute micro lectures 17
  18. 18. Micronized VLE, CHiLOs 18 Creative Higher Education Learning Objects Key Key Key Key -word -word -word -word 1min 1min 1min 1min CHiLO AIF LMS LMS Lectures Micro lectures such as one-minute nano lectures CHiLO LMS Learning Contents Contents Platform Books Micro VLEs using e-books Badges User Authentication CHiLO User authentications and issues of certificate using Academic Identify Federation Communities Learning Application CHiLO Personalized learning using ubiquitous environment
  19. 19. Micro VLE Using E-Book Download LMS Learning Community Lecture Video
  20. 20. CHiLO Books and CHiLO Badges CHiLO Books LMS using e-Book LMS LMS LMS Common Authentication Platform CHiLO badges 20
  21. 21. CHiLO Communities Learning connoisseur Learning connoisseur Learning connoisseur Learning connoisseur Learning connoisseur Personalization 21
  22. 22. Competency-based education on CHiLOs E-book library according to capability Acquisition of badges 22 Certification Online learning Course A Credit Course B Peer-to-peer Course C Forms of writing Market statistics Recruiting Qualifications
  23. 23. The Block Diagram of CHiLOs’ Implement Distribute Under development 23 iPad/iPhone/Android Device Learning Contents one-minute nano lectures CHiLO Lectures Contents Platform iBooks / EPUB CHiLO Books API Control Layer Learning Application CHiLO LMS CHiLO Badges Moodle Quiz module Quiz module Open Badge User Authentication Canvas Quiz module Communities Safe Badge SNS Open Badge Sakai Individual SNS AIF(GakuNin) OAuth Facebook
  24. 24. An Issue of Course Management Systems School Curriculum Learning connoisseur Course Course by Teacher Enroll Enroll Learning connoisseur Enroll Student at Class Learning connoisseur Learning connoisseur Learning connoisseur 24